Polearms (FFXI)  

Polearms, be they lance or spear or couse, are the preferred weapon of Dragoons, also used in some instances by Samurai, Warriors, and Paladins. Generally faster than other two handed weapons, such as Great Axes, they provide more damage than using a one-handed weapon.

Most polearm weapon skills are physical damage in nature, however a majority of them are also multi-hitters, thus having high accuracy is a recommended trait for anyone using a polearm.

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Job Ratings

JobSkill RankingCap at Level 1Cap at Level 37Cap at Level 75

Enhancing Equipment

Lance Belt30WaistLatent Effect: Polearm Skill +5All Jobs
Love Torque73NeckDEX +5, Dagger Skill +7, Polearm Skill +7All Jobs

Weapon Skills

NameSkill LevelInfoModifiers
Double Thrust5Two-hit attack. Damage varies with TP.STR: 30%
Thunder Thrust40Deals lightning damage to enemy. Damage varies with TP.STR: 20% INT: 20%
Raiden Thrust70Deals lightning damage to enemy. Damage varies with TP.STR: 30% INT: 30%
Leg Sweep100Stuns enemy. Chance of stunning varies with TP.STR: 30%
Penta Thrust150Five-hit attack. Accuracy varies with TP.STR: 20% DEX: 20%
Vorpal Thrust175Single-hit attack. Chance of critical varies with TP.STR: 30%
Skewer200Three-hit attack. Chance of critical varies with TP.STR: 35%
Wheeling Thrust225Ignores enemy's defense. Amount ignored varies with TP.STR: 50%
Impulse Drive240Two-hit attack. Damage varies with TP.STR: 50%
DrakesbaneDRG onlyDeals a four-fold attack. Chance of critical hit varies with TP. Ryunohige: Aftermath effect varies with TPTo be announced
GeirskogulGae Assail or Gungnir onlyOne-hit attack. Grants Shock Spikes. Duration varies with TP.AGI: 60%

