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Following is the transcript for the quest Dark Puppet - DRK AF2.

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Scene 1: Metalworks


Scene 2: Ordelle's Caves

Zeid: Evil weapons... this is what we call weapons that have gained a will of their own after being exposed to some kind of powerful energy.

Zeid: Ever do they seek to taste new blood. They enslave kobolds -- earth spirits with telekinetic powers -- and force them to do their bidding.

Zeid: I had a feeling you would come, ever since I wrote that letter to Cid. Well? Does your blade shine with darkness?

Zeid: At any rate, that is the theory of the evil weapons' origin. By "powerful energy," most scholars suspect the Crystal Lines.

Zeid: Even though the Crag of Holla is close, Ordelle's Caves are not under the influence of the Crystal Line that emanates from that place. So strange that an evil weapon would appear here...

Zeid: The adventurer that happened upon the evil weapon said he was carrying darksteel ingots for crafting.

Zeid: The evil weapon appeared right when he accidentally dropped a darksteel ingot. Just like my armor, the weapon bore the signature of Gerwitz.

Zeid: Gerwitz is a Galkan blacksmith who had left for his journey of rebirth over thirty years ago. Normally, he would be spinning new memories someplace out there.

Zeid: But he desired something. And now he seeks it in this place, ever refusing to be reborn.

Zeid: I doubt what he seeks is me. I combed every corner of this land, yet no trace of him could I find.

Zeid: He wants something from a person with newfound strength. Perhaps he wants the blood of someone with power and a future. Or perhaps...

Zeid: I believe he must have called you here. Whether you will answer his call is up to you and your blade...

Scene 3: La Theine Plateau

Gerwitz: My spirit was imprisoned in darkness, but you have released it! I am called Gerwitz, and you have my thanks.

Gerwitz: You will certainly help stop the blade of the dark god that wanders the Crystal Line and yearns to shed new blood! The weapons I wrought are now far from my formless hands, and have gained a will of their own. I forged the axe and sword that you defeated.

Gerwitz: But my scythe has left this land, and seeks even greater power. Should it find it, I fear for the lives of many!

Gerwitz: My soul cannot rest if things are left like this!

Zeid: Is that really what's keeping you here, Gerwitz? You mean that the weapon gained a will of its own here in Ordelle all by itself?

Gerwitz: Zeid... How wise you have become! I hid myself when I felt you were near, but it seems you know everything.

Gerwitz: You're right, Zeid. I wanted my soul to migrate, but the fear of losing these memories was too great.

Zeid: And that's why you abandoned the path?

Gerwitz: No, that is not all! There are too few who can work with darksteel. All my work was in vain!

Gerwitz: I began to hate even Raogrimm the Talekeeper. I could not accept how everyone must lose all memory when the transmigrate over and over again, while only he inherited their memories. My feelings turned to a deep loathing that refused to leave this world, even after my departure.

Zeid: Your soul no longer knows time. You cannot have known that Raogrimm is dead.

Zeid: After all, things are different now. They say this is the age of adventurers. Some even wrought things of darksteel. All you accomplished did not go to waste.

Gerwitz: So, thirty years has gone by this quickly...

Zeid: That is right. Ours is a world full of pain and suffering, yet there is always hope. How foolish it was to become a prisoner to darkness and stop the flow of your soul's time.

Zeid: And I have found an heir to the ways of darkness.

Gerwitz: Hah! How you've changed, Zeid.

Zeid: I have absolute faith that he can shatter the blade of death.

Zeid: Adventurer, are you ready to stare into the face of death? Then, return whence you first were recognized as a follower of darkness.

Gerwitz: Wait, Zeid. Tell me this: has the new Talekeeper made himself known?

Zeid: Yes, indeed, the one who inherits all memory has come.

Gerwitz: Then, tell him this: lead our people away from the pits of fear and hatred.

Zeid: ...

Gerwitz: Adventurer, I leave you this armor of my crafting. Please... stop the blade of the dark one!

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