FFXI QUEST:Curses, Foiled...Again!  

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After you give Shantotto the two bone chips and pinch of bomb ash for the first quest, she casts the curse on Hiwon-Biwon, the poor guy outside.

You have to leave the zone and come back and talk with Hiwon-Biwon. He's now sick. Talk to Shantotto and she said he'll be ok in a few days.

Leave the zone again. Come back in 2+ game days. (We went to dinner for one real hour.) Talk to Hiwon-Biwon, he throws up. Eww. Talk to Shantotto and she starts talking about jail. Choose "cry in dispair" and "no, not on your life".

She tells you to bring her two bomb arms, a revival tree root, and the hair of the victim - Hiwon-Biwon. (You can get it from him while he's throwing up on you, again. You can't get it from him until she asks for it.)

    • Hiwon's Hair: Lock of Hiwon's Hair Rare/Exceptional 'A lock of Hiwon-Biwon's golden hair.' **

Give the items to Shantotto and she de-curses him and gives you the "Misery Staff".

During the quest, your title is Tarutaru Murder Suspect, when you complete it, it becomes Hexer Vexer.


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