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If there is one thing that one has to carefully choose when deciding to go solo on any event would have to be Sub-Jobs. A sub-job can make or break whatever adventure you set out to do and is crucial to success. You could have all the gear in the world but if you are thinking subbing Summoner and having Charbuncle tank Aquarius is a good idea, then you should probably reconsider.

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The most common sub job for most jobs interested in soloing. The basics of the job relies heavily on the spell Utsusemi, which casts 3 shadows that absorb most single target damage both spells and physical. If this sub is a good solo sub for you depends on your play style, main job, and even gear.

Utsusemi: Ichi/Ni

Creates shadow images that each absorb a single attack directed at you.

  • Ichi is usable at level 12 main and 22 subbed; Ni is level 37 main and 74 subbed.
  • Learned from scrolls: Scroll: Utsusemi: Ichi / Scroll: Utsusemi: Ni
  • Ni will cast 3 shadows subbed and 4 shadows mained
  • Requires Shihei to cast.
  • Certain single target attacks goes through shadows and deals direct damage.
  • All area of effect spells remove all shadows and deal damage.

The art of shadows is dealing with slow hitting enemies and avoiding damage all together. You may fight fast hitting enemies (like Mandies) but remember that running out of shadows with no recast timer up is a bad thing. Use things like haste builds to bring down the recast and if your job has a good evasion skill, you may build on that as well...all boils down to your play style and what job you are mained. For instance, if you are a Red Mage main, you probably wouldn't bother with an evasion build since you have other spells that turn you into a brick wall.

Dual Wield

Dual Wielding weapons: Its a good thing. (Note: Martha Stewart pun intended)

  • Allows you to equip a secondary single hand weapon
  • Dual Wield has several levels which reduce delay on having both weapons equipped.
  • There are 4 different levels of Dual Wield which all reduce weapon delay.
  • Can sub up to Dual Wield II
  • Dual Wield I is learned at level 10 main and level 20 subbed; Dual Wield II is level 25 main and 50 subbed.

Dual Wield is your one offensive tactic with this sub which may or may not be an aide to you. Some jobs may choose to not take advantage of Dual Wield (such as Paladin keeping a shield on) or not be interested in it at all (such as Samurai, Dragoon, Monk, and others who do better without it.) It's literally up to you on what you make of it and recommended for those who use single handed weapons. The one reason why a Paladin may beg to differ would be that they have a job ability which allows shield blocks to prevent spell interruption. Up to you on this one!

Tonko / Monomi

What kind of ninja would you be if you couldn't sneak and invisible yourself?

  • Tonko: Ichi/Ni allows you to make yourself invisible, Monomi: Ichi removes sounds you make which both allow you to sneak past enemies with minimal detection.
  • Tonko: Ichi: Learned main level 9 and subbed at level 18
  • Tonko: Ni: Learned main level 34 and subbed at level 68
  • Monomi: Ichi: Learned main level 25 and subbed at level 50
  • Learned through scrolls: Scroll: Monomi: Ichi, Scroll: Tonko: Ichi, and Scroll: Tonko: Ni
  • Tonko requires shinobi-tabi to cast while Monomi needs sanjaku-tenugui

Very little explanation is needed for these two ninja spells and it's what makes this sub that much more popular. You can stack the item required to cast up to 99 and even toolbag them for up to a stack of 12. This is much more space and cost effective than buying silent oil or prism powder.

Elemental Ninjutsu

Note on Ninjutsu Skill: Level 37 caps at 114

Unfortunately, the only elemental ninjutsu you get are the Ichi versions which doesn't do much damaged when you are ninja main. Since you only have a ninjutsu skill of a level 37 ninja when subbed, it means that higher level mobs will completely resist your spells. That in mind, while you will have access to these spells, it's financially recommended not to waist tools casting.

You will learn all elemental ninjutsu at level 15 main and level 30 subbed. These include all 6 basic elements with the exception of Light and Dark.

Enfeebling Ninjutsu

Note on Ninjutsu Skill: Level 37 caps at 114

Similar to elemental ninjutsu, you will also have trouble landing enfeebling spells due to having half leveled ninjutsu skill. Unlike elemental magic, though, if your enemy isn't TOO strong, you may be able to get a spell to land a few times. While a bit pricey, it'll give you an edge if you can land a spell like Jubaku when you are trying to recast your shadows.

  • Kurayami: Ichi: Blinds enemy. Learned at main level 19 and subbed at level 38
  • Hojo: Ichi: Slows enemy. Learned at main level 23 and subbed at level 46
  • Dokumori: Ichi: Poisons enemy. Learned at main level 27 and subbed at level 54
  • Jubaku: Ichi: Paralyzes enemy. Learned at main level 30 and subbed at level 60

White Mage

One of the most popular subs in the game as far as Curative spells go. This is a one stop sub that will turn almost anything with a manapool into a strong healer. It also has some defensive spells which will aide you in soloing.

Divine Seal

Enhances the potency of the user's next healing spell

  • Doubles potency of the next cure spell.
  • 10 minute recast
  • Learned at level 15 main and subbed at level 30.

Great ability to aide in conserving MP or boosting Cure III up as a survival tactic.


Restores target's HP.
Note on Healing Magic Skill: Level 37 caps at 114

  • Only up to Cure III can be subbed. Cure IV and Cure V can only be mained
  • Cure I: Learned main level 1 and subbed at the same level
  • Cure II: Learned main level 11 and subbed at level 22
  • Cure III: Learned main level 21 and subbed at level 42

  • Curaga I: Learned at level 16 main and subbed at level 32
  • Curaga II: Learned at level 31 main and subbed at level 62

Curing is the life blood of the White Mage sub. Very little explanation is needed. Feel free to chose to up it's potency with gear, even...or stock up on more MP for more curing! Whatever you wish. Curaga is a waste of MP unless you aren't soloing...but hey! This is a soloing guide!

-na Spells

Getting rid of those bad status affects is cool.
Note on Healing Magic Skill: Level 37 caps at 114

  • Poisona: Learned at level 6 main and subbed at level 12
  • Paralyna: Learned at level 9 main and subbed at level 18
  • Blindna: Learned at level 14 main and subbed at level 28
  • Silena: Learned at level 19 main and subbed at level 38
  • Cursna: Learned at level 29 main and subbed at level 58
  • Erase: Learned at level 32 main and subbed at level 64
  • Viruna: Learned at level 34 main and subbed at level 68

Healing skill doesn't really pay a factor into these. Their purpose should be pretty common to you. Sadly, you don't get Stona, but then again it's not like you can use it on yourself.

Red Mage

Enfeebling Magic

If you want to stand a better chance at landing those status inducing spells this is your sub.

Enhancing Magic

Best Enhancing skill.

Fast Cast

Helps you get those spells off faster.


Great spell at later levels.



Being able to charm mobs to help you in battle is a great benefit.

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