Pandemonium Warden Defeated (2-9)  

Just over five months ago, Final Fantasy XI finally got the attention that its playerbase has been clamoring for since as long as they can remember. Unfortunately, that attention came in the form of laughter from the gaming community that the above mentioned playerbase would subject itself to a game containing a mob that couldn't be killed after 18 hours of effort. The Warden had yet to be successfully killed, so while this was no doubt a valiant effort, it was also a pioneering one and therefore surely not the original intended battle that it eventually turned into.

Nevertheless, the article surged across the Internet and resulted in an impromptu patch that changed the Pandemonium Warden, causing it to despawn if not defeated within two hours.

Located in the depths of the Aydeewa Subterrane, this frightening beast takes on 10 different forms. Upon using his special move Hellsnap, the Pandemonium Warden will then change into one of the following forms: Battleclad Chariot, Long-Bowed Chariot, Long-Armed Chariot, Armored Chariot, Cerberus, Hydra, Khimaira, Gulool Ja Ja, Medusa, and Gurfurlur the Menacing. The lamps that accompany the Warden will change into different mobs, depending what form he changes into.

The Warden will return to his original Dvergr form and players must fight him until he uses Hellsnap again, at which point he will take on another form. All 10 forms, as well as his original Dvergr form (who uses Astral Flow and calls all avatars), must be slain in order for him to be defeated.

More recently, the infamous Dvergr was finally slain by the linkshell Apathy on Remora , reportedly with only five minutes left on the clock. Congratulations to the Pandemonium Quellers of Apathy from the entire Allakhazam team!

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