Howl from the Heavens Spoilers  

The following are transcripts and videos of the Wings of the Goddess quest Howl from the Heavens.

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Scene I: Windurst Waters (S)

Romaa Mihgo: There you are, PLAYERNAME! I've been scouring the streets for hourrrs trying to find you!

Romaa Mihgo: The Warlock Warlord and his reconnaissance squad have just returned bearing grrrim news from Valdeaunia.

Romaa Mihgo: He's about to hold an urrrgent defense briefing, and all mercenaries have been summoned to--

Cardians: FDLSJ:DFS

Tarus on chocobos: DFSLKJDFS Civilians,

Romaa Mihgo: ... You hearrrd that, PLAYERNAME. There's not a moment to lose!

All the townspeople run to Heavens Tower. So do the mercenaries, who gather upstairs for a meeting.

Romaa Mihgo: Our apologies for the delay.

Robel-Akbel: ... And this is how we stand. Two enemy battalions bear down on the Federation as we speak.

Lehko Habhoka: The first is a cadre of the Dark Kindred, the elite guard of the Shadow Lord himself. Like the fiends that razed Karugo-Narugo, but twice as fearrrsome, if our scouts speak true.

Lehko Habhoka: We'll also be welcoming a flock of crows to the festivities. The six regiments of the Senary Wing raise siege turrets on the outskirts of their Oztrojan nest, where they are joined by the Manifest's own Forbidden Guard.

Lehko Habhoka: Their movements are measured and deliberate, as if each is matching the itinerary of the other. They'll be convening on the march southward, I'd wagerrr.

Robel-Akbel: It will not be long before they are upon us.

Robel-Akbel: But to launch a preemptive strike would only deprive us of what precious few advantages we possess. No, we shall hold them here. We defend Windurst with our lives.

Robel-Akbel: The enemy will come by way of Sarutabaruta and the port. War Warlocks. Make immediately for Windurst Waters and take formation as directed. It is there that our battle will be won.

Robel-Akbel: The foe we face is unpredictable. Even should the tide of battle seem to turn in your favor, lull yourselves not into a false sense of security, but be ever ready to adapt to the movements of your adversary.

Lehko Habhoka: We will need all our strrrrength and flawless cooperation to keep the Shadow Lord's fiends at bay. All Mithran Mercenary units are to join the War Warlocks and solidify the perimeter defense.

Lehko Habhoka: With one exception. Romaa!

Romaa Mihgo: !?

Lehko Habhoka: You and your Cobras have proven yourselves the most verrrsatile of our units. I would have you on the front lines, to meet our enemy's initial charge.

Lehko Habhoka: You are to take formation outside Odin's Gate, in West Sarutabaruta. Brrring down an enemy commander or two, disrupt their leadership and lower their morale, and the fight will be that much the easier.

Romaa Mihgo: Good grrrief. Just when I thought your schemes couldn't get any more rrreckless.

Robel-Akbel: You object?

Romaa Mihgo: Nah, we wouldn't have it any other way! Rrright, girls!?

Robel-Akbel: Very well. THen you have your orders -- hm?

Zubaba: Ah! Begging-wegging your pardon, sirs...

Lehko Habhoka: What is this intrrrusion? This is a confidential briefing!

Zubaba: Truly-wuly sorry I am, M-Master Lehko, sir. It's justaru that... it's Minister Karaha-Baruha, sir. He's... surfaced.

Robel-Akbel: Lead him in at once!

Gariri: It's really him...!

Lutete: Egads! He's as pale as a wightaru...

Karaha-Baruha: Well met, friends! I am sorry if my extended absence has caused undue concern.

Zonpa-Zippa: What's this!? The hermit minister lives!? You were cooped up in that musty-wusty laboratory of yours for so long I figured there was nothing left of you but dustaru and robes!

Karaha-Baruha: Always a pleasure to see you as well, Zonpa-Zippa! And what of your Cardians? Are they ready for battle?

