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Scene I: Upper Jeuno

Luto Mewrilah: Grrreat timing as always, PLAYER. I have a favor to ask you. Actually, I was going to ask (fellow) to help as well... And here he/she is! I was just explaining to (name) that I want you to to head to Windurst for me.

Fellow: Oh, I love Windurst! What do you want us to do once we get there?

Luto Mewrilah: I know I could count on your enthusiasm. What I need you to do is borrow a book. As you probably know, the library in Windurst is home to many ancient tomes of lore. I want you to bring a book that contains a monthod for repairing the broken mirror you left with me.

Fellow: Why fix that one? Wouldn't it be easier just to buy a new mirror? And doesn't that thing have creepy powers...? Why would you want to restore something like that...?

Luto Mewrilah: ... You just don't understand the potential. That mirror is a treasure of the Near East. The price will rise exponentially if it's in mint condition. It may be a frightful object, but that's just one more aspect that makes it valuable to collectors.

Fellow: Hmmm... Well, you're the expert, Luto!

Luto Mewrilah: The mirror is made with a rrrare, black-tinted metal. That should help start you on your search. I want to hear every scrrrap of information you can dig up. Find out everything you can.

Scene II: Windurst Waters

Tosuka-Porika: Hrm. A tome that contains references to a mirror made from black-tinted metal...? And a method for repairing said mirror...? Hrm. Hrmmm... Hrrrmmmmmm...hrm!

Fellow: I've had a look at the shelves, but I've never seen so many books before...

Tosuka-Porika: Hrm? Hrrrrrm! That's it! The volume that Ritopopo was searching for was all aboutaru mirrors. I'm certain there was some mention of Near Eastern treasures-weasures...

Ritopopo: Hoho! I've found it! The elusive "Looking Glass Legends"! Mostaru of these accounts appear to be no more than fairy tales, but there could be a kernel of truth hidden here and there... My scholar-sense is tingling! Twenty years of research experience gives you almostaru supernatural powers, I do believe! Now that my searching is done, I think I've earned a rest and a decentaru meal. Even super-duper scholars such as myself need to eat something substantial every now and again. All those bretzels...really made me thirsty...

Ritopopo: Hm? Can I aid you in some way? Good gracious! Those Near Eastern mirrors actually existaru!? Then my research hasn't been in vainy-wain! Eh? You want to borrow the "Looking Glass Legends"? You mustaru be joking. Give up this wonderful tome after I've only just discovered it? Ah...! You didn'taru hear anything just now! All you need to hear is me refusing to lend you my precious book! ...

Ritopopo: You know... I've always wanted to give the minister something nice. But I'm justaru too shy to present it myself... ... I overheard the minster mumbling-wumbling something about craving a full-course meal... It started with something like, I don'taru know, say a loaf of white bread, a bowl of whitefish stew, a Windurst salad, and a serving of bison steak... Then came a serving of icecap rolanberry, and a pot of San d'Orian tea to finish. I'm positive he would absolutaruly adore a meal like that. Since I feel so indebted to the minister for assistaruing me in my research, I would do anything to grant his wish.

Ritopopo: However, a scholar like myself has no place in the kitchen... If you could see your way to preparing this gourmet delightaru, I would consider lending you the "Looking Glass Legends." But only if everything is absolutaruly perfectly! I will accept nothing less! Oh, and you don'taru have to say the dinner is from me. Simply hand it over and enjoy the joy you bring!

Fellow: Did you remember everything, PLAYER? I did. I think. A loaf of white bread, a bowl of whitefish stew, a Windurst salad, and a serving of bison steak. Followed by a serving of icecap rolanberry... And lastly, a pot of San d"Orian tea. We should probably write this down... Hmm... I'm starting to feel a little hungry myself... Buy why make this for the ministar? She seemed to be "absolutaruly" starving! Oh well, as long as we get the goods for Luto, right?

