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The following are transcripts and video for the Wings of the Goddess mission WG9 - Dancers in Distress.

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Act 1: Southern San d'Oria (S)

Mayakov : Oh, it'th you, er... PLAYERNAME, wath it? Thimply gorgeouth to thee you again!
Mayakov : Looking for Lilithette, are you? I'm afraid you've jutht mithed her.
Mayakov : I'd be willing to wager a complimentary ticket the'th trotted off to the Thateau d'Oraguille again.
Mayakov : Both she and Porthia have made it a habit to vithit Thir Ragelithe on a regular bathith ever thinth he thuthtained that terrible wound.
Mayakov : The two of them have been thpending much time by hith thide ath of late. Too much, if you athk my humble opinion.
Mayakov : Why, I honethly cannot recall when I latht thaw them rehearthing. I do thympathithe with them during thethe trying timeth, but I have a danthe troupe to run.
Mayakov : Ankleth may thprain, puth may oothe from blithterth... and loved oneth may be thtruck down by unholy magickth, but the thow mutht go on!
Mayakov : I've tolerated their unprofethionalithm for long enough. I mutht remind mythelf to mete out a fitting punithment for the two of them. Lilithette, ethpethially.
Mayakov : If you happen to run into our prodigal diva, be thure to thare with her the detailth of our converthation. The part about punithmenth, in particular.
Mayakov : ...Jutht a moment!
Mayakov : Thank you for the other day. The girlth owe you their liveth.
Mayakov : It theemth I wath mithtaken about you.
Mayakov : I mean, who wuold have guethed you packed thuch a punch, jutht by looking at you? You truly are full of thurpritheth!
Mayakov : Now, jutht between you and I...
Mayakov : My heart thkipped one whole beat witnething you in action back in La Vaule.
Mayakov : What would you thay if I were to invite you to join Troupe Mayakov, hmmm? I'll perthonally thee to your training ath my firtht and foremotht priority!
Mayakov : <Snicker>... I wath jutht teathing! You really are adorable thometimeth, you know that? Oh, how I wish I could've captured the exthprethion on your fathe jutht now! Ohohohohohoho!

Act 2: Southern San d'Oria (S)

Raustigne : Halt. Beyond here lies Northern San d'Oria and the Chateau d'Oraguille, the residence of His Majesty, King Destin. Access through this gate is not granted to commoners. If you haven't business here, begone.
Raustigne : What? An acquaintance of Sir Ragelise of the Knights of the Ironcrest Hawk? And the two Troupe Mayakov dancers, you say?
Raustigne : Even if you speak the truth, I cannot permit entry to those not in possession of pertinent documentation.
Vestillet : What's the matter?
Raustigne : Sir Vestillet! All is well, sir. I was just about to send this loiterer on this way...
Vestillet : Ah... you're the one from La Vaule.
Raustigne : This person is known to you, sir?
Vestillet : My acquaintance, to be sure. But morever, a close friend of Sir Ragelise himself. You would do well to treat him with all courtesy.
Raustigne : I-I...
Raustigne : A thousand pardons, sir. You are free to pass.

Inside the Chateau...

