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This category is a collection of pages with specific information on Naming Conventions for each game in the Wikibase. Guidelines listed here are general rules applicable to all the games.

  • Colon - Colon has a very specific meaning to the wiki, used to separate a Namespace from the Page Name. If a colon (:) is in the name of a quest, mob, item, object, etc. and the specific game has namespaces then it is safe to use as only the first colon in a url is considered to be the namespace separator. If the game in question is not integrated to the db and has no namespaces then simply omit the colon. Do not replace the colon with a space or hyphen. Then, you can use the alternate name porition of the standard wiki link to display the colon. For example, if a quest in Aion (which has no db) is named "Crafting: Two in the Bush" you would create the page at [[Crafting Two in the Bush (Aion Quest)]] but when linking to it, you can use [[Crafting Two in the Bush (Aion Quest)|Crafting: Two in the Bush]].
  • Question Mark - The wiki can flat-out not handle a question mark (?) in the name of an article. Simply omit it and follow the same practice as in Colon, above.

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