Scene III: Upper Jeuno

Tosuka-Porika: Hrmmmmm? Where did all this food come from...!?

Ritopopo: Ooh! Fantastic! Magnifico! This is exactaruly what I've been dreaming about! I'm so happy! I thank you from the bottom of my stomach! Here! Take the book! I finished reading it while you were preparing that splendiferous full-course meal. It truly was a fascinating read. This Taliesin is amazing! I hope that one day I can pen an equally marvelous research paper. My next goal is to read "The Lost Looking Glass"! Did you know there were two magical mirrors from the Near East? Researchers on the subject think that these two looking glasses may be fundamental opposites. One a mirror of the other, you might say! "Looking Glass Legends" touches upon the object known as the "Mirror of Blighted Gloom." "The Lost Looking Glass" details the mirror called the "Glass of Blessed Radiance." I mustaru seek out "The Lost Looking Glass" and straighten out the facts once and for all! My scholarly spirit is reignited! Thank you once again! Goodbye!

Tosuka-Porika: Hrmmmm.... Such a dramatic change in character... Food can have such a powerful effectaru on people. Hrmm... I'm the minister of this place, or had you forgotten? I demand a ltitle respectaru...

Fellow: I knew finding that book would be hard, but who could've seen that weirdness coming? I suppose Luto will want to get her paws on this book as soon as possible. What were those names...? The Mirror of Blighted Gloom and the Glass of Blessed Radiance...

Tosuka-Porika: Hrmm!?

Scene IV: Upper Jeuno

Fellow: We found what you were looking for, Luto. This book holds information about a Near Eastern mirror.

Luto Mewrilah: I knew I could count on you two! Let's dive rrright in, shall we? So this tome is called the "Looking Glass Legends," and is written by..."Taliesin."

Fellow: Appearently, another mirror exists that is the twin to the one described int his book.

Luto Mewrilah: Yes... I know...

Fellow: You knew? About the Blighted Gloom, and the Blessed Radiance?

Luto Mewrilah: Yes. One of the mirrors was being kept inthe Empire of Aht Urhgan, but was eventually lost to the world. Or so the tale goes... It was once stored within a small chest and strrrictly guarded, with only selected people permitted to view the mirror itself. This looking glass supposedly emitted a light of such heart-stopping beauty, it was almost blinding. This light was so dazzling, it spilled from the chest and soothed the souls of all who gazed upon it. And so we can deduce from these properties that the mirror lost to the Aht Urhgan Empire was most likely the Glass of Blessed Radianced. If this mirror still exists somewhere in the world, I would do anything to track it down! I'm a sucker for beautiful artifacts. And this tale of divine rrradiance makes me want it even more!

Luto Mewrilah: ...This book appears to be of considerable age. You did well to discover such valuable resource. Let's see what it has to say. "Worshipped in the Near East, there is a small mirror whose creation was ordered by a king, now long deceased." "As time passed, the looking glass came to be revered as a holy object, and even while it was kept under guard..." "...people began to call it the Mirror of Blighted Gloom." "The blackened metal of the mirror emits a dim, dark light that conjures images of early evening."

Luto Mewrilah: Hmmm... That sould suggest to me that the brrroken glass I have now is this Mirror of Blighted Gloom. This descriptionfits perfectly. The explanation continues... "This metal is like no other substances we have ever encountered." "Expert scientists concur that while this substance gives off a metallic glint..." "...it has a malleable structure at room temperature almost like a liquid. However, for reasons unknown, it is able to maintain its shape." "The metal used by the creators of the mirror no longer exists, and as such, it would be impossible to duplicate its creation today." No longer exists...! Then how am I suppose to...?

Fellow: Is that all it says?

Luto Mewrilah: It continues... "However, the method for crafting the mirror has been discovered and follows these steps:" "One. Prepare the metal that is to become the body of the mirror." "Two. Find a spring with a surface as smooth as glass. The spring must be filled with clear water." "Three. Chant the charm, and offer a prayer. The charm is only known by the guardians of the mirror..." "If the above steps are followed correctly, an enchanted mirror will be created."

