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The following are transcripts for the Windurst mission Doll of the Dead.

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This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Bozack in Windurst Woods (Doll of the Dead Pt. 1).

Apururu : Ah, --my dear brother has finally woken from his coma!
Apururu : He's right here. Please come with me!
Ajido-Marujido : , we have some serious-werious problems!
Ajido-Marujido : Thanks to you, I was able to see all that was written in the Book of the Gods. We must act before Windurst is wiped off the face of Vana'diel...
Semih Lafihna : After I found you missing from the Dark Dungeon, I knew I'd find you here, Ajido-Marujido!
Apururu: Semih Lafihna!?
Ajido-Marujido : Great galloping gigas, I just can't get away from you...
Semih Lafihna : I'm not here to arrest you this time. You must come with me to Heavens Tower immediately!
Semih Lafihna : The bearer of the darkness has returned!
Ajido-Marujido : The bearer of the darkness!?
What of the Star Sibyl?!
Semih Lafihna : We don't know. We haven't been able to open the door to her chambers. But with your magic, we should be able to get in...

Heavens Tower

This cutscene can be viewed in game by talking to Mashua in Heavens Tower (Doll of the Dead Pt.1).

Star Sibyl : Don't come any closer...!
Star Sibyl : The Diza Star...
Semih Lafihna : Star Sibyl!
Ajido-Marujido : Ungh!
Semih Lafihna : Little fiend!
Semih Lafihna : Stop right there!
Star Sibyl : I... I don't...!?
??? : ...Sta...
Semih Lafihna : Star Sibyl!

Star Sibyl's Chambers

This cutscene can be viewed in game by talking to Mashua in Heavens Tower (Doll of the Dead Pt.2).

Semih Lafihna : I must apologize, Star Sibyl. We have failed in our duty to keep intruders from your chambers...
Semih Lafihna : I will pursue the creature at once. The rest of the Sibyl Guards will be placed under Ajido-Marujido's command.
Ajido-Marujido : Wait! You'll be wasting your time. Nobody can stop that thing.
Semih Lafihna : What are you saying? You have knowledge of this fiend!?
Ajido-Marujido : Star Sibyl, the magic the creature was using was no ordinary spellcraft. That power was of the Stars and the Moon. The same power that pulses through the Horutoto Ruins and fills the Mana Orbs...
Ajido-Marujido : It was the magic of Fenrir, the Great Beast that resided in the Full Moon Fountain. You felt it, didn't you?
Semih Lafihna : Idiocy! The Great Beast no longer--
Ajido-Marujido : No longer what? Fenrir has left the Full Moon Fountain.
Ajido-Marujido : Star Sibyl, I have read the Book of the Gods. I know all aboutaru the beginning of Windurst and the deeds of the first Star Sibyl.
Ajido-Marujido : You mustaru tell us. What happened at the Full Moon Fountain twenty years ago?
Star Sibyl : ...You're right, of course. The time has come for me to tell the tale.
Star Sibyl : It all started long ago, when the Star Sibyl performed the first Moon Reading at the Full Moon Fountain...
Star Sibyl : That prophecy spanned events from several hundred years ago up until the time of the Great War.
Star Sibyl : The prophecy gleaned from the Moon Reading was infused into the Star Spring within this very tower.
Star Sibyl : We Star Sibyls have used that prophecy in conjunction with our Star Readings to guide the people of Windurst.
Star Sibyl : ...The first Star Sibyl's prophecy brought tidings of wealth and prosperity for our fair country. However, when I performed the Star Reading, I saw something entirely different...
Star Sibyl : I saw "destruction."
Star Sibyl : Complete and utter ruin... Windurst would be consumed in flames and swallowed by floods. Light would sear the sky, and our people would fall by the thousands...
Star Sibyl : I went to see the counsel of the Great Beast of the Full Moon Fountain... The Great Beast, Fenrir.

