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Paralyzed is a harmful status effect that prevents some actions until it wears off or is removed.
Every action a character attempts whilst Paralyzed whether it be an attack, spell, item, or ability has a chance of being canceled and its recast timer reset.
Exception:Two-hour abilities can be canceled, but the recast timer will not be reset.

Items disappear from the inventory as if they had been used.
Enchanted equipment lose a charge, and re-use timer will start counting down.
Weapon Skills, monster TP abilities, and Avatar Blood Pacts are not affected by paralysis (although the Job Abilities "Blood Pact: Rage" and "Blood Pact: Ward" can be canceled and have their timers reset).

How to Remove This Effect


Pet Specific Methods:

  • Dragoons with a Healing, or Multipurpose wyvern, can trigger their Wyvern's ability to remove poison by using a weapon skill during combat.
  • Puppetmasters who equip their Automatons with Eraser enable them to cure this effect.

Consumable Items

How This Effect is Inflicted/Gained



Weapon Skills

Consumable Items

Monster Abilities

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