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The following are transcripts and video for the Wings of the Goddess mission WG17 - Northland Exposure.

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  • Lilisette
  • Raina
  • Tanja
  • Portia
  • Mayakov
  • Noillurie

Act 1: Southern San d'Oria (S)

Tanja: Hm?

Tanja: Yes? Something I can do for you?

Raina: Hi there! Troupe Mayakov is in the midst of preparations for a dazzling new performance! We hope to see you among the audience when the curtains are drawn?

Raina: Hm? You again!?

Tanja: What is it with you? Even stubbornness has its limits, you know.

Lilisette: Look! How many times must I tell you? It's me, Lilisette!

Tanja: And how many times must I tell you? We don't have a stinking clue who you are!

Lilisette: (Did you see that, PLAYERNAME? They don't recognize me...)

Lilisette: Then... what about PLAYERNAME here? You don't remember her, either?

Tanja: Eh?

Lilisette: It's PLAYERNAME! The one who stumbled into the trap we laid for that snotty talking cat out in Jugner Forest!

Tanja: We don't know you, we don't know him/her, and we certainly don't know no talking cats! How many ways do you want us to say that?

Tanja: Now, away with you!

Raina: Well, that was kinda creepy...

Judith: She's probably just a harmless fan... who's slightly touched in the head. You've got to admit, though, she did a pretty good job with the outfit.

Tanja: Harmless or no, I think it's best we ignore those nutty types. Ah, fame can be such a hassle at times...

Lilisette: Why is this happening...?

Lilisette: They've forgotten you, too, PLAYERNAME.

Lilisette: ...

Lilisette: Ah! Mister Mayakov!

Lilisette: Mister Mayakov! Portia!

Lilisette: Y-y-you remember me, right? Right!?

Mayakov: What hath gotten into you thotho dayth?

Mayakov: Lilithette. You're one of the motht talented dantherth I've ever taken under my wing. But at the thame time, incredibly uncouth and unthopithticated.

Mayakov: You mutht learn to embrathe the grathe and eleganthe of danth in every day life ath I do. After all, thothe who with to mathter danthe, mutht allow danthe to mathter them!

Lilisette: M-Mister Mayakov...

Mayakov: Hmmmmmmmmm?

Portia: How have you been keeping, Lilisette? Mister Mayakov and I were discussing the routine for the troupe's next performance. It would be lovely if you could join us.

Portia: In times such as these, it's the least our troupe can do to put on a show that will warm the dampened hearts of the citizens. We've even received the backing of Sir Ragelise and the knights.

Lilisette: ... ...

Portia: L-Lilisette? Is something the matter?

Lilisette: Portia!!!

Mayakov: ... Forgotten who you are, you thay?

Mayakov: Are you abtholutely thertain? Weren't they jutht pulling thome kind of dithtatheful prank?

Lilisette: I hate to say it, but they were dead serious. They don't even remember who PLAYERNAME is!

Lilisette: It's as though the two of us have completely disappeared from their memories. But why...?

Lilisette: Us two from the future... disappearing...

Lilisette: Does this mean... No... it can't be! The future itself is... disappearing!?

Mayakov: Oh, Lilisette. You're thtill going on about that?

Lilisette: You have to believe me, Mister Mayakov! This isn't some fool's errand I'm running!

Mayakov: Now, look here --

Portia: Sir, you have to admit that many a strange event has taken place since Lilisette joined us.

Portia: The strangest of all being that time back at La Vaule when Sir Ragelise was struck down by the purple-garbed fiends.

Portia: Moreover, many is the time when Lilisette has displayed knowledge of things no ordinary person could possibly know.

Portia: My senses tell me that something well beyond our comprehension is taking place...

Mayakov: ... All right, all right!

Mayakov: I'll thare with you what little I knwo. It would theem that the mystherious pair drethed in shathtly purple -- their wardrobe coordinator thould be punithed, by the way -- hath been the topic of many a dithcuthion among the knighth lately.

Mayakov: A knight friend of mine thaid that royal thcouth have brought back reporth of their thighting out about Valdeunia.

Lilisette: What?

Mayakov: Now, before we get all exthited and act hathtily, don't forget that thethe fiendths were able to thubdue even a knight of Thir Ragelithe'th caliber.

Lilisette: PLAYERNAME, we have to hurry to Valdeunia!

Mayakov: Lilithette!

Lilisette: I bet you, Mister Mayakov! Please allow me to go!

Lilisette: Something terrible is about to happen... I just know it.

Lilisette: It feels as though anything I hold dear is being taken away from me... like the time Father and Mother died.

Mayakov: ...

Lilisette: I just can't sit by idly while this feeling eats away at my soul.

Mayakov: ... Onthe your heart is that on thomething, there'th no talking you out of it, ith there?

Mayakov: Very well, then. I give you permithion to thkip your lethonth. But refrain from doing anything reckleth. Underthtood?

Lilisette: Thank you, Mister Mayakov!

Lilisette: PLAYERNAME, Portia, I want the two of you to come with me!

Portia: I... I would, but I must stay by Sir Ragelise's side....

Mayakov: Portia. Why don't you go and keep them company?

Portia: But...

Mayakov: You needn't worry about Thir Ragelithe. It'th already been taken care of...

Noillurie: Beg your pardons!

Mayakov: Allow me to introduce Thir Noillurie, the ethteemed Commander of the Knighth of the Red Rothe. The hath kindly volunteered to thee to Thir Ragelithe'th every need.

Portia: What...?

Noillurie: Please rest assured. The chateau and its amenities are familiar to me. I shall personally see to it that Sir Ragelise lacks neither for company nor comfort during his convalescence.

Portia: ...

Mayakov: (I'm tho thorry, Porthia. Thith wath a propothal from General Coutheraux himself, and I jutht couldn't thay no...)

Lilisette: P-Portia! We're going to find a way to remove Sir Ragelise's curse... and we'll come back straight after that!

Portia: A-all right...

Portia: I... I leave Sir Ragelise in your capable hands.

Lilisette: You got all that, right, PLAYERNAME? First stop, the Beaucedine Glacier!

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