Zonpa Zippa: Bwahahahaha! It would seem the moldy-woldy on your cap has gone straight to your brain! You should know that the prodigious intellect of the great Zonpa-Zippa knows no limitaru! A stronger army of automata the world has never seen!

Karaha-Baruha: Warlock Warlord. It is my pleasure to announce that my research, at long last, reaches completion.

Robel-Akbel: Excellent. We have but a moment of calm before the storm. Rest your mind, and ready yourself fully for the task ahead.

Robel-Akbel: Very well. You all have your orders. To your positions! Dismissed!

Robel-Akbel: A moment, PLAYERNAME.

Robel-Akbel: Your questioning gaze has not escaped me.

Robel-Akbel: I will not ask what you may have seen. No, I ask you only to trust me, PLAYERNAME.

Robel-Akbel: You have my thanks. Listen well, for this will be the last request I make of you.

Robel-Akbel: Perhaps, in our travels, you have acquainted yourself with a substance called magicite.

Robel-Akbel: Resembling a crystal, but possessing a power even more fearsome...

Robel-Akbel: PLAYERNAME. I would have you deliver three shards of magicite here to me. A shard of optistone, a shard of aurastone, and a shard of orastone.

Robel-Akbel: In chambers deep, where the baleful shadows of darkness have long since vanquished the light... it is there they lie.

Robel-Akbel: Three chambers where none -- save you -- may travel. I need not explain further.

Robel-Akbel: What purpose will they serve? Bring them to me, and I shall see that all your questions are answered.

Robel-Akbel: I await your return, PLAYERNAME.

Scene II: Windurst Waters (S)

Valda-Galda: Oh, looky-wook who's back. You'd best hurry in. Robel-Akbel's waiting for you, and we both know he's not a patientaru man!

In Heavens Tower...

Robel-Akbel: PLAYERNAME.

Robel-Akbel: I know I am not an easy master. Despite this, you have served me loyal and true. For this, you have my thanks.

Robel-Akbel: We stand on the eve of reckoning. Our age-old struggle with the beastmen shall draw to a close, and with it, one chapter of history. Before we go forth to meet our fates, I would share with you... my secret.

Robel-Akbel: What I am about to say is known to Lehko and none other. I trust you will see that it remains that way.

Robel-Akbel: It is as you surmise. I, like you, have traveled here from an age yet to come... from Vana'diel's future.

You see images of the Star Tree, and Windurst, in ruin...

Robel-Akbel: But the future I call home is not the one you know. No, in my Windurst, the Star Sibyl has long since fallen to the clutches of darkness. The once-majestic branches of the Great Star Tree sag, withered and dying...

You see images of dead mithras and tarus, and the dead Star Sybil in her study...

Robel-Akbel: Many yars have I lived with bitter remorse as my only companion, my heart haunted by a single thought: "if only I could have saved her..."

Robel-Akbel: Until, by a stroke of what can only be called fortune, I found myself with the chance to return here -- to the past -- to set right that which had gone so terribly wrong.

Robel-Akbel: My long-awaited chance... to rewrite the pages of history.

Robel-Akbel: Armed with the knowledge that Warlock Warlord Robel-Akbel fell in the First Battle of Windurst, it was no great task to take control of this nation and assume my role on this grand stage.

Robel-Akbel: That he was an intensely private man known to shun public appearances made it that much the easier.

Robel-Akbel: My face concealed, I returned from the battlefield upon which he had perished. Who would think to question my identity?

Robel-Akbel: You look as if you have something to say, PLAYERNAME. Well? Speak your mind.

You ask about his true identity.

Robel-Akbel: ... My true identity? What would you have me say, PLAYERNAME?

Robel-Akbel: I am but a sad fool who would brandish his half-cocked schemes in an impudent rebellion against history, all for the love of a single woman. To say more would only render my humiliation complete.

Robel-Akbel: No matter. You are free to speculate as you wish. Such trifling details are soon to be buried deep in the sands of time.

Robel-Akbel: Let us return to the matter at hand. I intend to channel my own magical energies to ensure Karaha-Baruha's safety during the summoning. The magicite you brought me shall act as a conduit.

