Axes (FFXI)  

Axes, one-handed, can be used by Beastmasters, Dark Knights, Rangers, and Warriors.

Axe weaponskills don't vary all that widely, primarily single-hit, physical damage skills. There is no Area of Effect weaponskill, but there are 3 multi-hit skills, including the ever popular Rampage, a monstrous five-hitter. Most Axe skills are primarily affected by STR, the exception being Onslaught.

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Job Ratings

JobSkill RankingCap at Level 1Cap at Level 37Cap at Level 75
Dark KnightB-5114240

Enhancing Equipment

Pick Belt30WaistLatent Effect: Axe Skill +5All Jobs
Beastly Earring72EarCHR +2, Evasion +5, Axe Skill +5All Jobs
Temperance Torque73NeckCHR +5, Axe Skill +7, staff Skill +7All Jobs

Weapon Skills

NameSkill LevelInfoModifiers
Raging Axe5Two-hit attack. Damage varies with TP.STR: 30%
Smash Axe40Stuns enemy. Duration of stun varies with TP.STR: 30%
Gale Axe70Chokes enemy. Duration of effect varies with TP.STR: 30%
Avalanche Axe100Single-hit attack. Damage varies with TP.STR: 30%
Spinning Axe150Single-hit attack. Damage varies with TP.STR: 35%
Rampage175Five-hit attack. Chance of critical varies with TP.STR: 30%
Calamity200Single-hit attack. Damage varies with TP.STR: 32% VIT: 32%
Mistral Axe225Single-hit ranged attack. Damage varies with TP.STR: 50%
Decimation240Three-hit attack. Accuracy varies with TP.STR: 50%
Primal RendBST onlyDeals light elemental damage. Damage varies with TP. Aymur: Aftermath effect varies with TPTo be announced
OnslaughtOgre Killer or Guttler onlyLowers target's Accuracy:. Additional Effect: temporarily increases AttackDEX: 60%

