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Basics of an Alliance

An alliance consists of two or three parties joined together to work as one. All members of an alliance can attack the same enemy, and alliances are generally formed to defeat a difficult mob that cannot be defeated by a single party of six adventurers by themselves.

How to Form an Alliance

In order to make an alliance, you need two parties with at least two people in each. As party leader, search for the other party leader that you wish to form the alliance with, using the /sea (playername) all function and press Form instead of Invite. You are now the alliance leader. Repeat the same process with a third party leader to make the alliance larger. Only the alliance leader can invite the third party leader.

Normally, you may invite new members into your party if they are in the same region as you. In order to invite a party into your alliance, however, that party's leader must be in the same area as you.

Leading an Alliance

  • You may pass leader of an alliance to a party member.
  • You may use /acmd leader (playername) to pass leadership of the alliance to another party leader.

Important Notes

Spells and skills which work only on fellow party members, like Sneak, can still only be targeted within the specific party you are in. They will not be available to use on the rest of the alliance. Also, alliances are not very good for gaining experience points, as the number of experience points you receive is dependent on the amount of people fighting the same mob.

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