Enhancing Magic  

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General Information

  • Enhancing Magic is used to enhance or 'buff' friendly players with a stat increasing spell.
  • Some examples of Enhancing Magic are spells like Protect, Shell or Haste.

Job Skill Caps

Enhancing Magic skill is an important factor in all party buffs, but also increases the potency of a Red Mage's En-spells, the amount of elemental resist gained from Bar-spells and the effectiveness of spells like Stoneskin.

Job Skill Rating Level 37 Level 60 Level 75
Red Mage B+ 109 196 256
Scholar (Light Arts) B+ 109 196 256
White Mage C+ 105 190 230
Paladin D 101 183 210
Black Mage E 94 171 200

Armor Effecting Enhancing Magic

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Armor Level Slot Jobs
Augmenting Earring 35 Ear All Jobs
Yinyang Lorgnette 40 Neck WHM SMN PUP BLM
Glamor Jupon 50 Body RDM SCH
Warlock's Tights 56 Legs RDM
Gallant Breeches 58 Legs PLD
Enhancing Torque 65 Neck All Jobs
Cleric's Duckbills 71 Legs WHM
Duelist's Gloves 72 Hands RDM
Merciful Cape 73 Neck All Jobs
Genie Huaraches 73 Feet BLM
Igqira Huaraches 73 Feet BLM
Gallant Breeches +1 74 Legs PLD
Warlock's Tights +1 74 Legs RDM
Cleric's Duckbills +1 75 Legs WHM
Duelist's Gloves +1 75 Hands RDM

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