Ayame and Kaede Spoilers  

The following are transcripts and video for the Ninja Flag Quest, Ayame and Kaede.

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This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Colleraie at (H-9) in Norg. Select the cutscene "Ayame and Kaede".

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Ryoma : What? Ensetsu asked you to bring me this strangely shaped coral?
Ryoma : Hasn't changed a bit, has he? Always was a weak little worm. If I saw his face, I would smack him so hard...
Ryoma : Well, at least he's finally learned the value of this blade. Yomi can now rest in peace...
Ryoma : Oh, and let me tell you. I'm not doing this for Ensetsu. I only care about Yomi's daughters...

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