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Bracing for the possibility of prolonged besiegement from the beastmen, work has commenced on increasing the storage capacity of Allied strongholds by way of expanding provision storehouses. Deliver the necessary construction materials by chocobo to one of our nation's areas.

Unit Requirement: 1


This Campaign Operation is found under "Security" when you talk to Rasdinice.
To start this quest, your current campaign rank must be Brass Ribbon of Service or higher.

Talk to Chauxnatte at (K-10). She will ask you to take a chocobo to one of the following locations of your choice:

San d'Oria does not have to be in control of the zone you choose. Once you pick a destination, ride to the campaign arbiter in that zone. You have a limited amount of time to complete the mission. If you made it in time, you would automatically dismount when you get close to the campaign arbiter and get a cut scene. When the cut scene finishes, go back and talk to Rasdinice.

note: The time limit varies depending on the zone you pick. Experience points and allied notes rewarded will vary depending on the time elapsed.

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