Healing Magic  

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General Information

  • Healing Magic is an integral part of leveling successfully as a group as it provides the ability to grant hit points back to a player when they are damaged by an enemy, remove harmful status effects and even return a player to the action from death.

  • Some examples of White Magic spells are Erase which, in essence, erases one negative status effect from a player, Cure III which restores a large amount of hit points to a player who has taken damage and arguably one of the most important, Raise I which allows the caster to revive a KO'd character while restoring some of the experience points lost when death occurs.

Job Skill Caps

Healing Magic skill increases the amount of hit points restored when healing spells are cast. The White Mage leads the pack when it comes to Healing Magic skill, but because of the nature of the skill, other classes like Red Mage and Summoner can make excellent main healers by using White Mage as a subjob.

Job Skill Rating Level 37 Level 60 Level 75
White Mage A+ 114 203 276
Scholar (Light Arts) B+ 109 196 256
Paladin C 105 190 225
Red Mage C- 105 190 220

Armor That Enhances Healing Magic

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Armor Level Slot Jobs
Healing Earring 35 Ear All Jobs
Warlock's Tights 56 Legs RDM
Healer's Mitts 60 Hands WHM
Druid's Slops 64 Legs WHM BLM RDM BRD SMN
Healing Torque 65 Neck All Jobs
Altruistic Cape 73 Back All Jobs
Cleric's Pantaloons 73 Legs WHM
Valor Coronet 73 Head PLD
Duelist's Tabard 74 Body RDM
Healer's Mitts +1 74 Hands WHM
Warlock's Tights +1 74 Legs RDM
Cleric's Pantaloons +1 75 Legs WHM
Duelist's Tabard +1 75 Body RDM
Marduk's Shalwar 75 Legs WHM BRD SMN
Nashira Manteel 75 Body WHM BLM RDM SMN BLU
Valor Coronet +1 75 Head PLD
Phi Necklace 73 Neck All Jobs

Weapons That Enhance Healing Magic

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Weapon Level Type Jobs
Healing Mace 52 Club WHM
Narval 67 Polearm DRG
Rune Rod 70 Club WHM BLM SMN
Prelatic Pole 71 Staff All Jobs

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