Fields of Valor Beckon You (11-8)  

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Development Concept

Ever had a bit of time to spare, but not quite enough to participate in a normal leveling party? Or for a change of pace, just wanted to chill out and indulge in some light-hearted gaming with friends and fellow linkshell members?

If you answered in the affirmative to at least one of the above questions, then Fields of Valor is just what the doctor ordered. For a small fraction of your time (friends optional), you can enjoy fuss-free yet rewarding adventuring. Get more out of each Vana'dielian day with Fields of Valor!

How to Play

Using a "Field Manual" located in any of several areas will bring up a menu from which players can select a training regime of their choice. After that, it's just a matter of venturing forth and slaying the enemies listed in the regime. Those wishing to enjoy Fields of Valor in a party simply need to make sure they all select the same training regime.


In Fields of Valor, the spoils and experience acquired in the natural course of slaying monsters will be yours to keep. In addition, upon successful completion of each training regime, players will be further rewarded for their fortitude with experience and a corresponding amount of gil, as well as "tabs"—points exclusive for use in Fields of Valor. These points can be exchanged for items and services that will surely benefit adventurers roughing it out in the field.

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