Portia : Oh, it's you...
Ragelise : Well met, PLAYERNAME of the Cobra Mercenaries. Glad am I to see you again.
Ragelise : What brings you to this ramshackle part of town, if I may ask?
Portia : ...
Ragelise : Surely, you've come not because this sad excuse for a wound has been keeping you tossing and turning at night?
Ragelise : Your concern is deeply touching, but quite unnecessary.
Ragelise : After all, it was not by virtue of looks alone that I assumed leadership of the proud Knights of --
Ragelise : Ugh...
Portia : Sir Ragelise!
Ragelise : ...It is nothing.
Portia : But, my lord...
Ragelise : PLAYERNAME, I have a favor to ask of you.
Ragelise : Not a single soul can know of my wound -- not those in my unit, no one.
Regelise:Never has there been a time so critical for us in this accursed war. The Ironcrest Hawks were nigh annihilated at the Battle of La Theine, and it has taken me till now to painstakingly rebuild what little remained.
Ragelise : Soldiers cannot be sustained by rations alone. They must be nourished with hope, and instilled with confidence.
Ragelise : If I were to collapse -- nay, if the mere word of my condition were to fall upon the soldiers' ears, all that I have labored for would have been for naught.
Ragelise : Can I trust you to fulfill this simple request, PLAYERNAME?
Ragelise : You have my undying gratitude. I couldn't hope for a more dependable comrade than you.
Ragelise : The war council will be convening presently. By your leave...
Portia : Sir Ragelise...
Portia : That is always the way with him.
Portia : It takes not a trained eye to see that he weakens with each passing day.
Portia : But, in front of his knights, he'd sooner throw away his life than betray his true condition.
Portia : I worry so for him...
Portia : If the wound were to tighten its grip...
Portia : If Sir Ragelise were to fall, never to rise again...
Portia : <Sob>... The thought alone...is too much for me to bear...
Portia : ... Thank you, PLAYERNAME. Kind souls like you are few and far in between in this age of strife.
Portia : I believe I understand now why Lilisette has taken to you.
Portia : "Moonshade Wolverine," her troupe mates call her in jest, and somewhat fittingly so. But, dare to venture underneath that superficial layer, and you'll find a gentle, caring young woman who really just needs a friend.
Portia : Lilisette once shared her secret with me.
Portia : She told me of how she'd lost her parents... and of the solitude she's had to endure since they left her all alone in this world.
Portia : You'll look out for Lilisette, won't you, PLAYERNAME?
Portia : I doubt that this will make any sense, but seeing the two of you together warms me up inside, in such a way I've never felt before...
Portia : Oh? You're looking for Lilisette?
Portia : She was mumbling something about catching a... cat? And then took off with a few other troupe members in tow but a moment ago.
Portia : There was talk of going to Jugner Forest, if I heard correctly. I wasn't privy to anymore than that, I'm afraid.

Act 3: Jugner Forest

A pugil is flopping around on the ground. You approach to investigate.

??? : Haha!!!
You're mine now, you pompous crown-wearing feline!
Lilisette : ...Huh?
Lilisette : PLAYERNAME!?
Lilisette : What do you think you're doing, wandering into the trap I'd laid out for that furball Cait Sith!?
Lilisette : <Sigh>...
Well, don't just lie there like a dolt. Up with you! Up!

Male version:

Tanja : And who have we here?
Raina : Be this a friend of yours, Lili?
Judith : Ooh, I recognize him! He's the one we snagged in Ronfaure the other day!
Raina : Eh? You've been busy cozying up with this hunk of a man here, Lili, but never thought to tell us? Judith : <Gasp>! Our ferocious, fang-baring Lili's finally managed to bag herself a... boyfriend!?
And look, not even the slightest hint of a broken nose or dislocated jaw on him!
Lilisette : H-hey, stop jumping to deluded conclusions!
Lilisette : Hmph! I've suffered enough of your overactive imaginations for one day!
I can handle the rest by myself, so get back to San d'Oria, the whole lot of you! Troupe dismissed!

Female version:

Tanja : And who have we here?
Raina : Be this a friend of yours, Lili?
Judith : Ooh, I recognize her! She's the one we snagged in Ronfaure the other day!
Raina : So you're a friend of Lili's, eh?
Judith : But, my...I don't know how I failed to notice before, but you're absolutely gorgeous!
Judith : You should seriously consider signing up for our dance troupe. All the men would fight tooth and nail just for a gander a stunner like you on stage!
Raina : Hear, hear!
Our dance troupe is the greatest. You get to travel to all sorts of exotic destinations, with board and lodging guaranteed! Win enough heats, and a lucrative endorsement deal wouldn't be far-fetched, either!
Lilisette : H-hey, stop planting crazy ideas into PLAYERNAME's head!
Lilisette : Hmph! I've suffered enough of your overative imaginations for one day!
I can handle the rest by myself, so get back to San d'Oria, the whole lot of you! Troupe dismissed!

Raina : Awww...
Tanja : Well, we've been out here for too long as it is. Any longer, and the boss'll be screaming for the hides off our backs.
Judith : Agreed!
A break from this catty obsession would do you a world of good, too, Lili.
Tanja : And one more thing, before I forget.
Don't you think using fish as bait to catch a cat is a wee bit... cliched?
Lilisette : A-away with you!

The troupe leaves.

Lilisette : <Sigh>...
PLAYERNAME, I trust it is still your intention to honor the promise you made?
Lilisette : The promise to help me capture Cait Sith and save Sir Ragelise...
Lilisette : After which, we make our long-awaited intercontinental debut as the professional tag-team duo, "Future Fabulous"?

Will you honor your promise?