Fenrir : You wish to save your people from destruction? Poor, frail little Star Sibyl.
Fenrir : You hopein vain. The will of the Stars and the Moon is the design of the heavens. As the first Star Sibyl accepted the fate of destruction, so would the people come to welcome it, though it filled them with terror.
Fenrir : Even that Star Sibyl yielded to her fear in her dealings with me. And you do nothing but cower in my presence--what could you possibly do?

Star Sibyl : His words rang true. I could do nothing but tremble in the face of my fear.
Star Sibyl : But I was not alone... I had a powerful ally by my side--Karaha-Baruha.
Star Sibyl : Karaha-Baruha developed a new kind of magic to control the mind of the Great Beast, and change the will of the Stars and the Moon... He called this magic "Summoning."
Star Sibyl : However...

Star Sibyl : Enough...
Enough, Karaha-Baruha!
Star Sibyl : There is a limit to what even you can do!
Your mind will be shattered...!
Fenrir : I see you have the will to defy your fate...
Fenrir : Star Sibyl, there is no reason to cower. There is nothing to fear.
Fenrir : The time is near when darkness will obscure the light that guides you. But your steps must not falter. A path still exists through that blackest of nights.

Ajido-Marujido : ...And so the Great Beast, Fenrir, passed from our world...
Star Sibyl : Yes, that is the sad truth...
The spirit of the Great Beast was so vast... No matter how strong Karaha-Baruha was, it was impossible for him to fully contain Fenrir's power.
Star Sibyl : Windurst lost the protection of the Stars and the Moon. The Horutoto Ruins could no longer function, the magical waters dried up, and the Star Tree began to wither.
Star Sibyl : But as the Star Sibyl, I was still responsible for the guidance of our people. I still had to show them the way, even though the light no longer existed.
Star Sibyl : Twenty years have passed...
I have led our people with a string of false Star Readings. Nothing can be seen in the Star Spring. There is no future to be read there...
Ajido-Marujido : ...
Ajido-Marujido : ...But, Star Sibyl--the future lives on. As Fenrir told you, the path still lies before us...
Star Sibyl : ...!
Ajido-Marujido : Star Sibyl, I ask you for permission to enter the Animastery of Karaha-Baruha.
Ajido-Marujido : He and I are of the same mind. All I wantaru is to save Windurst. I need the knowledge that Karaha-Baruha uncovered...
Star Sibyl : ...Ajido-Marujido...
Star Sibyl : You have my permission. I grant you leave to use all that remains of Karaha-Baruha's research, and pardon you for the crimes you have committed.
Semih Lafihna : Star Sibyl...
Are you sure of this!?
Star Sibyl : All that was to remain secret has been revealed here today. And yet Ajido-Marujido proposes we strive onward.
Star Sibyl : And there is still the mystery of this dark visitor... We must discover its true nature.
Semih Lafihna : ...
Your will is mine, Star Sibyl.
Ajido-Marujido : Rightaru, it's time for me to get to work. If you need me, I'll be in the Animastery.
Ajido-Marujido : Let Apururu know what has transpired here. Don'taru let me down, adventurer.

The Manustery Part 2

This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Bozack in Windurst Woods. Select "Windurst Missions" and the cutscene "Doll of the Dead(pt.2)".

Apururu : Goddess! Are you certain? Ajido-Marujido has received a pardon from the Star Sibyl!?
Apururu : And permission to enter Karaha-Baruha's Animastery... No matter how many times I hear it, I just can'taru believe it...!