Luto Mewrilah: This is no help at all! Why tell us all this when there is no way to know the charm? What do we do? Is there anything we can do? Who are these guardians of the mirror...?

Fellow: just a moment, Luto. The Glass of All-Seeing...

Fellow: Palometa...! The mirror shows her near the airship docks.

Luto Mewrilah: The little girl you found in the Eldieme Necropolis? Well, pinch my whiskers. We have to go and talk to her! She could be our only clue!

Scene V: Port Jeuno

Khumo Daramasteh: A little girl? Could that child over there by the one you're looking for?

Palometa: Mom, do you think the mirror is somewhere else after all?

Laurana: Who can say, dear? The looking glass carried by the adventurer that saved you was similar, but not the one we're looking for.

Palometa: It's just that when the adventurer talked about using a mirror to find me, I thought we had found it... Oh well, I guess we have to keep looking. I was so happy that someone came and saved me, thought!

Laurana: Me too, sweetheart. I'm so glad you're safe. It just froze my heart when you told me about that strange man.

Palometa: I'm sorry... He told me that he saw someone carrying a black mirror into those horrible tunnels. He said he would help me look, and then disappeared once we were inside... I'll never go off alone with anyone, even if they say they know about the mirror!

Laurana: I certainly hope not. You'll make your mother sick with worry.

Fellow: Little Palometa! How have you been, sweetie?

Palometa: FELLOW!

Fellow: I have something I want to ask you...

Palometa: How come you know about that? How do you know about the guardians? Ah! The Glass of All-Seeing! But...I'm not a guardian. The guardians were responsible for protecting the mirror... But they're all gone now...

Luto Mewrilah: That doesn't sound prrromising. You know all about the guardians, rrright, Palometa?

Palometa: Right. My daddy was one. Until he got sick and had to leave us...

Luto Mewrilah: Oh...

Palometa: After Daddy was gone, someone came and stole the mirror. I was so scared... But now I've come to this country with my mother to get the mirror back. Do you know anything about the mirror, Miss Luto? Please tell me if you do...! I...I have to get it back. My daddy spent his life protecting it...!

Luto Mewrilah: I know, kiddo. Just calm down and I'll tell you what I can. I have the mirror that you're searching for.

Palometa: What?

Luto Mewrilah: But the mirror's been broken...

Palometa: No! It can't be...!

Luto Mewrilah: We've been looking for a way to fix it. And our search has led us to you, the daughter of one of the guardians. To repair the mirror, we need to learn a certain charm. You wouldn't happen to know anything like that, would you?

Palometa: A charm...? Is that like a prayer?

Luto Mewrilah: Something that only a guardian would know.

Palometa: I think I do. My daddy taught me a prayer with some really hard words. But I can say them all!

Luto Mewrilah: Rrreally! That's wonderful! Maybe there is hope for the mirror yet. I'll be happy just to see this trrreasure back in one piece. As soon as we fix your mirror, we'll give it back to you, okay?

Palometa: Okay!

Luto Mewrilah: Until then, I think you should stay here in Jeuno. Better yet, rrright by my side! I don't want anything happening to you. It looks like I'll be needing your help again. All that's left is to find some of the metal used in creating the mirror. I'll keep porrring through "Looking Glass Legends" and see what I can find. You'll be the first to know if I learn anything useful. Your cooperation and trust will make the task of repairing the mirror a simple one. I'm counting on you!

Fellow: You can rely on us. Right, (name)?

Luto Mewrilah: Phew! Keeping up a facade is hard work. I was almost feeling sorry that little girl. Besides that unusual metal, I have everything I need for repairing the Mirror of Blighted Gloom. I'll have that mirror in one piece if it's the last thing I do! I wonder who this author of "Looking Glass Legends" could be. Anyone who can gather this sort of information alone is not to be underestimated...

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