  • I surely will.
  • Um, may I review the contract...?

Lilisette : Review what!? You've already given me your word, and that's the last I'll hear of it!
Now, with me! We're staking out that bumptious feline...

Will you honor your promise?

  • I surely will.
  • Um, may I review the contract...?

Lilisette : Great! I never doubted you for a second, PLAYERNAME!
Now, with me! We're staking out that bumptious feline...

You and Lilisette hide in the brush...

Lilisette : ...
Lilisette : ......
Lilisette : She's nowhere to be seen...
Lilisette : Are we doing something wrong?
Perhaps the bait is too... cliched, like Tanja suggested?
Lilisette : PLAYERNAME, do you think we ought to try something different as bait?

Try a new bait?

  • It might be for the best.
  • Cats love fish, right?

Lilisette : Alright...
But, what else would be worth trying?
Lilisette : I've an idea. Let's review the intelligence we've gathered on our target so far. After all, knowing the enemy is half the battle!
Lilisette : Now, PLAYERNAME. What manner of creature do you think Cait Sith actually is?

What is Cait Sith?

  • A cat of unknown breed.
  • A Mithran child.
  • A cat, yet, not a cat.

Lilisette : Hmmmm, I see...
Moving on, what do you think her paw pads feel like to the touch?

Cait Sith's paw pads are...

  • Irresistably soft.
  • Tautly firm.
  • Unpleasantly coarse.

Lilisette : Uh-huh...
Next, what do you think she likes?

What does Cait Sith like best?

  • High places.
  • The almighty gil.
  • Culinary delights.

Lilisette : Hmmm, I thought as much...
That reminds me, what color are her eyes again?

Cait Sith's eyes are...

  • Blue, like the summer sky.
  • Yellow, like the setting sun.
  • Green, with envy.

Lilisette : What kind of noise does she make when she cries?

How does Cait Sith cry?

  • Kupoarrr.
  • Grrrowl.
  • Meowww.

Lilisette : From my recollections of her appearance, I can't shake the feeling that something's missing...
But, what could that something possibly be?

What does Cait Sith lack, appearance-wise?

  • Cuteness
  • Savageness
  • A pair of knee-high bottes.

Lilisette : I see, I see...
Lilisette : Based on your answers, I've concluded that to lure out Cait Sith, we should use...
Lilisette : A Nyumomo doll as bait! (Note: you may also be asked to bring a gold beastcoin or lynx meat.)
Lilisette : Cats are incurably playful creatures, and Cait Sith is no exception!
An instinct-driven pounce upon a seemingly harmless toy -- our bait -- will be her undoing!
Lilisette : Now, PLAYERNAME, your task is to fetch a Nyumomo doll.
Lilisette : I'll have a new trap rigged up and ready to go by the time you come back.

Act 4: Jugner Forest (S)

This cutscene can be viewed in-game by trading an item to the Goblin Footprint at (G-6) in Jugner Forest (S) and talking to Ramblix. Select the cutscene "Daughter of a Knight".

Lilisette : PLAYERNAME, you're finally back!
Lilisette : We'll have the cat in the bag at long last. Hehehehehehe...

Lilisette places the new bait in the trap.

Lilisette : ...
Lilisette : ......
Lilisette : She's here!
Cait Sith Coig : Oh?
Cait Sith Coig : And what might this be, hmmm?

A barrel falls on the Cait Sith.

Cait Sith Coig : M-meow!?
Cait Sith Coig : Hissssss!!!
Lilisette : I have you now!
Cait Sith Coig : Wh-what is the meaning of this!?
Release me, I say! Catch and release!
Lilisette : Not a chance, cat!
I have many questions, and you'll oblige me with the answers if you know what's good for you.
Lilisette : I want to know all about what happened at La Vaule... and more!
Cait Sith Coig : Wh-what are you talking about? Haven't a clue.
Lilisette : Hehehehehehe...

Lilisette : Don't play the fool with me, cat! You're really trying what little patience I have!

Lilisette shakes Cait Sith Coig by its ears.

