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Overview of HeavenisticChaos

Updated March 10, 2011

HeavenisticChaos (HC) is a social shell. We are a very friendly group of players all out to just have a good time. HC does not dedicate to certain aspects of the game (sky, dynamis, sea, etc), but we do the like periodically or if someone needs to reach areas via missions. We are currently pretty heavy on Abyssea, however. Despite our status as a "social shell", we are pretty top tier when it comes to Abyssea.

Are you from Gilgamesh and need a new shell? Hit us up on the HC Forums. Currently, the user name registration is now set to where I have to confirm your account, just so you know.

HC is one of the longest surviving linkshells on Carbuncle, survived by members that have been around the game for 4+ years. There is a very good reason why we are still around, which you can read below. But we still accept anyone to join our social shell!

HC prides itself on friendships, teamwork, and integrity. Each player within the shell knows each other very well, and are likewise thrilled when new members want to join in on the fun.

Our players range from no Subjobs to multiple 90 jobs, casual to hardcore players, mission/event oriented to crafting only, NA to EU. Whatever type of player you are, you are welcomed into HC.

HC does not hold itself as being very helpful. Most of us don't drop what we are doing to simply help you. Most of us don't hold players hands, but instead guide any new player with the game elements, in the hopes you try your best to accomplish it. Obviously we understand some in-game things require help, and we will try our best to provide it. Other things, we know they do not require a heavy amount of high level assistant, and we like to make that clear.

HC is a tightly meshed group of people who know each player very well and know who they are as a person. If you join HC and don't feel comfortable with its community, you may need another LS as your visit may not be for your. But, if HC's community is to your liking, you may experience a very fun and enjoyable stay with some very awesome people.

Summary of members

LS Leader: Angelusdemonus

Linkshell Rules

1) No politics/religion/personal drama (to a certain extent)/drugs discussions are allowed.

2) Personal arguments stay outside the shell

3) Pearlsacks are distributed at my permission and my discretion.

4) Permanent Sackholders hold the right to boot anyone they feel does not have a place in the shell.

5) I don't care whether or not you dedicate your gaming experience to my shell, or carry around 10 other shells. Many of our members are part of separate shells that involve end-game dedication, or mission related dedication, or even another social shells because good friends are on it; thats perfectly okay.


Angelusdemonus is the leader of HC. As leader, I have the right to make any rules I wish. A shell that has lasted over 2 years with over 50 members, clearly my rules have been fair and reasonable.

I deal with drama with a strictly zero tolerance attitude. I will provide one warning; if not followed you are booted temporarily and only allowed to return with my permission. This has worked very well in the past and I do not intend to change that.


Linkshell Events

No events at this time.


How to Join

Contact any of the sackholders or myself, Angelusdemonus, for information or a pearl.

Also, visit the HC forums at: HeavenisticChaos Forums

Anyone interested in joining HC and wishes to learn about the shell outside the game, please use the forums to post info about yourself or just a simple "I'd like to join" so we can contact you in that manner.


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