Yoran-Oran: Apururu. I know you have-ethy a lot on your mind with Ajido-Marujido and all, but I wonder if I might have a moment-ethy?
Apururu : Doctor Yoran-Oran!
Yoran-Oran : Ahem. I was given this letter by an adventurer. Apparently it was dropped-ethy by a mandragora inside the Boyahda Tree...
Apururu : ...?
Apururu : Wait, this handwriting...!?
Yoran-Oran : I see you recognize-ethy the author. He's being held-ethy prisoner somewhere in the Boyahda Tree, and needs help to escape.
Yoran-Oran : But I figure-ethy, considering who...
I figured-ethy I should leave that mattaru up to you and your brother.
Yoran-Oran : So much has passed-ethy between you siblings and the author of that letter. I'll justaru pretend-ethy that I never saw it.
Yoran-Oran : Well, I've taken up enough-ethy of your time. Keep your chin up, little Apururu.

Apururu : What should I do...? I can't think straightaru. All this time I thought he had died.
Apururu : Goddess above! My father, alive! I don't know what to do. What should I do adventurer?

What to do?

  • We must save him!
  • Leave him to rot!

Apururu : Usually, that would be my firstaru thought, but...
Apururu : Could I ask you to help me? I want to go to the Boyahda Tree and find my father, Zonpa-Zippa.
Apururu : And when you do find him, if...if he really is alive, I have some questions I want you to ask him. Why did the Cardians rise up against him? Who is this Cardian they have chosen for king?

Help Apururu?

  • Leave it to me!
  • Leave him to rot!

Apururu : , thank you for being so understanding!
Apururu : Ah, one more thing. Please don't tell any of this to my brother. I wouldn't want news of our father to interfere with his importantaru research.


Yoran-Oran : I'm worried-ethy about Miss Apururu. I wish I had time to listen-ethy to her woes, but this thesis I'm writing takes up all my waking hours...
Yoran-Oran : It concerns the research-ethy I'm doing on the mandragora that you adventurers have been helping-ethy me with.
Yoran-Oran : I've reached the point-ethy where I'm almost ready to publish-ethy my findings.
Yoran-Oran : Let me tell you something I've discovered in my research. It appears that the Mandragora derive nourishment-ethy from jugs of humus.
Yoran-Oran : They also have a great-ethy love for clumps of goobbue humus, but I have no idea where you might find one.

The Boyahda Tree

Mandragora Warden : ...Pi!
The warden appears to want something from you...
Mandragora Warden : ...Pi!

Zonpa-Zippa : !?
Zonpa-Zippa : And who might you be?
Zonpa-Zippa : You were wondering the same about me? Well then, allow me to introduce myself.
Zonpa-Zippa : I am the illustrious-wustrious Zonpa-Zippa, Minister of the Manustery, and respected academic of the magical city of Windurst.
Zonpa-Zippa : I am the eminentaru, brilliantaru, and might I add, quite dashingly handsome Tarutaru responsible for Windurst's great victory twenty years ago.
Zonpa-Zippa : You mightaru well ask what an unparalleled paragon of perfection such as myself would be doing in a place like this.
Zonpa-Zippa : During the confusion of the Great War, I was abductarued by the Cardians, magical constructs of war, and brought to this place. I have been kept prisoner here ever since.
Zonpa-Zippa : Do not make any hasty-wasty assumptions! I have merely been playing the role of detainee in order to take advantage of the situation for research purposes.
Zonpa-Zippa : ...I do wonder, however, how my poor Windurst fares without her favorite minister. If indeed you have come to rescue me, perhaps there is something I can do to help you...?

Zonpa-Zippa : ...Hrmm, is that so? You've come at the behest of my little Apururu, have you? I mustaru say I'm surprised that my daughter has ascended to the head of the Manustery.
Zonpa-Zippa : But are the Cardians contentaru to follow her orders? My daughter has a habitaru of instilling too much individuality into them.
Zonpa-Zippa : The Cardians were created to perform tasks that are too physically strenuous or dangerous for Tarutaru.
Zonpa-Zippa : If they are given too much knowledge, they become muddle-wuddled and confused. The black and white world of what they should and shouldn't do becomes stained with shades of gray.
Zonpa-Zippa : Abducting their creator, me, the great Zonpa-Zippa, and dumping me in this Outlands jail is simply unforgivable!
Zonpa-Zippa : ......
I seem to have drifted off the pointaru slightly. You said you had some questions for me from Apururu?
Zonpa-Zippa : Ask anything you like. Let me remind you that I, the renowned Zonpa-Zippa, am the genius who gave Windurst the awesome-warsome power of the Cardians. The question does not exist that I cannot answer!