Cait Sith Coig : Owww, it hurts! Aaaah, the pain!
Lilisette : You have the ability to manipulate time, don't you? Take us back to before when the incident at La Vaule occurred!
Lilisette : I must go back and save fath-- I mean, Sir Ragelise! Please!
Cait Sith Coig : ...?
Cait Sith Coig : Ah, I understand now! Finally clear!
The insolent young slip of a girl Naoi mentioned!
Lilisette : ...?
Cait Sith Coig : Now it all makes sense. Falling into place.
Cait Sith Coig : Sorry, but your plight is not our concern. Falling on deaf ears.
Cait Sith Coig : For our own reasons did we open Atomos.
Cait Sith Coig : You're little more than playign pieces on a chess board. Pieces to be pla--
Lilisette : Need I remind you of the position you're in now? I suggest you choose your words with greater tact!
Lilisette : And don't think I've forgotten about what your swiping claws did to my immaculate complexion! I'm holding you accountable should this disfiguration cause ticket sales to slump!
Cait Sith Coig : Ugh... let go...
losing... consiousness...
Lilisette : Now, listen to me! If we don't save Father, the Crystal War will be lost!
Lilisette : Don't you see? Father -- Ragelise B Baloumat -- is supposed to go down in history as the hero of the Battle of Jeuno! Without his deeds, the battle would not have ended in favor of the Allied Forces!

Several Cait Siths emerge from the forest.

Cait Sith Aon : The Battle...
Cait Sith Ochd : Of...
Cait Sith Seachd : Jeu....
Cait Sith Tri : ...No?
Cait Sith Naoi : Was everyone able to catch all of that!? Were you tuned in?
Lilisette : Uwaaah!?
Lilisette : One, two, three...
Wh-what in the name of the Goddess!?
Cait Sith Naoi : You again?
Quite the nuisance you're proving to be. A proverbial thorn in the side.
Cait Sith Dha : Ah, they must be the ones Naoi spoke of. Had a run in.
Cait Sith Naoi : Why do you isnist on impeding our mission so? Make difficult our nine lives?
Lilisette : Look! Just help Sir Ragelise already!
Cait Sith Naoi : Yes, yes, with regards to that matter...
That Ragelise B Baloumat could be the hero of the Battle of Jeuno! Adorned with shiny, shiny medals!
Cait Sith Naoi : Hmmm...
Cait Sith Naoi : Seems like a meeting is in order. Time for a discussion.
Cait Sith Naoi : All caits, assemble! Gather round!

Cait Sith Naoi : "The Battle of Jeuno" of which the girl speaks...
Cait Sith Naoi : Is the battle which proves to be the turning point in the Crystal War, is it not? The pivotal moment?
Cait Sith Sia : A curious possibility. Positively curious.
Cait Sith Dha : Can she be trusted? Her words hold truth? Could they be... the Champions of the Dawn?
Cait Sith Tri : Perhaps we should assist them. Lend a helping hand.
Cait Sith Ceithir : Nyahahahaha!
The lot of you, so easily fooled. Quick to take the bait.
Give me one reason why we should trust that girl.
Cait Sith Coig : I'm of the same opinion.
Make scratching posts out of them, I say. A little stress relief.
Cait Sith Seachd : Now, now, Coig. Violence is the first resort of the incompetent.
No harm in hearing them out. Let them have a say.
Cait Sith Naoi : Yes, yes, let them tell us about that underwear fellow. Lingerie.
Cait Sith Seachd : That's Ragelise, Naoi. Ra-ge-lise.
Cait Sith Naoi : Ah, yes, an unusual name.
Should this Ragelise be a playing piece on our side of the board, it would be a shame not to exploit him. A wasted resource.
Cait Sith Ochd : Hmmm... A befuddling dilemma of sorts. A sort of dilemma.

Lilisette : Hey, aren't you finished yet!?
Cait Sith Naoi : Silence, impatient one!
Distract us not from our discussion. Discussing a distraction.
Lilisette : Hmph, very well, then.
Let me know as soon as your little meeting's over, you hear?
Cait Sith Aon : The mission's fulfillment, none need be reminded, is our utmost priority. Must stay the course.
Cait Sith Aon : So long as it serves to succor the children of Altana...
Cait Sith Naoi : Hmmm... all valid arguments. Let's settle the matter with a vote. Settle once and for all.
Cait Sith Naoi : All those in favor of lending a hand to the girl and Ragie?
Cait Sith Naoi : One, two, three, four...
Thank you kindly.
Cait Sith Naoi : And those in favor of minding our own business?
Cait Sith Naoi : One, two, three, four...
Cait Sith Naoi : Errr... oh?
Cait Sith Seachd : Silly, silly Naoi!
You've gone and forgotten to vote! Didn't raise your hand!
Cait Sith Naoi : Oh? Didn't I?
Cait Sith Dha : Enough, enough!
All this bickering will avail us naught.
Cait Sith Dha : I've a thought. Tell them, we should, of the thing that can be got from the lake yonder, and then move on. Be on our merry way.
Cait Sith Naoi : Ah, a grand idea!
We wise them up to its existence. Let them know.
??? : ... But, what's the "thing"?
Cait Sith Naoi : Suffering from old age-induced forgetfulness, are we? Going grey about the ears?
The "thing" is none other than the Cernunnos resin that can be found by the lakeside here. Makes a good medicine, it does.
??? : Impressive! I'll be sure to keep that in mind!
Cait Sith Naoi : Yes, yes, save the knowledge for a rainy day.
We tell the girl where it can be obtained, and the rest is entirely up to her. Her entirely.
And, oh...?

