Beastmaster Maat Fight  

Well...I've just noticed that no one has edited this yet so I have decided to share some of my tips.

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Requirements to Win

Defeat Maat within 10 minutes.

Disposable Items to Bring

1x Icarus Wing
3x Flask of Sleeping Potion
3x X-potion +2 (Optional)


1x Flask Of Persikos Au Lait (Optional)
1x Whichever food you usually use. I'm a fan of Tavnazian Tacos and Sole/Squid Sushi.

Equipment Recommendation

I used a straightforward Attack and Strength setup;
Wrath Tabar
Darksteel Shield/ Spartan Hoplon
Valkyrie's Mask/Blink Band
Spike Necklace/Opo-Opo Necklace
2x Spike Earrings
Pallas's Bracelets
2x Sun Rings
Amemet Mantle
Sipahi Zerehs
Sipahi Boots


This is a very straightforward fight. I did this as a level 68 Beastmaster. First and foremost Summon your pet. In the event of Familiar Death, the sooner that the {Call Beast} timer is up, the better. (I used a Jug Of Lively Mole Broth. Personally it was purely because of her attack speed and ability to double attack)

Follow this up by equipping your Opo-Opo Necklace, and use your Flasks of Sleeping Potion until you reach 100tp.

(This is completely optional but helped me greatly; I switched in a Blink Band and used a Blink Charge followed by A Spartan Hoplon charge and a Flask Of Persikos Au Lait giving me Blink, Phalanx, and minimal Regeneration.)

Switch back to your main gear and eat your food.

As soon as you feel confident enough, run straight for Maat. Command your pet to {Fight} Maat's pet and immediately use {Sic} so that as soon as your pet is able to use his Weapon Skill, he will.

Just after you do this, run straight for Maat and hit him with either your regular attack or your Rampage. As soon as you hit him use {Snarl} so that your pet takes the brunt of all of Maat's attacks. Now you can do one of two things at this point; Wait for the {Snarl} timer to cool down, use your Icarus wing, and Weapon Skill him again followed by {Snarl}. Or you can just use your Icarus Wing and Weapon Skill him. I preferred the former so as not to incur any additional damage from Maat. Maat's pet should die relatively fast (It took five hits from my Ambusher Allie). At this point use your pet to {Fight} Maat. At some point he may attempt to summon another pet.If the fight looks as though it'll end soon you can ignore this and continue to pummel him until he gives up.

Using the previous method I incurred a total of 135 damage. It was very straight forward as I said, nothing complicated at all. You can bring and use potions if you wish but I did not have a use for them. If anyone has any questions about this fight feel free to send me a message either here or on Final Fantasy XI.

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