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Deliveries of supplies important for maintaining stronghold defenses have arrived at checkpoint garrisons under Bastokan control. You are to travel to one of the garrisons then proceed in delivering the supplies to their final destination.

Unit Requirement: 1


This Campaign Operation is found under "Supply Transport" when you talk to Hieronymus.
To start this quest, your current campaign rank must be Brass Ribbon of Service or higher.

Talk to the Gate Sentry in any of the areas under Bastok's control. The Gate Sentry will respond in one of two ways. If he/she says, "These are the supplies you are to deliver to the stronghold in this area. Now move out," you will receive Campaign Supplies from him/her. If the Gate Sentry says, "The supply unit carrying rations and munitions to our stronghold in this area was attacked en route and forced to abandon the cargo. You are to locate the supplies and deliver them to their final destination. Now move out," then you will have to find the supplies. In addition the sentry may add another message. "Some of the items are very delicate and will be destroyed if you are not careful. Avoid all confrontation with the enemy. Now move out," means do not fight any mobs once you have the supplies. "Some of the items are raw and will spoil if not delivered immediately. You must hurry," means that you have a time limit to complete the task.

If you are asked to find the Campaign Supplies, you will find them in the following locations:

Once you have the Campaign Supplies, take it to the NPC at the Stronghold for the zone that you are in. Then, talk to Hieronymus to complete the quest.

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