Robel-Akbel: A sound plan, yet not likely to escape the notice of our friends from the future. No, we can expect them to do all in their power to seize the energy for their own foul purposes...

Robel-Akbel: PLAYERNAME, listen to me. When all is done, you and Lehko must --

Karaha-Baruha: My apologies. Might I have a moment of your time, Warlock Warlord?

Robel-Akbel: Of course.

Karaha-Baruha: ...So we meet again. PLAYERNAME, was it?

Karaha-Baruha: Such a curious man you are. Yes, there can be no doubt...

Karaha-Baruha: I suspected as much from the moment I met you. You have come here from another world. No, another --

Karaha-Baruha: Ah, but it hardly matters now. No, there is but one thing I would ask of you...

Karaha-Baruha: Where you hail from, do the people of Windurst live in happiness?

Answer "They do."

Karaha-Baruha: ...

Karaha-Baruha: I see. Thank you for your candor.

Robel-Akbel: PLAYERNAME. The hour draws near. Romaa and the Cobras ready themselves in West Sarutabaruta as we speak. It is time you joined them.

You leave the room.

Robel-Akbel: How do we stand, Minister?

Karaha-Baruha: Quite well, Warlock Warlord. Quite well. I have reviewed my calculations over and again, and can find no flaws of which to speak.

Karaha-Baruha: Needless to say, with such a complex invocation, there are countless variables at play. You may rest assured, though, that all possible contingencies have been accounted for.

Karaha-Baruha: Above all else, it will come down to my strength of spirit. Have I within me the courage to confront my most deeply held terrors and emerge with heart and mind intact?

Karaha-Baruha: I will be frank with you, Warlock Warlord. I am not, by nature, a fearful man. But as I came to unravel the riddle of your identity, I became frightened -- frightened to the very core of my soul.

Robel-Akbel: ...

Robel-Akbel: I should have known it would be impossible to conceal the truth from you forever.

Robel-Akbel begins removing his bandages.

Karuha-Baruha: ...!

Karuha-Baruha: Yes... yes... so it is as I thought!

Robel-Akbel: My summoning of the Great Beast did not proceed as planned. I... failed us.

Robel-Akbel: This time, though, will be different. We will succeed. We must.

Karuha-Baruha: Oh, yes. Hearing PLAYERNAME's words just now has freed me from all doubt. There can be no question. We shall emerge victorious.

Karuha-Baruha: Let us win back our rightful future, Warlock Warlord Robel-Akbel.

Karuha-Baruha: No, I should say --

Prido-Homildo: Warlock Warlord, sir!

Prido-Homildo: News from Karugo-Narugo, sir! The enemy is on the move in Aragoneu!

Robel-Akbel: Understood. Minister, it is time.

Karuha-Baruha: Yes, Warlock Warlord. Let us go.

Scene 3: West Sarutabaruta (S)

Romaa Mihgo: ..

Romaa Mihgo: What's this foul stench? It reeks of something burning...

Romaa Mihgo: Stand ready, Cobras. I have the feeling we're in for a rrrude surprise...

In Heavens Tower...

Star Sibyl: Karaha-Baruha...! You leave... so soon?

Karaha-Baruha: The hour is nigh, your Holiness.

Karaha-Baruha: I must see to the final preparations at the Manustery. After that, we depart for the Waters.

Star Sibyl: ...

Robel-Akbel: I take my leave of you now, Minister. I trust you won't be long.

Lehko Habhoka: You'll exchange no parrrting words with the Star Sibyl?

Robel-Akbel: I will not.

Lehko Habhoka: But... you intend never to return. Surrrely a simple farewell would be in --

Robel-Akbel: For what end, Lehko?

Robel-Akbel: My actions in battle shall speak louder than any words. I shall right that which I allowed to go so terribly wrong. This, and nothing else, remains for me.

Star Sybil: Karaha-Baruha... Must you truly go?

