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Monk Burns: Overview

Monk burn-style parties were the original TP-burn parties. The popular camps for monk-burn parties are both located in King Ranperre's Tomb. Click here to learn more about those camps: 72-75 King Ranperre's Tomb.

Monk-burn parties work extremely well against undead mobs, which are very weak against blunt weapons. The KRT camps are made for monk-burn parties because the camps encompass two giant loops, allowing parties to roam through and quickly kill anything in their paths. Well-functioning monk-burn parties can easily surpass chain 50 in these areas.

Monk Burn Build

Here's a sample build of a monk-burn party:

This party build can vary somewhat. Some monk burns have one less mage and an additional monk or bard. Or, some monk burns sacrifice a monk in favor of a ninja tank.

Roles of Jobs

Each job has a specialized role for a monk burn party to be successful.

  • Monks: Do as much damage as possible. Damage, damage, damage.
  • Bard: Bard often subs /nin and helps pull to maintain experience chains, but only when the next mob is too far away. Bard also buffs the melee and sleeps mobs that aggro. Bard can also help refresh mages with ballad.
  • Red Mage: The red mage operates as a main or backup healer, and casts haste on the monks (and tank job, if there is one).
  • White Mage: The job of the white mage is twofold. The white mage acts as the main healer, and the white mage also uses banish to held deal damage to Lemures, haunt mobs that have significantly higher HP than skeletons.

Monk Burn Tips

  • Mages sub /whm, which is more functional against undead mobs.
  • Mages should rest mp whenever possible; maintaining chains in monk-burn parties is more challenging than high chaining in ToAU camps.
  • Choose a tank: At least one melee should be provoking in an attempt to lock down hate.

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