Weapons By Level

Harpoon183961.21 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Harpoon +1193851.40 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Pitchfork113960.15 All Jobs
Pitchfork +1113690.16Costume: Increases Movement SpeedAll Jobs
Obelisk4133961.97STR +1, INT -1, MND -1WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Bronze Spear7163962.42 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Bronze Spear +17173852.65 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Gimlet Spear7163962.42Enchantment: Attack +3, <50/50 0:30/(30:00, 0:30)>WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Brass Spear14253963.79 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Brass Spear +114263854.05 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Spark Spear14253963.79Additional Effect with Battery: Lightning DamageWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Spark Spear +114263854.05Additional Effect with Battery: Lightning DamageWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Royal Spearman's Spear18283964.24 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Cruel Spear20293854.52INT +2, MND -2, -2, +2, Additional Effect: Impairs EvasionWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Fuscina20313964.70Additional Effect: Lightning DamageWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Platoon Lance20374924.51 DRG
Kingdom Spear23303744.81Attack +5WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
San d'Orian Spear23293854.52Attack +3WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Spear24343965.15 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Spear +124353855.45 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Military Spear28363745.78STR +1WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Royal Squire's Halberd30373965.61 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Lizard Piercer32363655.92Additional Effect vs Lizards: Ice DamageWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Kingdom Halberd34393746.26Outside of Nation Controlled Area: Accuracy +4WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Lance34514926.22 DRG
Lance +134524786.53 DRG
Lucent Lance34514926.22Enchantment: Delay 442, <50/50 0:30/(30:00, 0:30)>DRG
San d'Orian Halberd34383855.92Outside of Nation Controlled Area: Accuracy +3WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Spark Lance34514926.22Additional Effect with Battery: Lightning DamageDRG
Spark Lance +134524786.53Additional Effect with Battery: Lightning DamageDRG
Halberd36423966.36 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Halberd +136433856.70 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Broach Lance38574926.95STR +2, INT -1, MND -1, Enchantment: TP +10 <100/100 0:30/(10:00, 0:30)>PLD/DRG
Obelisk Lance38574926.95STR +2, INT -1, MND -1PLD/DRG
Obelisk Lance +138584787.28STR +3, INT -1, MND -1PLD/DRG
Behourd Lance40604787.53AGI +2DRG
Orc Piercer41483967.27HP +7WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Peregrine42614927.44DEX +1, VIT +1DRG
Trident45513967.73Additional Effect: Lightning DamageWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Heavy Halberd47564198.02Evasion -3WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Mythril Lance48694928.41 DRG
Mythril Lance +148704788.79 DRG
Wind Spear49563858.73 +4, Additional Effect: Wind DamageWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Royal Knight Army Lance50563968.48 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Kamayari52583968.79 SAM
Kamayari +152593859.19 SAM
Royal Knight Army Lance +152573848.91Outside of Nation Controlled Area: Attack +8WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Royal Knight Army Lance +252583729.35Outside of Nation Controlled Area: Attack +9WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Holy Lance53744929.02Additional Effect: Light DamageDRG
Holy Lance +153754789.41Additional Effect: Light DamageDRG
Monsoon Spear53593968.94Rainy Weather: Accuracy +10WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Sacred Lance53744929.02Additional Effect: Light Damage, Enchantment: Enlight, <30/30 0:30/(5:00, 0:30)>DRG
Thundercloud53593968.94DEX +3, +11, -11, +11, Additional Effect: Lightning DamageWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Battle Fork55613969.24DEX +2, Additional Effect: Lightning DamageWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Battle Fork +155623859.66DEX +3, Additional Effect: Lightning DamageWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Spark Fork55613969.24DEX +2, Additional Effect with Battery: Lightning DamageWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Spark Fork +155623859.66DEX +3, Additional Effect with Battery: Lightning DamageWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Calamar56623969.39AGI +2, MND +2WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Partisan57644169.23 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Partisan +157654039.68 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Darksteel Lance58785079.23 DRG