Karaha-Baruha: Of course I must, your Holiness. Why, it is for this day that I have toiled and struggled so long. The day that my life's work shall save our fair Windurst from its fate of destruction...

Karaha-Baruha: The day... of the summoning!

Star Sibyl: The -- No... no, you mustn't... The danger is too great!

Star Sibyl: What will become of you? Why, if you were lost, I couldn't...

Karaha-Baruha: Your Holiness. Ease your heart, and turn your eyes to the future.

Karaha-Baruha: This is your nation. These are your people. They rely on you to protect them, to guide them safely to a brighter day. Weighed against the happiness of so many, what is the sacrifice of one?

Star Sibyl: No... no...

Karaha-Baruha: I stand at your bidding, my lady. Give the order you must give.

Karaha-Baruha: "By the power vested in my by the heavens, I command you, Karaha-Baruha, to defend our nation, our people... with your life."

Star Sibyl: But I... I...

Karaha-Baruha: There can be no greater honor for this humble scholar. Others have laid down their lives before me, but none for a cause so true...

Star Sibyl: Enough... Please... please say no more...

Star Sibyl: You must save Windurst... our Windurst...

Star Sibyl: I beg of you... Karaha-Baruha!

Karaha-Baruha: As you wish, my lady...

Karaha-Baruha: ... My love.

Back outside on the walls in Windurst Waters S, and just outside Odin's Gate, the forces are mobilizing...

Ajido-Marujido: Whataru are you fools thinking, keeping a mage of my talents off the battlefield!?

Ajido-Marujido: C'mon, lemme at 'em! I'll blasty-wast those fiends right back to the hell that spawned them!

Zolku-Azolku: Absolutely outaru of the question! Zonpa-Zippa, escort your son back to the shelter at once!

Zonpa-Zippa: Excusey-wuse me? You aren't seriously asking the might Zonpa-Zippa to babysittaru?

Zonpa-Zippa: If the boy is so eager-weager to hurl himself into the fray, I say let him! With his pedigree, I daresay he'd do us better than those bumbling War Warlocks.

Ajido-Marujido: Hah! You watch, old man! I'll outfight your entire army of creaky-weaky Cardians!

Robel-Akbel: Very well! A child he may be, but love of country burns no less true in his heart than in ours.

Robel-Akbel: Join us on the battlements, young man. And you'll do well to stay close if you mean to live until your father's age.

Ajido-Marujido: Y-yes sir, Mister Warlock Warlord, sir!


Lehko Habhoka: ... And so it begins.

Robel-Akbel: You must join your fellow Cobras outside Odin's Gate. Now, hurry, PLAYERNAME! The enemy will soon be upon us.

West Sarutabaruta (S), Scene II

Romaa Mihgo: We've got company, Cobrrras.

Yagudo and demons approach...

Romaa Mihgo: Steady... Don't pounce until you can see their beady red eyes...

Romaa Mihgo: !?

Mihl Pakorhma: B-Boss... they're...

Romaa Mihgo: Grr...

Lehko Habhoka: Their numbers are greaterrr than we expected.

Robel-Akbel: We have done all we can. From here, we trust in the strength of our men.

Robel-Akbel: Hold them through the night, children of the stars...

Mihl Pakorhma: Boss, they outnumberrr us b-by the thousands.... W-we're... we're done for!

Romaa Mihgo: Calm yourself, Mihl! What would Tihl think of you if she saw you flailing about like a frightened kitten!

Mihl Pakorhma: !

Romaa Mihgo: Listen to me, all of you! I've raised you as I would my own daughterrrs!

Romaa Mihgo: You think I'd brrrring you this far just to lose you to a sorry band of shades and shadows? Trust in me, and in yourselves! We're Cobras, are we not?

Mihl Pakorhma: Y-yes...! Yes, boss!

Robel-Akbel: Karaha-Baruha readies himself even now. The Great Beast shall roar before the dawn.

Lehko Habhoka: Romaa, PLAYERNAME. You must keep the hordes at bay until then!

Mihl Pakorhma: The Grrrreat... Beast...?

