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What's "Mog Bonanza"?

Final Fantasy XI's 6th anniversary is just around the corner, and to celebrate this happiest of occasions, the Mog House Management Union (MHMU) has decided to hold the very first Mog Bonanza event, kupo! We moogles have spared no effort to ensure that this inaugural event is a runaway success, with the prizes prepared bound to have even the most appallingly affluent adventurers drooling uncontrollably, kupo! This is the chance to turn your Vana'dielian dreams into reality and become the envy of all fellow adventurers by winning stupendous amounts of gil, or super-rare items of legend like the Kraken Club...and more!

How to Play

The Mog Bonanza is a number-guessing game in which you pick a five-digit number of your choice, kupo. Playing is simple! Purchase a Mog Bonanza marble (*1) from a Bonanza Moogle at designated areas (*2), then have the vendor inscribe your desired five-digit number on it, kupo. If you can't decide on a number, we moogles will be more than happy to pick one for you. The winning numbers will be announced at a later date, so sit tight and leave the rest to Lady Luck, kupo!

The conditions for winning are as follows: Rank 1 prize: all five digits. Rank 2 prize: last four digits. Rank 3 prize: last three digits. Rank 4 prize: last two digits. Rank 5 prize: last digit.

1: Up to 10 Mog Bonanza marbles can be purchased per character level 5 or above. You can have the same number inscribed on multiple marbles. This will mean bigger earnings should you have a winning number, kupo.

2: Purchase your Mog Bonanza marbles, check winning numbers, and collect prizes from Bonanza Moogles at Port San d'Oria (I-9), Port Bastok (L-8), Port Windurst (F-6), or the Chocobo Circuit (H-8), kupo.

FINAL FANTASY XI 6th Anniversary Mog Bonanza

Price: 1000 gil. Mog Bonanza marbles available for purchase from May 16 till May 28. The winning numbers will be announced on June 30. Prizes available for collection from July 2 till July 31.

Prize List

Each Mog Bonanza marble with a winning number entitles you to an item of your choosing from the list of prizes in the corresponding rank.

Rank 1

100 million gil, Dalmatica +1, Blood Scale Mail, Kaiser Cuirass, Armada Hauberk, Hecatomb Harness +1, Shura Togi +1, Ares's Cuirass, Skadi's Cuirie, Usukane Haramaki, Marduk's Jubbah, Morrigan's Robe, Valkyrie's Breastplate, Valkyrie's Coat, Ridill, Kraken Club, Hofud, Futsuno Mitama, Valkyrie's Fork.

Rank 2

10 million gil, Black Belt, Homam Corazza, Nashira Manteel, Melee Crown, Sorcerer's Petasos, Duelist's Chapeau, Abyss Burgeonet, Saotome Kabuto, Wyrm Armet, Summoner's Horn, Warrior's Lorica, Valor Surcoat, Scout's Jerkin, Cleric's Mitts, Assassin's Armlets, Monster Gloves, Koga Tekko, Bard's Cannions, Velocious Belt.

Rank 3

1 million gil, Melee Cyclas, Cleric's Briault, Sorcerer's Coat, Duelist's Tabard, Abyss Cuirass, Bard's Justacorps, Saotome Domaru, Koga Chainmail, Wyrm Mail, Summoner's Doublet, Warrior's Cuisses, Assassin's Culotte, Valor Breeches, Monster Gaiters, Scout's Socks, Homam Cosciales, Nashira Seraweels, Hauteclaire, Seveneyes.

Rank 4

100,000 gil, Damascus Ingot, Khroma Ore, Damascene Cloth, Behemoth Hide, Moldavite Earring, Rain Hat, Empress Hairpin, Bounding Boots, Matron's Knife.

Rank 5

Miratete's Memoirs

  • Please remember that all prizes won in the Mog Bonanza are virtual goods and cannot be redeemed for real-world money.

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