April 22, 2004 Update Notes (FFXI)  

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  • The first event for Conflict, "Ballista," has been introduced.
  • As of this update, Ballista will be run as several stand-alone events.
  • It is scheduled to become a permanent feature at a later date.

  • New quests and battles designed for alliances have been added.

  • New quests are available in most nations.

  • Guild quests that call for the manufacture of certain items have been implemented.
  • New NPCs have appeared in each guild to offer the quest to characters who have the required rank and skill level in the appropriate craft.

  • Players will now be able to participate in an event called "Garrison" at several of the outposts.
  • A specific item must be traded to the guard in order to begin the event, and then a level restriction will be imposed depending on the location of the outpost.

  • A new low-level quest to obtain the pact for summoning avatars has been implemented.

  • The amount of gil required to change titles has been reduced.

The rewards for the following quests have been adjusted:

  • Unexpected Treasure (San d'Oria)
  • Lufet's Lake Salt (San d'Oria)
  • A Test of True Love (Bastok)
  • Nothing Matters (Windurst)
  • To Bee or not to Bee? (Windurst)

  • New Dynamis field areas have become accessible.
  • Certain conditions must be fulfilled in order to reserve and enter the two new areas.

  • Additional monsters have been placed in the four existing areas of Dynamis.
  • Characteristics such as names and behavior have also been changed for some of the monsters in these areas.

  • Two new orb battles have been introduced.
  • The level restrictions for the orbs are 20 and 30 respectively, with the number of characters able to enter the battlefield limited to three for both orbs.
    • Cloudy Orb (Level Restriction: 20) Obtained by trading 20 beastmen's seals
    • Sky Orb (Level Restriction: 30) Obtained by trading 30 beastmen's seals

  • The moon orb (obtained by trading 60 beastmen's seals) can now be used at the Qu'Bia Arena shimmering circle.

  • An issue concerning the accumulation of TP with weapon skills that consist of multiple strikes (i.e. Combo, Penta Thrust, etc.) has been corrected.
  • TP will be accumulated as usual for that weapon type on the first strike (first two strikes for hand-to-hand attacks or when wielding two weapons), with each subsequent strike accumulating 1 TP.
  • Accordingly, enemies who are the targets of multiple-strike weapon skills will only gain TP from the first strike (first two strikes for hand-to-hand attacks or when wielding two weapons).
  • Also, all elemental weapon skills, except for Starlight and Moonlight (which affect only the wielder or party members), will now accumulate TP when used.

The following magic has been added:

  • Thunder Spirit SMN Lv.1 (Summons a Thunder Spirit to fight by your side.)

  • A new job trait called "Subtle Blow" has become available to ninja and monks.
This ability reduces the amount of TP gained by enemies when striking them.

  • A new job ability called "Spirit Link" has become available to dragoons.
  • This ability enables dragoons to sacrifice their own hit points to heal their wyverns.
  • Also, if a wyvern at full HP is sent away using the "Dismiss" command, the "Call Wyvern" ability will be available for use immediately.

  • The mysterious "Strange Apparatuses" have become operational.
  • A new flowerpot known as the "Arcane Flowerpot" has been added.
  • Players will be able to insert their names in the help text of certain items they synthesize by using the crystals listed below.
  • This signature will remain with the item when it is traded, bought from a bazaar, or sent to a player (including deliveries from the Auction House), but will be lost if purchased directly from the Auction House.
  • It is possible to see if an item is signed when making purchases from a bazaar.
  • Also, when perusing a bazaar, other information such as the Dynamis reservation time of the perpetual hourglass and the size of fish obtained through fishing will now be visible.

  • Inferno Crystal: Has the same effect as a fire crystal
  • Glacier Crystal: Has the same effect as an ice crystal
  • Cyclone Crystal: Has the same effect as a wind crystal
  • Terra Crystal: Has the same effect as an earth crystal
  • Plasma Crystal: Has the same effect as a lightning crystal
  • Torrent Crystal: Has the same effect as a water crystal
  • Aurora Crystal: Has the same effect as a light crystal
  • Twilight Crystal: Has the same effect as a dark crystal

  • New guild-related furniture and equipment have been added.

  • The number of items obtained from beastmen treasure caskets has been increased.

  • New synthesis and desynthesis recipes have become available.

  • New items have become available for purchase at several of the guild shops.

  • Various other new items have been added.

  • The woodworking recipe for making "bookshelves" has been adjusted.
  • The skill level required to synthesize this item has been lowered accordingly.

  • An issue where attempts to synthesize a pair of Cursed Breeches resulted in an incorrect high-quality item has been addressed.

The name for the following equippable item has been changed: Lucky Egg > Fortune Egg

The help text of the following items has been adjusted:

  • Melee Gloves "Reduces TP gained by opponent" > "Subtle Blow"+(value)
  • Melee Hose "Reduces TP gained by opponent" > "Subtle Blow"+(value)

The status of the following item has been adjusted:

  • Fenrir Stone "Delay:276" > "Delay:999"

The following emotes have been added:

  • /hurray Give a triumphant cry.
  • /toss Perform the action of tossing an object.

  • A new text command "/recast" has been added that displays the time remaining until a spell, etc. can be reused.

  • A sort function has been added to the Storage menu.

  • A character's footsteps will no longer be heard when using Sneak.

  • The name of a pet's master will be displayed when a pet is targeted.

  • The limit for the /wait macro has been extended to sixty seconds.

  • An ON/OFF setting for "Effects" has been added to the Config menu.

  • It is now possible to place single items on auction directly from an incomplete stack of items.

  • When typing in the input window, the cursor can now be shifted to the start or end of the line by pressing the Home or End keys.

  • The camera view is now adjustable when using the Layout function of the Mog House.

  • An issue concerning the consistent reappearance of the "!" mark on the Moghancements key item has been addressed.

  • The help text of the key item Moghancement: Experience, which stated that the item did not have any effect on Raise spells, has been corrected.

  • A new system called "Mentor" that allows veteran adventurers to assist new players has been implemented.
  • Characters below level 5 and with less than 5 hours of play time will automatically gain "New Adventurer" status, signified by an icon displayed next to the character's name.

  • The New Adventurer icon can be removed by selecting "Cancel New Adventurer Status" under Config in the Help Desk menu.
  • Please be advised that once New Adventurer Status has been canceled, it cannot be reinstated.
  • The category "Key Item" has been added to the auto-translate function.

The following terms have been added to the auto-translate function:

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