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Introduced as part of the Rise of the Zilart expansion, Dynamis added a new form of combat, large-scale battles, to the world of Vana'diel.

Dynamis is a series of battles scattered around Vana'diel, in specific Dynamis zones.
These battles are focused around long, drawn-out invasions, against the forces of the Dynamis Lord.
As certain zones are defeated, others are unlocked, including a fight pitting the characters against the Dynamis Lord himself.

After the Chains of Promathia expansion was released, "Dreamworld Dynamis" was added, introducing four new Dynamis zones, and a final fight versus Diabolos.


Primary Requirements

Each character must be at least level 65.
Each character must have completed Mission 5-2 for their nation.
Rise of the Zilart must be installed.

Once the above requirements are met, characters must view a cutscene in Xarcabard then; Examine a set of Trail Markings, just outside the Mog House entrances, in one of the following zones:

This provides a character with the Key Item:Vial of Shrouded Sand, which is needed to enter all Dynamis zones.
These requirements enable characters to enter:

Clearing each of these zones grants a key item, which enables characters to enter Dynamis - Beaucedine.
Clearing Dynamis - Beaucedine grants an additional key item, allowing access to Dynamis - Xarcabard.

Additional Requirements

If Chains of Promathia is installed, and the CoP Mission Darkness Named (3-5) has been completed, a character can enter:

Clearing all of the above three zones enables characters to enter Dynamis - Tavnazia. All of these zones are referred to collectively as Dreamlands Dynamis.

Entering Dynamis

To gain access to Dynamis zones, a member of the group must have a Timeless Hourglass. (1 for the entire group entering the zone)
These are purchased from the following Goblin NPC's for 500,000 gil:

The Timeless Hourglass is then traded to Trail Markings or Hieroglyphics (depending on zone).
This turns it into a Perpetual Hourglass, and reserves the zone. Using the Perpetual Hourglass, creates a copy of itself, which can then be traded to others who are to enter the zone.

  • An infinite number of Perpetual Hourglasses can be made, though only the maximum number specified entrants for a zone can enter.
  • Once the maximum amount of entrants are with a Dynamis zone, no-one else may enter.

Original Dynamis zones have an attendance cap of 64 people.
Dreamlands Dynamis zones have an attendance cap of 36 people, except for Dynamis - Tavnazia which is limited to 18 entrants.

Dynamis Rules

Beginning from the moment a Perpetual Hourglass is traded to the Trail Markings or Hieroglyphics, a reservation is given of exactly one hour (Earth time) in the Dynamis zone.
Time extensions can be obtained by defeating certain monsters, increasing the reservation of Dynamis time to a maximum of 210 minutes, or 3.5 hours.
The time that the reservation will expire is listed in the item description of each Perpetual Hourglass for that run.

Warnings are displayed at 10 minutes, and 3 minutes remaining.
upon expiration, all Perpetual Hourglasses for that run are rendered void, and all characters in the zone are ejected after 30 seconds.
After the Dynamis reservation has expired, 72 hours (Earth time) must pass since entering before a character may enter any Dynamis zone again.

Leaving Dynamis

Dropping your Perpetual Hourglass, or selling it in a Bazaar will remove you from Dynamis prior to the reservation's expiration time. Characters can also leave Dynamis by being KO'd and returning to their Home Point, via Teleport spells or the use of items (e.g. Scroll of Instant Warp).
Characters still holding an active Perpetual Hourglass for that session may re-enter after leaving.

"Clearing" Dynamis

Examining the ??? after defeating the boss for the zone bestows a Key Item specific to the Dynamis zone, as well as a change in title.
After clearing the boss, the Trail Markings or Hieroglyphics may be examined again for an additional cutscene to progress the story.
Viewing the cutscene is optional.


Relic items are obtained as random drops throughout Dynamis.
These can be armor pieces, weapons, or items used to further upgrade Relic weapons. see Relic Weapons and Relic Armor Sets for more information

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