Weapons By Level

Bronze Axe182761.74 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Bronze Axe +1192682.01 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Orcish Axe5102882.08STR +2, INT -1, MND -1, CHR -1BST
Brass Axe8122762.61 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Brass Axe +18132682.91 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Legionnaire's Axe10132762.83 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Light Axe11142603.23 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Bone Axe13162763.48 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Bone Axe +113172683.81 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Jolt Axe13162763.48Enchantment: Attack +3, <50/50 0:30/(30:00, 0:30)>WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Bastokan Axe15142683.13Accuracy +1WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Republic Axe15152603.46Accuracy +2WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Bone Pick16183123.46 WAR/DRK/BST
Bone Pick +116193033.76 WAR/DRK/BST
Battleaxe20202764.35 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Battleaxe +120212684.70 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Platoon Axe20192764.13 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Rusty Pick22223214.11 WAR/DRK/BST
Tomahawk25233404.06 BST/RNG
Tomahawk +125243334.32 BST/RNG
Tigerhunter26222764.78Additional Effect vs tigers: ParalysisWAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Military Pick28242605.54Accuracy +1WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Garde Pick30233124.42In areas under own nation's control: Ranged Accuracy +3, Ranged Attack +3WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Plain Pick31263125.00 WAR/DRK/BST
War Pick31263125.00 WAR/DRK/BST
War Pick +131273035.35 WAR/DRK/BST
Warrior's Axe32252765.43STR +1, DEX +1WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Mythril Axe37292766.30 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Mythril Axe +137302686.72 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Navy Axe37292766.30Enchantment: TP +10 <100/100 0:30/(10:00, 0:30)>WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
De Saintre's Axe39282885.83Charm +1BST
Emeth Pick39313125.96Additional Effect vs. dolls: Weakens DefenseWAR/DRK/BST
Barbaroi Axe40322886.67STR +2, CHR +2BST
Combat Caster's Axe40322807.07Attack +5WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Razor Axe40312766.74STR +2, DEX +2WAR
Combat Caster's Axe +14336660.27Attack +5, Outside of Nation Controlled Area: DEX +2WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Combat Caster's Axe +24336660.27Attack +5, Outside of Nation Controlled Area: DEX +3WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Storm Axe43322766.96 -10, +10, +10, Additional Effect: Wind DamageWAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Tabar43342887.08 BST
Tabar +143352767.50 BST
Viking Axe48362767.83Accuracy +10, Evasion -10WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Gerwitz's Axe50196241.83 WAR/DRK/BST
Mythril Pick50393127.50 WAR/DRK/BST
Mythril Pick +150403037.92 WAR/DRK/BST
Viperine Pick53423128.08HP +16, Enhances Resist Sleep effect, Additional Effect: Poison IWAR/DRK/BST
Darksteel Axe56422898.72 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Darksteel Axe +156432819.18 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Wrath Tabar56453168.54STR +7, DEX -1, VIT -1, AGI -1, INT -1, MND -1, CHR -1BST
Arcanabane59392768.48Additional Effect vs. Arcana: Critical Hit Rate +5%WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Kabrakan's Axe59422888.75MND +3, CHR +3, Accuracy +4, Additional Effect: SlowBST
Tungi60412609.46 WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Darksteel Pick62433128.27 WAR/DRK/BST
Darksteel Pick +162443038.71 WAR/DRK/BST
Francisca1442889.17Ranged Accuracy +7, Ranged Attack +7WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Darksteel Tabar65452969.12 BST
Darksteel Tabar +165462889.58 BST
Acha d'Armas68462889.58STR +2, DEX +1, VIT -3, AGI -2WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Nadziak68463128.85HP +10, DEX +2, VIT +2WAR/DRK/BST
Nadziak +147473039.31HP +11, DEX +3, VIT +3WAR/DRK/BST
Rainmaker69452769.78INT -1, MND -1, CHR -1, Store TP +1, Campaign: STR +5BST
Fleetwing69452769.78Evasion +5, Set: Increases HP, VIT, Accuracy, Ranged AccuracyWAR/BST
Lohar69473129.04CHR +5WAR/DRK/BST
Juggernaut70462889.58HP +18, STR +3, AGI -3, Attack +30WAR/BST
Kriegsbeil704827610.43AGI +5, Ranged Accuracy +4, Ranged Attack +8WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Marid Ancus70452769.78Assault: DMG: 49, Charm +2WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Rune Axe70452769.78Latent Effect: Attack +5, Latent Effect: Adds Regen effect.WAR/BLM/DRK/BST/BRD/RNG/SMN/SCH
Iron Ram Pick714726810.52Attack +10, Enhances "Resist Curse" effectWAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Furnace Tabarzin714928810.21HP +10, DEX +2, VIT +2, +8, Enchantment: Fire, <50/50 0:30/(10:00, 0:30)>WAR/DRK/BST
Pick of Trials71463128.85Latent Effect: HP +20, +10, +10WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Reserve Captain's Pick714627610.00Enhances "Resist Curse" effect, Citizens of San d'Oria: Attack +10WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Storm Tabar714928810.21Depending on Day: Increases Elemental Weapon Skill DamageBST
Tabarzin714928810.21HP +10, DEX +2. VIT +2WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Tabarzin +1715028010.71HP +11, DEX +3. VIT +3WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Leopard Axe724928810.21STR +3. MND -1, CHR +3, Additional Effect: PoisonBST
Martial Axe724627610.00TP BonusWAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Retributor72333126.35Latent Effect: DMG: 46, Critical Hit Rate +6%WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Woodsville's Axe725028810.42STR +4, Spell Interruption Rate -5%WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Maneater734327610.65Latent Effect: DMG: 49WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Mighty Pick73473129.04VIT +1, CHR +1, Windsday: +15, DMG:52WAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Temperance Axe73392768.48CHR +7, Virtue Stone Equipped: Occasionally attacks twiceBST/RNG
Lion Tamer74442769.57Pet: DEF: +10, Enchantment: EnfireBST
Zoraal Ja's Axe744627610.00Enhanced Reward effectWAR/DRK/BST/RNG
Sirius Axe75432888.96 BST
Relic Axe7519990.06 BST
Leonine Axe7512880.21In Dynamis: DMG: 46, : +7BST
Dynamis Axe75462889.58In Dynamis: DMG: 50, : +9BST
Ogre Killer755328811.04In Dynamis: "Onslaught"BST
Guttler755328011.36Attack +20, "Onslaught" , Additional Effect: ChokeBST
Double Axe75463128.85 BST
Aymur75503129.62 BST
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