October 21, 2003 Update Notes (FFXI)  


  • These updates will be fully implemented when logging in for the first time.

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Important Updates

  • A keyboard configuration option will be added. To find this menu, look in the following location:


*Main Menu > Config > Keyboard > Key Assignment


*Main Menu > Config > Misc. 2 > Key Assignment

  • Using Tab key phrases with any chat mode will automatically translate the text into the language (English or Japanese) of PCs within the chat radius. This translation feature can be overridden by deleting one or more characters from the message before sending it. Words/phrases to be translated will be displayed in light blue before the Enter key is pressed. Untranslated words will be displayed in white.

  • The language setting display of a player seeking a party can now be seen during region searches as well as area searches. Also, the on-screen abbreviations for languages will be changed as follows:


  • JP > J
  • EN > E
  • JP/EN > JE

Event Updates

  • New rank 9 and Zilart missions will be introduced.

  • Various new quests will be added.

  • An option to replay event scenes from quests, Zilart missions, and the Jeuno Magicite mission will be implemented.

  • Players will now have to wait one day (Earth time) to repeat Protocrystal battles.

  • A third Mog Safe expansion quest will be added. This quest will only start if you have met certain conditions and completed the second expansion quest.

  • A new game called "Lucky Roll" will be conducted by NPCs in Norg and Rabao. Each roll costs 100 gil, with the grand prize being 10000 gil.

  • A new fortune-telling NPC will be added to each of the three main nations. For a mere 120 gil, these all-knowing mystics will reveal the fortune of you and a partner. This service will be available only once a day (Vana'diel time) for each PC.

  • Previously when participating in an Expeditionary Force for a second time (after defeating the enemy in a previous E.F.), failure to take out the enemy resulted in a loss of all rewards from the previous E.F. Now, you will be given a reward if you succeed in defeating the enemy during the E.F. mission at least once before the weekly conquest tally, and if your nation is able to gain control of that region.

  • The one-way door on the first floor of Delkfutt's Tower will now be accessible with a Delkfutt's Key. This will create a new shortcut to the 10th floor.

Battle Updates

  • The number of areas where moon orbs can be traded for battles will be increased. Battles will now be available in the Sacrificial Chamber, the Cloister of Tides, and the Chamber of Oracles.

  • The amount of time used to clear a battlefield will now be displayed on the screen after a conflict has concluded.

  • The behavior of the monsters in the star orb battle in the Waughroon Shrine will be adjusted.

  • The amount of bonus damage awarded when successfully completing a magic burst will be increased.

  • The effect of the ability "Clear Mind" will be improved.

  • The job trait "Clear Mind" will be added to summoners.

  • The black magic spells "Sleepga" and "Sleepga II" will be released.
Black Magic
  • Sleepga
    • BLK 31
    • Puts to sleep all enemies within area of effect.

Sleepga II

    • BLK 56
    • Puts to sleep all enemies within area of effect.

  • The MP cost and damage caused by the white magic spell "Banish" will be adjusted. Also, this spell will now have the additional random effect of lowering the defense of undead monsters.

  • The effect of the white magic spell "Stoneskin" can no longer be reset via a recast before it wears off.

  • The amount of HP absorbed from an enemy using the black magic spell "Drain" will be adjusted. The ef‚†ectiveness of the spell will now also be influenced by the day, the weather, and its use during magic bursts.

  • The amount of MP drained from an enemy using the black magic spell "Aspir" will be adjusted. The ef‚†ectiveness of the spell will now also be influenced by the day, the weather, and its use during magic bursts.

  • TP will no longer be reset when changing weapons in the "Ammo" slot.

The names of the following Antica will be changed:

  • Antican Imperator > Antican Tribunus
  • Antican Protector > Antican Magister
The location of some monsters in the following areas will be changed:
  • The Boyahda Tree/Ifrit's Cauldron/Cape Terrigan/The Valley of Sorrows

  • New notorious monsters will be added in the Outland areas.

