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Items & Equipment

  • Advanced Item Search (FFXI)
  • Auction House List of all items that can be found on the Auction House organized by category.
  • Armor List of all armor pieces organized by inventory slot.
  • Weapons List of weapons organized by skill used.
  • Food List of foods, stat changes for use, duration, and how to aquire.
  • Inventory List of miscellaneous inventory items, such as Quest Items, Furniture, and Key Items.
  • By Job List of weapons and armor that each job can use, organized by job.
  • Skill Mods List of skill modification, follow the links to show which armor and/or weapons will give you that modification.


Quests & Missions


  • Areas List of areas organized by by type.
  • Regions List of areas organized by region.


  • Guide List Master list for all user submitted guides.

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