Romaa Mihgo: Worry yourselves not about what may come! Fight only to surrrvive until the morrow, that the people of Windurst may do the same!

Romaa Mihgo: Now hear me! The bulwarrrks before us generate the magical barrier that protects the capital. If they fall, the Federation falls! We defend them with our lives!

Romaa Mihgo: Ready on my mark! Cobras, striiiiike!

West Sarutabaruta (S): Scene III

The first battle with the enemy is over, and West Sarutabaruta (S) is in ruin.... and still the enemy advances.

Romaa Mihgo: Nggghhh! Is that all for the firrrrst wave...?

Mihl Pakorhma: Y-yes, boss...

Romaa Mihgo: Fine form, Cobras! Now rrrest up while you can! They'll be back on us before long!

The second wave of enemies advance...

Romaa Mihgo: Damn! There's no end to them!

Romaa Mihgo: (I don't know what you're plotting, but you'd better hurry...)

Fighting rages within the city.

Lehko Habhoka: The southern perimeter won't hold much longer.

Robel-Akbel: What of Odin's Gate?

Lehko Habhoka: The Cobras stay the enemy advance... for now...

Lehko Habhoka: But these are flesh-and-blood soldiers, not Zonpa-Zippa's automatons. Courage can only carry their weary bodies so far.

Lehko Habhoka: I say we send in the Patrrriarch Protectors.

Robel-Akbel: No. We can ill afford to leave Heavens Tower unguarded. It will not be much longer now--

Robel-Akbel: ...!

Romaa Mihgo: ...Grrrr!

Romaa Mihgo: To your feet, Cobras!

Romaa Mihgo: They haven't seen... anything... yet...

Ajido-Marujido: Didn't think you'd be dealy-wealing with the likes of Ajido-Marujido, Child Genius, didja!? Try this on for size!

???: Splendid, young man.

Karuha-Baruha: With spirited youths like you on our side, Windurst's future is bright indeed.

Ajido-Marujido: ...?

Karaha-Baruha: You have done well, my friends, but you need strain yourselves no further. My Fenrir shall see the battle through from here.

Robel-Akbel: It is not that I doubt your abilities, Minister... but I trust you'll not object to my aid.

Karuha-Baruha: Why, certainly, Warlock Warlord. Together, we shall ensure that nothing is left to chance.

Karaha-Baruha: ...Bathed in blessed light celestial, I invoke the age-old pact anew...

Karaha-Baruha: Let thy savage roar resound through the heavens...

Karaha-Baruha: And thy empyreal fangs pierce the shadow true.

Karaha-Baruha: I bid you come forth! Great Beast Fenrir!

Robel-Akbel: O, moon and stars, hear my plea...

Robel-Akbel: That woeful pasts may be forgotten, and unsought futures may never come to be...

Karaha-Baruha and Robel-Akbel shoot balls of light into the night sky... the light grows, and in it forms the mighty beast Fenrir...

Zolku-Azolku: Wh-what's happening!?

Kayeel-Payeel: This... curi-wurious sensation...

Fenrir leaps forth!

Fenrir: Grrr.... Puny... wrrretched mortals... You cannot fathom... the power upon which you call...

Fenrir: Yet... you face your fate with intentions true... The pact... shall be honored...

Kayeel-Payeel: Wh-whataru in the--?

Zolku-Azolku: Am I dreaming? Someone pinchy-winch me!

Lehko Habhoka: The Great Beast... is come.

Fenrir leaps into the sky, streaks through the night and obliterates a horde of Yagudo, skidding to a stop on the turf. He then turns to another horde of the enemy, stomping them into the earth and ripping them to shreds in his mighty jaws. He shakes a yagudo in his mouth like a rag doll and tosses it aside.

Lehko Habhoka: War Warlocks, hear me! Retreat to Windurst Walls at once!

Lehko Habhoka: The fiends strrraggling about here are in for a short trip to the beast's maw, and you'll now want to be among them!

Lehko Habhoka: Regroup at Heavens Tower! The Star Sibyl must be prrrotected at all costs! Now move! Move!