  • The amount of time required for certain notorious monsters to reappear will be dramatically changed. However, the conditions under which these monsters reappear will remain the same.

  • The area attack of the king behemoth will now affect all players within its range, rather than just those currently engaged in battle.

Item Updates

  • Changes will be made to the Mithra shop in the Ru'Lude Gardens.

Changes to the inventory in the following shops will be made:

  • Muckvix's Junk Shop in Lower Jeuno
  • Ensasa's Catalyst Shop in Windurst Waters
  • Justi's Furniture in North San d'Oria
  • The Tenshodo in Lower Jeuno

  • Factors such as weather, the moon phase, the day, and the time will now affect the type of items found when using the chocobo "Dig" command.

  • The variety of items that can be grown through gardening will be increased.

  • The prices of the goods sold on the ferry will no longer change.

There will be equip level changes for the following items:

  • Murasame 73 > 70
Black Ribbon 71 > 70 Fudo 74 > 70 Company Sword 73 > 70

System Updates

  • A tone will now sound when you receive e-mail or messages from online friends.

  • In addition to the three existing commands, eighteen new varieties will be added (`). As with the existing commands, can only be used in the "party" chat mode. Also, the new commands (sound only) and (vibration only) can be used in conjunction with the 22 different sounds. Finally, we ask players to be considerate when using the commands. Be sure to get the approval of your party members before activating these commands during battle.

  • The /befriend command will be added. By using the command (/befriend name), PCs will be able to send the "Let's be friends" message to another PC, which asks them to join their Friend List.

  • The subcommand can now be used with the commands /search, /befriend, and /blacklist.

  • Messages displaying the results of synthesis (success, failure, items lost) will now be displayed within the "say" radius. Also, the chat filter "Other PC's synthesis results" will be implemented.

  • The /sit command will be added. This type of sitting differs from the kneeling position used for healing, as no HP or MP will be restored. Also, the following commands can be used while sitting:
/yes, /no, /clap, /wave, /goodbye, /cry, /laugh, /huh, /farewell, /nod

  • PC motions will be added when performing mining, logging, and harvesting actions.

  • The number of mining, logging, and harvesting points that appear at one time will be increased.

  • The search comment option will be divided into four categories. Also, category-based searches will be available. The four categories will be color-coded and are as follows:
    • Green: Searching for an EXP party
    • Red: Searching for a Missions & Quests party
    • Blue: Buying, selling, synthesizing items
    • Yellow: Any other messages

  • The /wait macro has been upgraded to be more precise.

  • PCs will no longer be able to use the cursor keys, mouse, or function keys to change targets while locked on to another target.

  • A known issue with the /follow command (occurring when using on a target-locked PC) has been fixed.

  • A known issue with the /follow command (occurring when using on an invisible PC) has been fixed.

  • The speed of the cursor on the area and region info maps will be increased. However, the speed of the cursor used when placing markers will stay the same.

  • Time lapse will now be a factor in the probability rate of fishing items.

  • A known issue where controller vibration was lacking when certain large fish were on the line will be fixed.

  • A second confirmation question will be added when attempting to "kick" a linkshell member.

  • During periods when applications for world emigration are being accepted, PCs will be able to check whether or not they have applied by using the /smes command. This new message will only appear during application periods.

  • The number of players that can be invited to a World using a World Pass has been increased from one to five.
  • World Passes are purchased within the FINAL FANTASY XI world in the form of a password. Friends who enter this password at the "Create Character" screen will be able to play on the same World as you.

  • The title screen of the Windows version will be updated to support higher resolution settings.

Known Issues

  • There are instances where pets and avatars take damage from some of their own special abilities.
  • There is a problem with the lettering color for the spell scrolls "Sleepga" and "Sleepga II" when displayed at an auction house.

The names are displayed in yellow (indicating the spell can be learned) at incorrect levels. The correct levels are as follows:

  • Sleepga BLK Lv.31/Sleepga II BLK Lv.56
  • Also, the names remain yellow even after they have been learned (the correct color of learned spells is green).

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