Why did the Cardians rise up against you?

Zonpa-Zippa : That was my one and only grand-slam mistake!
Zonpa-Zippa : Instilled in the Cardians is an absolute sense of duty to their "master." If I had justaru set them to obey only myself as their master, then none of this would have happened.
Zonpa-Zippa : However, it became necessary for me to create a Cardian army.
Zonpa-Zippa : Within that army, the lesser Cardians needed to heed the orders of their higher-numbered counterparts.
Zonpa-Zippa : And so, with the higher ranked Cardians acting as "masters" for the rank-and-file, I set myself, the splendiferous Zonpa-Zippa, as commander of the Ace Cardians.
Zonpa-Zippa : But it was that very system that invited the disaster-waster that occurred.

What do you know about Joker?

Zonpa-Zippa : Joker!?
Zonpa-Zippa : Now there's a name I haven'taru heard in a while... It's been what, twenty years? Joker was a creation of the Optistery Minister, Karaha-Baruha.

Zonpa-Zippa : Twenty years ago, Karaha-Baruha was conducting research in the magic towers of the Horutoto Ruins.
Zonpa-Zippa : One day he came to me, the magnificent Zonpa-Zippa, to request several powerful, intelligent Cardians to aid in the construction of a super-special magical gizmo.
Zonpa-Zippa : In response to his request, I reprogrammed the Ace Cardians to treat Karaha-Baruha as their master.
Zonpa-Zippa : Karaha-Baruha proceeded to build his "Joker," using the Ace Cardians as a template to steal my design.
Zonpa-Zippa : Once his work was completarued, he ordered the Ace Cardians to follow his creation as their new master, and set Joker with the task of running the magical gizmos in the towers!

Zonpa-Zippa : However, the Great War claimed Karaha-Baruha's life... And with the death of its creator, Joker, too, passed into oblivion...
Zonpa-Zippa : With the passing of a creator, the magic weaved into a doll becomes unraveled, and the Cardian follows its master into death.
Zonpa-Zippa : But for the Ace Cardians, Joker's death presented them with a situation they'd never-ever had to deal with before: existence without a master.
Zonpa-Zippa : The Aces eventually decided that if they could somehow bring Joker back to life, then their dilemma would be solved.
Zonpa-Zippa : Those presumptuous puppets are so convinced their destiny lies in resurrecting Joker, they had the nerve to lock me, the amazing Zonpa-Zippa, in a place like this.

Did you know that Joker is alive...?

Zonpa-Zippa : Great blazing behemoths!
Are you telling me the Cardians have already found where Joker lay hidden!?
Zonpa-Zippa : I thoughtaru something was up when they stopped coming by to check on me...
Zonpa-Zippa : Wait, wait, wait. Even if they had found Joker, no amountaru of the usual, garden-variety Mana Orbs would have been enough to revive him. Who...? How...?
Zonpa-Zippa : (Surely not... When the Yagudo stole...?)
Zonpa-Zippa : Ahem. Well, in any event, the revival of a dead Cardian will mean things have become interesting indeed!

What do you mean, "interesting"?

Zonpa-Zippa : ......
Zonpa-Zippa : Right, then. I'm only going to say this once, so make sure that melon you have on your shoulders is switched on.
Zonpa-Zippa : There is an unbreakable law that accompanies the art of imbuing an inanimate object with life and will--the death of the creator will result in the loss of the objects' animating force.
Zonpa-Zippa : And in accordance with that law...
Zonpa-Zippa : The deceased object must never be brought back to life. This act will call the creator back from Death's dark hall.
Zonpa-Zippa : The conclusion is obvious, isn't it?
Zonpa-Zippa : When Joker was resurrectarued, Karaha-Baruha was also dragged back into the world of the living.