Zolku-Azolku: S-sir, yes sir!

Fenrir continues on his rampage. The enemy tries to shoot him with battle turrets; Fenrir turns into a ball of light, and blows through the turrets, reducing them to rubble.

Romaa Mihgo: What in the Goddess's name---?

Romaa Mihgo: In all the battles I've fought, I've felt nothing like this before... My skin prrrickles... every hair on my body stands on end...

Mihl Pakorhma: So frightening, and yet... so beautiful.

Fenrir soars high in the night sky and howls...

Romaa Mihgo: Snap out of it, Cobrrrras! Our mission here is done. We return to the capital at once! That's an orrrder!

Final Scene: Windurst Waters (S)

The city is in ruin.

Lehko Habhoka: Is it... over at last?

Lehko Habhoka: !?

Tzee Xicu the Manifest: What mockery is this...? Brought to heel by mortal manikins?

Tzee Xicu the Manifest: O, my piteous brother beast, it grieves me to see you fall so far...

Romaa Mihgo: Where's the Warlock Warlord! Quickly, we must --

Romaa Mihgo: !?

Karaha-Baruha: ---nngh...

'Robel-Akbel: Urgh...!

Robel-Akbel and Karaha-Baruha fall and are absorbed by the great beast.

Fenrir: Grrraaaa.... rrggghhhh...

Romaa Mihgo: Wh-what's happening to them!?

Lehko Habhoka: No.... it couldn't be.

Lehko Habhoka: Even with their powers combined... were they unable to tame the beast?

Lehko Habhoka: Does fate refuse to be alterrred without demanding due sacrifice? After all this, have we... failed?

Lehko Habhoka: No, it's not over yet! I'll take back our rrrrightful future... by my own hand!

Lehko holds the Bow of Light, and he's ready to fire an arrow at Fenrir when Perih Vashai knocks the weapon from his hands.

Perih Vashai: ...Lehko, no!

Perih Vashai: Stop this madness! Have you taken leave of your senses!?

Lehko Habhoka: Stand back, Perih!

Lehko Habhoka: This is the Warlock Warlord's own wish! I sworrre an oath, that if it came to this...

Lehko Habhoka: I would bring down our foe and the Great Beast with them... by any means!

Perih Vashai: What!?

Tzee Xicu the Manifest: Snivelling smoothskins, hear well these words. Though you claim victory today, your fate has long since been sealed.

Tzee Xicu the Manifest: We await you in Oztroja. It is there the age-old struggle between our people shall come to its predestined close.

Fenrir: Grrrraaarrrggghhh...!!!

Fenrir turns into a ball of light and disappears over the horizon...

Perih Vashai: The great beast goes with them?

Romaa Mihgo: What was that monstrrrous thing?

Lehko Habhoka: That was the Great Beast Fenrir. Along with the Warlock Warlord and Karaha-Baruha... or what rrremains of them.

Lehko Habhoka: For all their power, they could not tame the beast's fury. Their spirits consumed whole, together they form a mindless juggernaut that knows not where or why it rrrages.

Romaa Mihgo: Wh-what!?

Perih Vashai: Lehko. I'll be taking this from you now.

Lehko Habhoka: But--

Perih Vashai: No bow of such crrraftsmanship should be made to suffer the grip of an amateur.

Perih Vashai: Besides, I see no need for you to bearrr your mother's burden. It would seem you've demons enough of your own.

Lehko Habhoka: Perih...

Zolku-Azolku: Master Lehko, we've done it! Those mothy-woth-eaten crows never came within a malm of Heavens Tower. Windurst Walls is safe!

Lutete: ... Reportarus from all wards are in, Master Lehko. We've suffered not a single civilian casualty. Can I take a nap now?

Lehko Habhoka: Excellent work, all of you!

Lehko Habhoka: But there's no time to pat each other on the back. No, we must strike while the irrron is hot.

Lehko Habhoka: Perih! Regroup as soon as you're able and make for Meriphataud with speed! The crows' nest shall be beset by a bed of vipers.

