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Massive mercenaries with formidable strength

A Gigas
A Gigas
"Gigas" is the general term for enormous members of the Gigas, Giant, and Jotunn tribes. Groups of these giants can be found roaming the island of Qufim. As their appearances imply, the Gigas do not possess much in the way of intelligence. While they do possess a language, it consists of the stringing together of simple words or phrases. Their language is often unintelligible--even by members of their own kind. However, what they lack in intelligence is made up for in brute strength. Also, while not as advanced as that of the allied forces, their ship and castle building abilities are comparable to those of the Orcs or Yagudo.

The Gigas were originally from an island far to the north of Quon. Every few decades, the Gigas send a large ship to Qufim to attack the Hume settlements. Their goal is to retrieve supplies and slaves to take back to their homeland. Before the Great War, the Shadow Lord recognized the potential that lay in the giants, and hired a large number of them to fight as mercenaries. After helping to construct Castle Zvahl, the Gigas led the beastman frontline in laying siege to many of the allied forces' fortresses. However, when the beastmen lost the war, the remaining Gigas were left trapped, unable to return to their homeland in the north. With nowhere to go, they set off for Qufim and Delkfutt's Tower, where they remain today--out of reach of the allied armies.

Gigas tribes

Gigas Many Gigas live in chilly climates, but still they only wear a little leather around their hips and on their feet, accompanied by their necklaces and arm bracers. Gigas and Giants in our regions have a dark green body color which is the result of living so long in our relatively warm climate.

Jotunn Jotunn are a smaller tribe that hail from even farther north than Gigas. To protect against the cold, they wear fur around their waist and as socks. They come from frigid areas where it snows all year round, which has given their body a pale blue color.

Uranos Brothers These are brothers of the Uranos family. They have grey bodies and are said to be royalty who are born with the blood of the divine. The tattoos that cover their bodies are a map of their royal lineage.

Uranos Bracers
Uranos Bracers

Common Gear

Uranos Bracers These bracers are crafted by the few Gigas that are metallurgists. They are forged with immense power that is beyond the capability of any human blacksmith. It is said that power dwells within the bracers themselves and is transferred to the wearer. This is especially true of the bracers worn by those of the Uranos clan, whose arm bands are famous masterpieces and are envied by many.

Hip Shields

A collection of shields
A collection of shields
It is customary for Gigas to take the shields from heroes they defeat and hang them from their hip. Why are there so many wooden Round Shields though? According to Hume legend, there lives a clan of Vikings, far to the north. They are said to have strength in battle that rivals the Gigas themselves and the theory is that those round shields once belonged to that heroic clan.

Gigas Types




Infamous Gigas

The Demolition Squad was a self-named organization of Gigas engineers. Their skill at castle destruction was legendary, and they even found themselves employed by humans in other wars. They were pros at besieging any fortification.

Some/all of the information in this article has been culled from various FFXI guides, and translated by Elmer the Pointy.

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