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Windurst Storyline

Ru'lude Gardens

Heimji-Keimji : Thanks for coming, PLAYERNAME.
Heimji-Keimji : We received a request from the Archduke of Jeuno to send someone for a special mission.
Heimji-Keimji : Because of your selfless courage at Delkfutt's Tower, I want to recommend you for this mission.
Pakh Jatalfih : Your deeds will shine upon us all, PLAYERNAME. I'm sure you'll be able to put the archduke's worries to rest.

Proceed to the archduke's palace?

  • Right away.
  • Let me think about it.

Heimji-Keimji : Spoken like a true Windurstian!
Pakh Jatalfih : Here is your archducal audience permit.
Heimji-Keimji : This mission is critical to our friendship with the Jeunoans. May the stars watch over you!

Final Fantasy XI

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