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Conquest Overseers are NPCs that directly monitor Nations' current standings in the Conquest system. The tasks related to Conquest are divided amongst various NPCs from any given Nation, as described below. The Windurstian War Warlocks (W.W.), Bastokan Iron Musketeers (I.M.), and (due to an internal division of power) the San d'Orian Temple Knights (T.K.) are posted in cities, while San d'Orian Royal Knights (R.K.) oversee efforts in the Outlands. Neutral guards from the Grand Duchy of Jeuno have been provided within that city to oversee the Conquest efforts and tasks for the three other nations.

NPC Descriptions

National Conquest Overseers

National Conquest Overseers are guards within any given Nation's city, belong to only one Allegiance, and will only offer their services to players of the same Nation.

Foreign Conquest Overseers

Foreign Conquest Overseers are limited National Conquest Overseers that only offer some of their functions. They are located in the consulate for their Nation within any given city. They will only provide services to players of the same Allegiance as themselves.

Jeuno Conquest Overseers

Jeuno Conquest Overseers are neutral and will provide Conquest-related services, regardless of the player's Allegiance.

Outpost Conquest Overseers

Outpost Conquest Overseers only spawn when their Nation has control of the outpost of a given region. This is determined through the Conquest tally, which is done weekly. The only service the provide players who are not of their Allegiance is the ability to set their Home Point for a fee (determined by Rank).

Outland Conquest Overseers

Outland Conquest Overseers spawn under the same conditions as the Outpost Conquest Overseers. They do not accept Garrison starting items. The only service the provide players who are not of their Allegiance is the ability to set their Home Point for a fee (determined by Rank).

Complete List of All Conquest Overseers

City Conquest Overseers

City Conquest Overseer
National Conquest Guard Foreign Conquest Guard
Bastok Allegiance Flying Axe, I.M. Port Bastok (L-7) Yevgeny, I.M. Northern San d'Oria (K-10)
Rabid Wolf, I.M. Bastok Markets (E-11) Sachetan, I.M. Port Windurst (E-5)
Crying Wind, I.M. Bastok Mines (H-10)
San d'Oria Allegiance Arpevion, T.K. Southern San d'Oria (L-10) Panoquieur, T.K. Windurst Woods (G-10)
Aravoge, T.K. Southern San d'Oria (F-10) Glarociquet, T.K. Metalworks (H-9)
Achantere, T.K. Northern San d'Oria (C-8)
Windurst Allegiance Milma-Hapilma, W.W. Port Windurst (B-4) Chapal-Afal, W.W. Northern San d'Oria (H-9)
Puroiko-Maiko, W.W. Windurst Waters (G-5) Lexun-Marixun, W.W. Metalworks (I-7)
Harara, W.W. Windurst Woods (K-10)

