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About the Avatar

One of the six Celestial Avatars of Vana'diel, all of its Blood Pacts are tied into the element of Water.
A gigantic azure serpent, whose coiling and sinuous body looks similar to the ancient Oriental dragons.
Its abilities are largely physical damage, with a couple of debuffs, namelyweight and slow, it also gains the ability to heal party members at higher levels.

Summoners learn to summon Leviathan by defeating Leviathan Prime in either the Trial Size Trial by Water or the Trial by Water quests.

Blood Pacts

Blood Pact Type Level MP Skillchain Y/N Burst Y/N Description
Tidal Wave*Rage1Special YMinimum MP cost is (level of caster)x2. Uses all MP and deals water elemental damage to enemies within Area of Effect.
Barracuda DiveRage18Y Deals physical damage.
Water IIRage1024 YDeals water elemental damage.
Tail WhipRage2649Y Weighs target down.
SlowgaWard3348 Slows enemies within Area of Effect.
Spring WaterWard4799 Restores HP and removes ailments for party members within Area of Effect.
Water IVRage60118 YDeals water elemental damage.
Spinning DiveRage70164 Deals physical damage.
Grand Fall**Rage75182 YDeals water damage to an enemy. Varies with TP. Additional merits add a 40% TP Bonus effect.

Outside Vana'diel

The Vana'diel Tribune wrote up an article on Leviathan here. (Issue 12, Vol. 1)

Leviathan is also the name of a FFXI World Server.

Final Fantasy XI

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