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Following are transcripts and video for the mission WG10 - Daughter of a Knight.

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Scene 1

Act 1:Southern San d'Oria

Lilisette: Amaura!
Amaura: Well, well, if it isn't little Lilisette!
Lilisette: It's lovely to see you again, Amaura. You're looking well.
Amaura: Oh, my, just look at ye! How ye've grown! Why the last time I saw ye would've been the day Sir Ragelise passed away...
Lilisette: Yes...
Amaura: And what's the pretty little number ye've got on there, eh? Looks mighty familiar, like somethin' your mother used to wear.
Lilisette: You like it? It's the performance outfit for my dance troupe. I'm actually a famous dancer now, you know.
Amaura: A dance troupe, ye say? Do those things still even exist? The closet thing we have comin' to San d'Oria nowadays is that Valeriano crew, what with their fire breathin' and sword jugglin' and ---
Lilisette: Um, yes, we're rather rare nowadays... But, more importantly, I have a favor to ask, Amaura. I need you to make that medicine again.
Amaura: Medicine, ye say? You mean the same one I brewed for your father all those years ago?
Lilisette: Yes, you see, someone I know is experiencing similar symptoms...
Amaura: Is that right... ? It breaks my heart to have to disappoint ye, dearie, but I can't make that medicine anymore.
Lilisette: Wh-what? But, why?
Amaura: ... the main ingredient, Cernunnos resin, can no longer be found.
Lilisette: Oh...
Amaura: A real shame, I know, but it's been that way for some years, ever since the last batch of Cernunnos bulbs was harvested.
Amaura: There's nary a mature tree to be seen nowadays. It's like they all just up and disappeared off the horizon.
Amaura: And to think that not a decade ago, the saplings from which the bulbs could be obtained were still as common as those pesky little hares out in Ronfaure...
Lilisette: Saplings... in the past... !

You and Lilisette walk outside Amaura's house.

Lilisette: PLAYERNAME, I trust I needn't tell you what our next course of action is.
Lilisette: Even extinction is no match for this tag-team duo! Whatever the task, and no matter the odds, Future Fabulous shall prevail! Hehehehehehe...

Scene 2: Southern San d'Oria

Amaura: My, my, be that a Cernunnos bulb ye have there?
Amaura: Why, I haven't seen tone of these for... Actually, I can't remember when I last saw one. How did ye come by it?
Lilisette: This is what you said you wanted, right? Please, Amaura, I need the medicine as soon as --
Amaura: Ohoho, ever the impatient young Lilisette, I see. ye never were one for waiting.
Amaura: I hate to have to disappoint ye again, dearie, but the mature tree is what we need.
Lilisette: What!?
Amaura: Try planting that bulb by the shore of an unspoilt lake. Once it has grown to maturity, ye'll find resin seeping out from the crack of ripened fruit. That resin, solidified, is what is needed to make our medicine.
Lilisette: Alright... I'll do as you say...
Amaura: Yes, yes, that's the spirit. Ye'll have something to look forward to ten, perhaps twenty, years from now.
Lilisette: What!?
Amaura: Ohoho, it seems I've developed a knack for disappointing ye!

You and Lilisette leave the house.

Lilisette: Grrr...
Lilisette: Like I said: Whatever the task, and no matter the odds!
Lilisette: We'll plant this bulb and have it grow into a hulking tree in the blink of an eye... with moss and all!
Lilisette: Now, we just need to find an unspoilt lake...
Lilisette: PLAYERNAME, do you know of such a place? I must confess, my geographic knowledge is sorely wanting.
Lilisette: You, on the other hand, seem to be quite well-traveled and familiar with the lay of the land.
Lilisette: Hehe, this is what this tag-team duo is all about-- making up for each other's shortcomings! Alright then, after you, mister geography expert!

Scene 3: Jugner Forest

Lilisette: That's odd, there's nothing growing here.... Did the bulb fail to sprout?
Lilisette: .....?

A tree monster appears.

Scene 4

--Jugner Forest--

Lilisette: Owwww..... It feels like a tree fell on me...
Lilisette: Oh, PLAYERNAME. The Cernunnos resin... Did you... ?
Lilisette: Hooray! Let's take it to Amaura without delay!

Scene 5: Southern San d'Oria

Lilisette: Amaura! We have it!
Amaura: Eh? What's the ruckus? Is the house on fire?
Amaura: G-good Goddess... Cernunnos resin!
Amaura: Well, pinch my cheeks and call me senile... What miraculous manner of magic did ye use to get a hold of this?
Lilisette: Heehee, that's a trade secret. Now please, Amaura, make me the medicine!
Amaura: Very well then, I'll get started. But, just so ye know, this isn't some quack's instant synthesis recipe. Don't forget to breathe from time to time while ye wait!

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