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Map of Vana'diel
Map of Vana'diel
The entire landmass of Vana'diel consists of several large continents, most of them unexplored yet. To the far North there is believed to be the Gigas Homeland, while all the way to the west The Far Western Continent is rumored to exist. Also rumored is the existence of The Great Southern Empire and the Island of Tsahya all the way to the south.

Of the areas that have been discovered and explored, only the Middle Lands (containing both the continents of Quon and Mindartia) are well known. Separated from Mindartia by the seas of the Gugru Blue lies the Far East Empire (also known as the Aradjiah Continent). Of this landmass only the Near East with the Aht Urghan Empire has recently been discovered (02/04/995).

Map of Quon
Map of Quon


The largest continent of Vana'diel. Climates vary from the frigid cold of the northern glaciers to the sweltering heat of the southern deserts. This land has an abundance of plant and animal life, and a large variety of mammals make Quon their home. The Quon continent is populated by the Hume, Elvaan, and Galka races at a ratio of 6:3:1. The main nations are the Elvaan Kingdom of San d'Oria, situated in the central northern forest belt; the southern Hume Republic of Bastok, surrounded by mountains and desert; and the Hume-governed Grand Duchy of Jeuno, built upon the bridges that connect Quon to the continent of Mindartia. The staple food of San d'Oria is wheat, while Bastok relies on harvesting rye and popotoes. Many regions also herd giant sheep as livestock.

The advance troops of the Orcish Empire to the north and the stronghold of the Quadav in the swamplands to the east comprise the two main beastmen powers on the continent.


This continent is situated to the east of Quon. With the exception of Sarutabaruta in the south, Mindartia is mainly comprised of dry, rocky badlands. The vegetation here has adapted to suit the arid conditions, and animal life is dominated by reptile and insect species. The main races of people are the Tarutaru and the Mithra at a ratio of roughly 8:2. The Federation of Windurst is the homeland of the Tarutaru, and features the magical city of Windurst and the port town of Mhaura as its centers of civilization.

Corn and popotoes are the staple food source of Windurst, with dhalmels and rarabs kept as livestock. The beastmen presence takes the form of the Yagudo Theomilitary, a race that makes its home to the west of the continent and maintains a pretense of friendly relations with Windurst.

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