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Listed below are the transcripts for the quest Fires of Discontent.

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Scene 1: Engelhart

Engelhart: I'm glad you've returned. The Senator has set us a new task. You will accept won't you?

(Two choices)

A wise decision. Here's the situation. We're seeing some unrest in a section of the Galkan population... No, let's be perfectly clear they are planning an uprising. The mastermind behind this revolution appears to be none other than Chairman Pale Eagle. As you might be aware, President Prien was elected on the strength of his campaign promises--improvements to living conditions and education for all. But with the outbreak of war, these improvements have failed to materialize, and the Galka who supported Prien's campaign have grown disillusioned and angry. Under cover of the chaos sown by the Beastmen Confederate, the ambitious chairman is attempting to capitalize on the dissatisfaction of the Galkan citizens to sieze power for himself. During his military days, the chairman was known as the "Eagle of Grauberg". If the soldiers still loyal to this former general join in the coup, the ensuing civil war will tear Bastok asunder! Thankfully, Senator Wener is one step ahead of his rival... Your task will be to confirm certain information that will defuse this civil war before it even begins. Chairmain Pale Eagle has had dealings with the Galkan elder Werei and his friend Gumbah. There are rumors that these to are hoarding a stockpile of weapons in preparation for the coming uprising. Our sources also tell us that this Werei is teaching swordplay to the youngster Pagdako. Does he mean to arm even the children in this madness...? Find these Galka, and learn the truth behind their motives.

Scene 2: Pagdako

Pagdako: You want to meet with Werei and Gumbah? What for?

Werei: So, you've come to investigate the "troublemakers" as well, have you? No need to answer. It's written plain on your face. I don't know who put you up to this, but we have no interesting in igniting a civil war.

Gumbah: I won't try to convince you that more than a few Galka aren't unhappy with the president's rule. That's why Werei is making the rounds, trying to calm the rising anger.

Werei: This conversation is over. Don't neglect your sword practice Pagdako. The road to becoming a Mythril Musketeer is a long one.

Pagdako: Elder Werei always says that to me. I wonder if I'll ever be a Mythril Musketeer...

Scene 3: Iron Eater {Present Day Metalworks}

Iron Eater: You have business with me? You want me to tell you about the time during the Great War when Elder Werei instructed me in swordfighting? I once imparted to you the teachings of my master--"Only you can decide which roads in life you will tread." He also taught me, "The river has many branches, but they all flow into the sea." I was too young to understand the meaning behind those words at the time. But now that I've been through my fair share of trials, I understand them all too well... Hm? Did my master have any particular place he preferred to be? Now that you mention it, he and Gumbah often used to travel to Grauberg. What was it about that mountain...?

Scene 4: Engelhart

Engelhart: Have you learned anything useful? Werei and Gumbah make frequent visits to Grauberg, you say? Grauberg... That mountain is riddled with caves--the perfect place to hide a stockpile of weapons. I shall communicate this information to Senator Werner. Meanwhile, head to Grauberg and see if you can confirm my suspicions.

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