The forbidden ritual of the Manustery...?

Zonpa-Zippa : Hrmm. In layman's terms, the forbidden ritual of the Manustery is referred to as the "Legend of the Magic Doll." The long-ago tale of a mage plunging Windurst into catastra-disastrophe by using the ritual that is still famous today.
Zonpa-Zippa : However, this now-forbidden practice was a marvelous magic originally inventarued for the protection of Windurst. The tale I just mentioned was simply an example of abusing the power the ritual brings.
Zonpa-Zippa : There is still the story of how the original weaver of this art returned from the dead to defend Windurst after his magic doll was resurrected...
Zonpa-Zippa : Of course, this magic is not a recipe for immortality. It relies on the principle of calling on the lifeforce that lies dormantaru in the doll after the creator has died.
Zonpa-Zippa : To sum things up, this ritual requires the mage to store a portion-wortion of his life into the doll while he is still alive... Do you understand?
Zonpa-Zippa : Hmm?
And then, you ask...?
Zonpa-Zippa : ...
This is not a subject for idle-widle adventurer's ears. Apururu should already be well-versed on the practice.

Why do your children hate you?

Zonpa-Zippa : My children hate me, the celebrated Zonpa-Zippa? What are you talking aboutaru?
Zonpa-Zippa : Ajido-Marujido and Apururu have absolutaruly no reason to hate me.
Zonpa-Zippa : How could they possibly despise a brilliantaru father who saved their fair country from distaster? Ahahaha!

I have no more questions.

Zonpa-Zippa : Just a momentaru, this may have been a bit much for you to absorb, so let me write it in a letter for you to give to Apururu.
Zonpa-Zippa : Give my regards to my children. Tell them this: If there ever comes a time when they need my help, don'taru hesitate to ask.
Obtained key item: Letter from Zonpa-Zippa.

The Manustery Part 3

This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Bozack in Windurst Woods. Select "Windurst Missions" and the cutscene "Doll of the Dead(pt.3)".

Apururu : ...
I still can'taru believe my father was alive...
Apururu : Hmm? You have a letter from him? An explanation for the actions of the Cardians?
Apururu : This is incredible...! Joker was created by the famous Karaha-Baruha...!?

Ajido-Marujido : What was that bit about Karaha-Baruha?
Apururu : ...Ajido-Marujido!
Ajido-Marujido : What's wrong with you? You went all pasty-wasty white as soon as you saw me. What mischief have you been up to?
Ajido-Marujido : I...
Ajido-Marujido : I don'taru know what to say. To hear this...and on top of knowing the old coot was still breathing...
Ajido-Marujido : The King of the Cardians was the creation of a dead genius? What on Vana'diel is going on!?
Apururu : There's something I don't understand. Who brought the Cardian back to life in the first place? How was this possible?
Apururu : You need a massive amountaru of magic to restore life to a Cardian. Not to mention the use of forbidden rituals...
Ajido-Marujido : ...
Ajido-Marujido : Even more importantaru is the fact that the ritual would have brought Karaha-Baruha back from the dead.
Ajido-Marujido : And if he really is alive and kicking again, why hasn't he been to the Star Sibyl?
Ajido-Marujido : Is there something preventaruing him from putting on an appearance? Or is he planning something, off in the shadows...

Ajido-Marujido : ...
A summoning...
Ajido-Marujido : That's it! Karaha-Baruha was focused on perfecting a "complete summoning."
Ajido-Marujido : Karaha-Baruha wasn't trying to enlist the aid of the Great Beast, Fenrir. He was wanted to completely enslave its will.
Ajido-Marujido : If he had succeeded in his efforts... Karaha-Baruha wouldn't be the only one brought back to life...
Ajido-Marujido : ! The Full Moon Fountain! We mustaru stop the Star Sibyl!