Aquila the Shadowhand figure appears...

Aquila : Don't mind me, folks. Carry on.


The caits scatter.

Aquila : Awww, don't run away! Wait!
Cait Sith Dha : Gyaaaaaah!

Aquila destroys Dha. He catches Cait Sith Ochd.

Cait Sith Ochd : Let go, you big brute! Unhand me!
Lilisette : <Slurp> Wh-what was that!?
Aquila : Easy, now. I may not look it, but I'm actually an avid cat enthusiast. Honest!
Cait Sith Ochd : N-no... stop it... don't you dare...
Lilisette : It-it's him!
Aquila : Awww, such adorable little creatures...
Makes it all the harder to dispose of you all as Haudrale commanded.
Aquila : Tell you what. Promise to become my loyal pet in place of Galarhigg, and I'll let you live.
Aquila : What say you, hm? Have we a deal?
Cait Sith Ochd : I... I...
Cait Sith Ochd : I'd rather choke to death on my own fur ball!
Aquila : <Sigh>...
That was the heartbreaking reply I so wanted not to hear.

Aquila shoots a blast from his hand and destroys Cait Sith Ochd.

Cait Sith Naoi : Aaah! How could they have known of this location!? Been made aware!?
Cait Sith Aon : Naoi, you mustn't! You'll only fall into his hands as well!
Cait Sith Naoi : Ochd! Dha! Nooooooo!
Aquila : Awww... the others managed to escape. Haudrale is going to throw a monsterous fit when he learns of this.
Lilisette : ...
Lilisette : Wh-what he just did to those cats...
Lilisette : But, why?
Lilisette : Aren't they supposed to be in league with each other?

Aquila : Hmm? You two...
Aquila : You're the ones who tormented my Galarhigg, aren't you? Don't even think to deny it.
Lilisette : Y-you're the one to talk! Father had to live out his days in agonizing pain because of what you did!
Aquila : ...
Aquila : Poor Galarhigg...
Aquila : People who mistreat innocent creatures...
people like you...
Aquila : Must be made to pay!!!!
Lilisette : PLAYERNAME, be at the ready!

Aquila : ...!
Aquila : Y-yes, Haudrale?
Aquila : Sorry, sorry. I had a few unanticipated problems fall plop into my lap, but everything's sorted now. I'll be reporting back soon.
Aquila : I won't be bringing any stray kittens back with me, if that's what you're thinking. The felines have been tended to, as you ordered.
Aquila : (Well, just two of them, to be exact...)
Aquila : ...
Aquila : Hmph... Looks like you get to live to see another sunrise.
Aquila : I must say, you two are a curious pair. What is it that you hope to gain, taking the crazed mewlings of those cats to heart?
Aquila : But you're free to do as you please, of course. Be seeing you!

Aquila vanishes.

Lilisette : ... Just what is he, exactly?
Lilisette : Never mind that for now. The mystery object the cats were discussing...
Lilisette : "Makes a good medicine," one of them said.
Lilisette : Wait. I'm remembering something.
Lilisette : When I was but al ittle girl, Father seemed to always have a small bottle on his person, from which he often took sips.
Lilisette : Could that have been the medicine he was taking for the wound?
Lilisette : I have to go and find out.
Lilisette : Needless to say, you'll be accompanying me, PLAYERNAME.
Lilisette : After all, it takes two to tag-team.
Lilisette : We'll head back to present-day Southern San d'Oria to see Amaura. She's a kindly old woman who used to prepare medicine for my family.
Lilisette : Come on, PLAYERNAME! We've no time to lose!

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