Enmity (FFXI)  

Enmity (hate, sometimes erroneously called aggro) is the term for how likely a monster will focus on a specific player during combat.

Enmity is not to be confused with the term 'aggro' or 'link', which refers to a monster detecting a player, and engaging them.

To be able to gain enmity, to be on a monster's "enmity list", a player either has to perform an action on the monster itself (cast a spell on it, or attack it), or perform an action on someone who is already on the monster's "enmity list".

Significant player testing indicates that the total amount of enmity for a player consists of two components, a static form of enmity (referred to as cumulative enmity), and a dynamic form of enmity (volatile enmity).

  • Cumulative enmity stays at the same level and can only be lost by taking damage.
  • Volatile enmity decays over time, regardless of damage taken.
  • Every action produces at least a small amount of cumulative enmity
  • Many actions produce both cumulative and volatile enmity.
  • The amount of enmity produced is not the same for all actions, some produce more than others.


Enmity gain can be modified with certain equipment and merit points.
Enmity +/-x means a percentage increase/decrease in total enmity gain.

Examples Enmity+20 = 120%, or 1.2x normal Enmity gain. Enmity+50 = 150%, or 1.5x normal Enmity gain.

Enmity-10 = 90%, or 0.9x normal Enmity gain.

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