Full Moon Fountain

This cutscene can be watched in-game by trading an item to the Goblin Footprint in Full Moon Fountain and talking to Ramblix. Select the cutscene "Doll of the Dead".

Star Sibyl : So cold and dark...
Star Sibyl : I thought that perhaps the Stars and the Moon might have returned to the fountain... Nothing has changed...
Star Sibyl : Semih Lafihna, I thank you for bringing me here. I never thought I would be able to stand in this place again.
Semih Lafihna : Star Sibyl...
Star Sibyl : That day, twenty years ago...
From that day forward, I honestly believed that I would never return to Full Moon Fountain again.
Star Sibyl : The place of Karaha-Baruha's death... A place enveloped in frigid darkness.
Star Sibyl : I felt that Windurst would share the same fate as this fountain. A bleak future of eternal night...
Star Sibyl : I turned my eyes from the darkness and pretended it didn't exist...
I ceased to look for the future of Windurst, the future of our people.
Star Sibyl : In a world without that guiding light, my fear of the darkness froze my feet upon the path...
Semih Lafihna : Star Sibyl, you mustn't be so harsh on yourself.
Semih Lafihna : Perhaps you have forgotten that your guidance has allowed Windurst to exist in peace these past twenty years.
Semih Lafihna : To the citizens of Windurst, you are the light that shines in the darkness. You are their guiding star.
Star Sibyl : ...
Star Sibyl : ...Semih Lafihna.
Thank you.
Star Sibyl : The gentle strength of the Sibyl Guards has always been there to hold me steady...
Star Sibyl : For your sake as well as mine, we must understand our situation.
Star Sibyl : We must discover where we stand, and what lies out there before us.
Yes, that is the kind of determination you need...
Star Sibyl : ...!?

Semih Lafihna : Joker!?
Star Sibyl : ...!!!
Joker : I have been waiting, Star Sibyl. Waiting for you to return to this fountain.
Star Sibyl : You, it can't be...!
What do you mean to do...!?
Joker : It seems you still recognize me, though my form has changed.
Joker : However, you have nothing to fear. I have not come to seek vengeance for past wrongs. And do not be concerned for the Mithra; they have not been harmed.
Joker : I have come to tell you of the star of hope that you have called forth...
Joker : I must tell you of all that star has set in motion upon Vana'diel.
Star Sibyl : Star of hope I called forth...?
Joker : Remember, Star Sibyl.
You have followed the epic prophecy from the age of the first Star Sibyl to the day I greeted the spectre of death.
Joker : That prophecy began with the fervent wish of the original Star Sibyl, with the Moon Reading she performed. In the same way that you entrusted your with to the Stars and the Moon that bathe this land in their power...
Star Sibyl : Yes...
I remember, I made a wish to the Star Spring...
Star Sibyl : I could stand my grief no longer... I wished for the help of Karaha-Baruha, dead these long years...
Joker : Yes, that wish... That wish reached the faint amount of power that remained of the Stars and the Moon.
Joker : And then, with the strands of magic that bind us together, Karaha-Baruha and I returned from Death's dark hall.
Star Sibyl : ...!!!
Joker : You should be surprised, Star Sibyl. Your hope--your wish--will aid in the restoration of the power of the Stars and the Moon...and bring us closer to the moment we have been waiting for.
Joker : However, for things to be set in motion, I need you to wish alongside me.
Star Sibyl : ...!?
You mean...!?

Ajido-Marujido : Star Sibyl!!!
Ajido-Marujido : ...You!?
Joker : It seems your star of hope has already arrived. That brilliant incandescence has shown us through several crossroads.
Joker : I speak to you now, Star of Hope.
Here, I will await your final illumination...
Joker : Lead the darkened soul to this place of the Stars and the Moon once more...! A time for miracles is upon us!

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