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The Bard artifact armor set is called Choral Armor and is obtained through a series of quests completed as an adventurer progresses through levels 50 through 60. For details on the Bard artifact weapon, the Paper Knife, see the Artifact Weapons page.

Level Req.SlotQuest NameItem NameZone
52 Feet The Requiem Choral Slippers The Eldieme Necropolis
54 Head Coffer Quest (Crawlers' Nest) Choral Roundlet Crawlers' Nest
56 Legs Coffer Quest (Castle Oztroja) Choral Cannions Castle Oztroja
58 Body The Circle of Time - BRD AF3 Choral Justaucorps Chateau d'Oraguille
60 Hands Borghertz's Harmonious Hands Choral Cuffs Port Jeuno

Artifact armor can be upgraded to Artifact armor +1 at level 74 by doing a quest that requires obtaining several items from various Limbus areas to trade in for equipment better suited for higher levels. See the details on the Bard Artifact +1 quest page.

Level Req.SlotItem Name
74 Feet Choral Slippers +1
74 Head Choral Roundlet +1
74 Legs Choral Cannions +1
74 Body Choral Justaucorps +1
74 Hands Choral Cuffs +1
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