Lehko Habhoka: Our enemy has suffered an unprecedented defeat. Their cocksure cackle cannot hide hearts that falter. We must not let up. We finish them now!

Perih Vashai: Consider it done.

Romaa Mihgo: I'm giving the girls a brrreather before we strike out again. You should get some rest, too, PLAYERNAME. You've earned it.

Kayeel-Payeel: Master Lehko, sir? What of the Warlock Warlord? Where is Robel-Akbel?

Lehko Habhoka: ...

Lehko Habhoka: He is... no longer among us.

Kayeel-Payeel: Wh-what's that you say?

Zolku-Azolku: No, it couldn't be...

Lehko Habhoka: When the Great Beast turned opon the city, he stood to meet its charge. He served his nation, his people, with honor... to the end.

Lehko Habhoka: Now it is left to us to see that his loss was not in vain! War Warlocks, form two regiments of equal strength!

Lehko Habhoka: One unit remains here to guard against a return visit by our feathered frrriends. The other shall strike north to Valdeaunia. Our allies fight bravely, but they cannot win the battle alone.

Lehko Habhoka: It was your commander's dying wish that his loss not stir undue panic in the hearts of his countrymen. Speak not a word of what I've told you until the Children of Altana are victorious, and a new dawn is come.

Zolku-Azolku: ...

Kayeel-Payeel: ... Understood.

Shikarree G: Now do you see, sinner? Those who flaunt power beyond their means invite only tragedy upon their own.

Lehko Habhoka: You again!? I warrrned you the last time to stay out of my hair.

Lehko Habhoka: I'm not of a mood to entertain intrrrusive guests today. If you intend to leave in once piece, you'd best be on your way.

Shikaree G: Ha! So the debonair lion barres his fangs. Showing your true colors at last, Lehko?

Shikaree G: Though it pains me, it seems you'll have your way. I've decided to stand aside and watch the saga play out of its own accorrd.

Shikaree G: Fate itself has seen fit to relieve me of my task. The sinners shall be judged without needless exerrtion on my part.

Lehko Habhoka: I tire of your rrriddles, Shikaree!

Shikaree G: The Yagudo army encountered a caravan en rrroute back to their nest. Among them was a Mithran merchant, and her two companions...

Lehko Habhoka: What!?

Shikaree G: The Yagudo aren't known to take prisoners. It would seem the better part of my job is done.

Lehko Habhoka: Damn it all!

Shikaree G: Now do you understnad, Lehko? You will answer for your sins. Not to me, but to the very world around you. your time of reckoning will come.

Lehko Habhoka: ...

Lehko Habhoka: I find myself thanking you often these days, PLAYERNAME. You've done the Federation prrroud with your valor once more.

Lehko Habhoka: ... But I fear our task is not over. Perhaps you're wondering just what it was the Warlock Warlord meant to ask of you back at Heavens Tower.

Lehko Habhoka: His final request to the two of us, no doubt the only people in this world that he can call frrriends.

Lehko Habhoka: We must take his life, PLAYERNAME.

Lehko Habhoka: He knew from the beginning that this was how it would end. The power of the moon and stars cannot be allowed to fall into the clutches of darkness.

Lehko Habhoka: And so we must strike him from the pages of history... erase him, and all traces of the future from which he came.

Lehko Habhoka: He intends to turn to dust, to be swept away by the winds of time. And all hsi dark secrets with him...

Lehko Habhoka: The bloody annals of war... A ruthless, stonehearted commander... Memories of a future ruled by shadow and rrruin...

Lehko Habhoka: The "true" future has no place for any of these. The man we know as Robel-Akbel knows this full well.

Lehko Habhoka: You must rest while you can, PLAYERNAME. The final stage of our journey calls us to Oztroja, to the hearrrt of the beasts' den.

Lehko Habhoka: What awaits us there, I do not know.

Lehko Habhoka: But be it deliverance or destrrruction, heaven or hell... I would face it with you.

Final Fantasy XI

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