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Portals to the Past

Foreboding cavernous maws have appeared at various locations throughout Vana'diel. These large, monstrous maws have opened a portal linking the present to the past. Adventurers can enter the maws to travel back to the time of the Crystal War, which was 20 years prior to the return of the Shadow Lord.

Maws: How to Use Them

Entering the Past

To enter the past, locate and click on a cavernous maw in present-day Sauromugue Champaign, Rolanberry Fields or Batallia Downs. After a cutscene, you will appear in the past outside a maw in either Batallia Downs (S), Sauromugue Champaign (S) or Rolanberry Fields (S).

Your Home Maw

When you first go back in time, whichever maw you appear at in the past becomes your "home maw." If you return to the present, you must use this maw to return to the past until you unlock the use of other maws.

Using other maws

To unlock using other maws, you must find a maw in the past and click on it to return to the present. After doing so, you will be able to click on that maw in the present to return to the past.

Maw Locations

  • Sauromugue Champaign (K-9): On the west end of the ledge outside the Garlaige Citadel exit. You can see this one if you hug the left wall as you zone from Meriphataud Mountains.

  • Rolanberry Fields (H-6): Behind a hill on the north wall of the zone, a short walk from Jeuno.

  • Batallia Downs (H-5): Against the mountainside on the north side of the zone.

  • Pashhow Marshlands (K-8): East of the main path near the center of the zone, just as you cross a bridge with a bend in it.

  • Meriphataud Mountains (K-6): On the east side of the path heading to Zi'Tah. Just to the east of the hill in the middle of the path.

  • Jugner Forest (H-11): Against the wall on the west side of the river near the south end of the zone. It's in a little nook on the right as you head south.

  • West Sarutabaruta (H-9): Northwest of the fork in the path, up against the mountains. Not far from the Port Windurst zone, due west across the road from the small pond.

  • East Ronfaure (H-5): In a nook on the north end of the zone. A short run northeast from the Southern San d'Oria zone, just past the Cheval River.

  • North Gustaberg (K-7): A short walk northeast from the Port Bastok exit. In a nook into the east side of Zegham hill.

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