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Region Details

Connected to the Valdeaunia region, this region is just as inhospitable as its neighbour. The ground is covered in permafrost and lakes remain iced over year-round. Around the glacier, ruins of the same type as the Horutoto ruins of Sarutabaruta were discovered. Controversy over the specific creators of these structures continue among archaeologists of Windurst and the priests of San d'Oria.

The outpost for this region is located in Beaucedine Glacier at (H-9).


Fauregandi on the Region Info Map
Fauregandi on the Region Info Map

Regional Merchants

Fauregandi merchandise will be sold by the vendor who resides in the city with regional control over the Fauregandi Region. Prices depend on player fame.

Bastok Vendor: Rodellieux
Location: Bastok Mines (H-7)

San d'Oria Vendor: Vichuel
Location: Northern San d'Oria (H-9)

Windurst Vendor: Sheia Pohrichamaha
Location: Port Windurst (B-4)


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