Darksteel Lance +158794929.63 DRG
Envy Spear59674359.24sTR -1, DEX -1, VIT -1, AGI -1, INT -1, MND -1, CHR +7WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Couse60724809.00 WAR/SAM/DRG
Couse +160734619.50 WAR/SAM/DRG
Dark Mezraq6081 4929.88Additional Effect: Impairs EvasionDRG
Dark Mezraq +1608247810.29Additional Effect: Impairs EvasionDRG
Dispel Couse60724809.00Enchantment: Dispel, <50/50 0:30/(0:30, 0:30)>WAR/SAM/DRG
Grand Knight's Lance60804929.76Accuracy +7DRG
Schwarz Lance60825518.93STR +2, VIT +4DRG
Heavy Lance62804929.76Additional Effect: WeightDRG
Bloody Lance63795079.35Additional Effect: HP DrainDRG
Carnage Lance63804929.76Additional Effect: HP DrainWAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Golden Spear656639610.00 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Golden Spear +1656738510.44 WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Cermet Lance668046810.26Accuracy +2DRG
Cermet Lance +1668145310.73Accuracy +3DRG
Narval678349210.12HP +15, Healing Magic Skill +10, Additional Effect vs Undead: Water DamageDRG
Gae Bolg689255110.02HP +10, MP +10, +7DRG
Tonbo-Giri687239610.91AGI +3, Enmity +3, Additional Effect vs Vermin: Critical Hit Rate +3%SAM/DRG
Barchha698449210.24VIT =3DRG
Barchha +1698547810.67VIT +4DRG
Skystrider699349211.34"Jump" TP Bonus Set: Increases STR, Attack, Ranged Attack, "Magic Attack Bonus"DRG
Bourdonasse708447810.54 DRG
Colossal Lance708849210.73HP +25, STR +3, VIT +5DRG
Engetsuto708548010.62Accuracy +2, Store TP +1WAR/SAM/DRG
Engetsuto +1708646111.19Accuracy +3, Store TP +2WAR/SAM/DRG
Puk Lance708449210.24Assault: DMG: 93, Wyvern: HP +50DRG
Rune Halberd706839610.30Latent Effect: DEX +6, Double Attack +5%WAR/BLM/PLD/BRD/SAM/DRG/SMN/SCH
Schiltron Spear707039610.61STR +5, Parrying Skill +6WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Imperial Neza719247811.55Depending on Day: Increases Elemental Weapon Skill DamageDRG
Iron Ram Lance717036511.47HP +10. MP +10. Enhances "Resist Silence" effect, Damage taken -10%WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Ox Tongue717039610.61HP +10, DEX +2, VIT +2WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Ox Tongue717138511.06HP +11, DEX +3, VIT +3WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Reserve Captain's Lance716936511.34Enhances "Resist Silence" effect, Citizens of San d'Oria: Defense +10WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Spear of Trials716839610.30Latent Effect: HP +20, +10 +10WAR/SAM/DRG
Cletine729148011.37HP +15, MP +15. VIT +5, MND +5 Critical Hit Rate +3%DRG
Dreizack728747710.94STR +4, DEX +1, Additional Effect: Weakens AttacksDRG
Gondo-Shizunori72724809.00/10.60Latent Effect: DMG: 85, Critical Hit Rate +6%WAR/SAM/DRG
Leviathan's Couse728948011.12MND +8, Attack +8, Latent Effect: Water DamageWAR/SAM/DRG
Martial Lance728449210.24TP BonusDRG
Tomoe728648010.75Accuracy +5, Attack +5, Parrying Skill +10, Subtle Blow +5SAM/DRG
Z's Trident728750710.30Latent Effect: STR +12DRG
Love Halberd73603969.09DEX =7, Virtue Stone Equipped: Occasionally Attacks TwiceSAM/DRG
Mighty Lance738750710.30VIT +2, Firesday: +15, DMG 99DRG
Stone-splitter736639610.00Latent Effect: DMG: 71SAM/DRG
Wyvern Spear736839610.30VIT +4, AGI +4SAM/DRG
Wyvern Spear +1736938510.75VIT +5, AGI +5SAM/DRG
Ice Lance748949210.85Additional Effect: Ice DamageDRG
Ice Lance +1749047811.30Additional Effect: Ice DamageDRG
Achilles' Spear746934611.97Accuracy +4DRG
Mezraq759349211.34STR +2, VIT +2, Additional Effect: Impairs EvasionDRG
Mezraq +1759447811.80STR +3, VIT +3, Additional Effect: Impairs EvasionDRG
Orichalcum Lance759249211.22Accuracy +2, Ranged Accuracy +2WAR/PLD/SAM/DRG
Ponderous Lance759249211.22Accuracy +2, Ranged Accuracy +2, Enhancement: Stone I, <50/50 0:30/(10:00, 0:30)>DRG
Radiant Lance759049210.98 DRG
Ryunohige759149211.10Enhances "Jump" effect, Aftermath: Increases Acc./Atk., Occasionally attacks twiceDRG
Thalassocrat759449211.46HP +10, DEX +2, VIT +2, Enhances "Resist Virus" effect, Additional Effect: Impairs EvasionDRG
Thalassocrat +1759547811.92HP +11, DEX +3, VIT +3, Enhances "Resist Virus" effect, Additional Effect: Impairs EvasionDRG
Tournament Lance759149211.10Store TP +3DRG
Triton's Lance759347811.67Accuracy +3, Ranged Accuracy +3DRG
Valkyrie's Fork759549211.59Double Attack +3%, Store TP +3DRG
Relic Lance7519990.06 DRG
Hotspur Lance7515070.12/9.70Dynamis: DMG: 82, +7DRG
Dynamis Lance75825079.70/9.94Dynamis: DMG: 84, +9DRG
Gae Assail7510050711.83Dynamis: "Geirskogul", Additional Effect: Weakens DefenseDRG
Gungnir7510049212.20Accuracy +20, "Geirskogul", Additional Effect: Weakens DefenseDRG
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