Regional Conquest Overseers

Regional Conquest Overseer
Outpost Conquest Guard Outland Conquest Guard
Bastok AllegianceAragoneuAkane, I.M.Meriphataud Mountains (E-5)Three Steps, I.M.Meriphataud Mountains (F-12)
DerflandSouun, I.M.Pashhow Marshlands (K-6)Sharp Tooth, I.M.Pashhow Marshlands (K-4)
Elshimo LowlandsMahol, I.M.Yuhtunga Jungle (G-11)Bammiro, I.M.Yuhtunga Jungle (G-6)
Elshimo UplandsMintoo, I.M.Yhoator Jungle (I-8)Guddal, I.M.Yhoator Jungle (H-6)
FauregandiAkane, I.M.Beaucedine Glacier (H-9)Rattling Rain, I.M.Beaucedine Glacier (G-6)
GustabergShigezane, I.M.North Gustaberg (D-10)Heavy Fog, I.M.North Gustaberg (E-7)
KolshushuIshin, I.M.Buburimu Peninsula (E-7)Wise Turtle, I.M.Buburimu Peninsula (D-6)
KuzotzLindgard, I.M.Eastern Altepa Desert (F-10)Daborn, I.M.Eastern Altepa Desert (I-6)
Li'TelorCalliope, I.M.The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (H-9)Dedden, I.M.The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (F-5)
NorvallenTakamoto, I.M.Jugner Forest (I-8)Pure Heart, I.M.Jugner Forest (L-5)
QufimSasa, I.M.Qufim Island (F-6)Singing Blade, I.M.Qufim Island (I-8)
RonfaureYoshihiro, I.M.West Ronfaure (G-9)Molting Moth, I.M.West Ronfaure (F-12)
SarutabarutaRyokei, I.M.West Sarutabaruta (H-6)Slow Axe, I.M.West Sarutabaruta (K-4)
Tavnazian ArchipelagoYoram, I.M.Lufaise Meadows (F-6)Ghost Talker, I.M.Lufaise Meadows (K-8)
ValdeauniaKaya, I.M.Xarcabard (H-8)Heavy Bear, I.M.Xarcabard (F-7)
VollbowSarmistha, I.M.Cape Teriggan (G-8)Dultwa, I.M.Cape Teriggan (I-6)
Zulkheim Tsunashige, I.M.Valkurm Dunes (H-7)Fighting Ant, I.M.Valkurm Dunes (L-10)
San d'Oria AllegianceAragoneuChegourt, R.K.Meriphataud Mountains (E-5)Buliame, R.K.Meriphataud Mountains (F-12)
DerflandMesachedeau, R.K.Pashhow Marshlands (K-6)Ioupie, R.K.Pashhow Marshlands (K-4)
Elshimo LowlandsZorchorevi, R.K.Yuhtunga Jungle (G-11)Mupia, R.K.Yuhtunga Jungle (G-6)
Elshimo UplandsIlieumort, R.K.Yhoator Jungle (I-8)Emila, R.K.Yhoator Jungle (H-6)
FauregandiParledaire, R.K.Beaucedine Glacier (H-9)Leaufetie, R.K.Beaucedine Glacier (G-6)
GustabergEnnigreaud, R.K.North Gustaberg (D-10)Quellebie, R.K.North Gustaberg (E-7)
KolshushuBonbavour, R.K.Buburimu Peninsula (E-7)Craigine, R.K.Buburimu Peninsula (D-6)
KuzotzEaulevisat, R.K.Eastern Altepa Desert (F-10)Laimeve, R.K.Eastern Altepa Desert (I-6)
Li'TelorCredaurion, R.K.The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (H-9)Limion, R.K.The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (F-5)
NorvallenChaplion, R.K.Jugner Forest (I-8)Taumiale, R.K.Jugner Forest (L-5)
QufimPitoire, R.K.Qufim Island (F-6)Matica, R.K.Qufim Island (I-8)
RonfaureDoladepaiton, R.K.West Ronfaure (G-9)Ballie, R.K.West Ronfaure (F-12)
SarutabarutaNaguipeillont, R.K.West Sarutabaruta (H-6)Banege, R.K.West Sarutabaruta (K-4)
Tavnazian ArchipelagoJemmoquel, R.K.Lufaise Meadows (F-6)Chilaumme, R.K.Lufaise Meadows (K-8)
ValdeauniaJeantelas, R.K.Xarcabard (H-8)Pilcha, R.K.Xarcabard (F-7)
VollbowSalimardi, R.K.Cape Teriggan (G-8)Paise, R.K.Cape Teriggan (I-6)
Zulkheim Quanteilleron, R.K.Valkurm Dunes (H-7)Prunilla, R.K.Valkurm Dunes (L-10)
Windurst AllegianceAragoneuDonmo-Boronmo, W.W.Meriphataud Mountains (E-5)Daruru, W.W.Meriphataud Mountains (F-12)
DerflandMokto-Lankto, W.W.Pashhow Marshlands (K-6)Shikoko, W.W.Pashhow Marshlands (K-4)
Elshimo LowlandsUphra-Kophra, W.W.Yuhtunga Jungle (G-11)Richacha, W.W.Yuhtunga Jungle (G-6)
Elshimo UplandsEtaj-Pohtaj, W.W.Yhoator Jungle (I-8)Ghantata, W.W.Yhoator Jungle (H-6)
FauregandiRyunchi-Pauchi, W.W.Beaucedine Glacier (H-9)Chopapa, W.W.Beaucedine Glacier (G-6)
GustabergKuuwari-Aori, W.W.North Gustaberg (D-10)Butsutsu, W.W.North Gustaberg (E-7)
KolshushuGanemu-Punnemu, W.W.Buburimu Peninsula (E-7)Mashasha, W.W.Buburimu Peninsula (D-6)
KuzotzVariko-Njariko, W.W.Eastern Altepa Desert (F-10)Sahgygy, W.W.Eastern Altepa Desert (I-6)
Li'TelorAjimo-Majimo, W.W.The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (H-9)Ochocho, W.W.The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (F-5)
NorvallenBubchu-Bibinchu, W.W.Jugner Forest (I-8)Geruru, W.W.Jugner Forest (L-5)
QufimTsonga-Hoponga, W.W.Qufim Island (F-6)Numumu, W.W.Qufim Island (I-8)
RonfaureKyanta-Pakyanta, W.W.West Ronfaure (G-9)Tottoto, W.W.West Ronfaure (F-12)
SarutabarutaRoshina-Kuleshuna, W.W.West Sarutabaruta (H-6)Darumomo, W.W.West Sarutabaruta (K-4)
Tavnazian ArchipelagoTeldo-Moroldo, W.W.Lufaise Meadows (F-6)Cotete, W.W.Lufaise Meadows (K-8)
ValdeauniaMagumo-Yagimo, W.W.Xarcabard (H-8)Tememe, W.W.Xarcabard (F-7)
VollbowVoranbo-Natanbo, W.W.Cape Teriggan (G-8)Orukeke, W.W.Cape Teriggan (I-6)
Zulkheim Nyata-Mobuta, W.W.Valkurm Dunes (H-7)Tebubu, W.W.Valkurm Dunes (L-10)

Jeuno Conquest Overseers

Jeuno Conquest Overseer
Jeuno Conquest Guard
NeutralKochahy-MuwachahyPort Jeuno (K-8)
AlrauveratLower Jeuno (F-11)
EmittUpper Jeuno (F-5)
MorlepicheRu'Lude Gardens (H-10)

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