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Unrivaled divine soldiers of the desert.

A group of beastmen with a chitinous exoskeleton. They built their empire across the Archipelago of Kuzotz, which was once Galkan territory. From the time they are born, Antica have complete control over their emotions and can fight without fear. Due to this, Antica have formed the ideal militaristic society.

The Antica have transformed the former Galkan capital of Altepa into the central location of their empire, which spreads across the islands of Kuzotz. Their militaristic society is built upon advanced personnel management abilities. Upon birth, all individuals are given a number, and a job for which they spend the rest of their lives training. Apart from the information needed to perform their duties, the individual is not allowed any other knowledge. An Antica is only allowed to transfer positions to become a gladiator (used for population control).

The Antica have no concept of personal belongings. All equipment is provided by the Empire, and food rations are based solely on the duties performed by the individual. However, due to their lack of emotion, there is not a single Antica who feels discontent towards this system. This can also be seen on the battlefield. No matter the situation, the lack of fluctuation in morale is the Antica's greatest strength.

Another strength lies in the sheer number of Antica soldiers. In addition to their active legions, an enormous surplus of soldiers lies in stasis within the Antica's stronghold. When revived, the size of their army can increase a hundredfold. However, due to their lack of naval technology, only a few of their troops were able to participate in the Great War campaigns carried out on Quon; their presence had little effect on the outcome of the battles. It is widely believed that had the full Antican army participated in the battles on Quon, the allied forces surely would have been defeated.

While the Antica communicate by fricative sounds made within their necks, they are unable to release loud war cries like the other beastmen. This results in an eerie silence on the battlefield that can send chills down the spine of even the bravest warrior.

Antican Shell Types

Melee Battle Shell Newborn Antica are assigned their place in society from the moment they emerge at birth and are born into the shape and frame best suited for the role. Melee Antica have massive jaws to crush their enemies, and a thick frame of chitin to repel enemy attacks. These warriors comprise the majority of Antica society. To protect their exposed joints, all are given an allotment of black iron protectors.

Support Battle Shell These Antica possess a weaker shell, but are born with special sensory organs, which detect enemies with keen perception. In order to track enemies through sandstorms, all are allotted a hood to wear.


Antica lack any vocal chords, so they communicate through fricative sounds generated from their neck. (It is said their lack of vocal speech caused the Galka to underestimate their intelligence, resulting in their crushing defeat). Due to this, Antica are unable to reliably communicate with other beastmen. Goblin merchants saw this opportunity to create a stringed instrument called the Xhifhut. With this instrument, one can imitate the sounds that Antica produce and communicate with them. (In actuality, one still needs a good ear to pick up Antica speech as well as an understanding of what it means).

Common Types of Anitca

Infamous Antica

This group of Antica was known as the Imperial Army Special Task Force 11. They were thought to have been lost long ago, and their whereabouts were unknown. Consequently, their numbers were reassigned to newborn Antica, and now they can no longer return home.

Some/all of the information in this article has been culled from various FFXI guides, and translated by Elmer the Pointy.

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