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Following is the transcript for the mission AU29 - Puppet in Peril:

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Scene 1: Aht Urhgan Whitegate

Nadeey: Welcome to Walahra Temple.

Nadeey: How may I aid you in your quest for knowledge?

Nadeey: Hello, another soul thirsty for answers...

Nadeey: This is turning out to be quite the day for visitors.

Gessho: Greetings!

Gessho: PLAYERNAME! This is a coincidence.

Gessho: Lord Nadeey, please excuse me while I compare notes with my esteemed colleague.

Gessho: How do you fare? Nothing terrible has befallen you?

Gessho: No, no. You need not elaborate.

Gessho: I'm sure you are here to give your weary spirit a moment's respite from the madness of our occupation.

Gessho: Or perhaps...it is some duty that brings you to the temple?

Gessho: What, pray tell, lures you within this hall of serenity?

Why have you come here?

PLAYERNAME: To pursue Walahran philosophy.

Gessho: Truly? A commendable endeavor, indeed.

Nadeey: If you seek the wisdom of Walahra, then I would gladly set your feet upon the path.

Nadeey: However, the set of your jaw tells me you already tread a harder road...

Why have you come here?

PLAYERNAME: To speak with someone.

Gessho: To speak with someone? One of the philosophers?

Gessho: The court puppetmaster? What dire circumstance would involve a mercenary in the pulling of strings and the dancing of automatons?

Nadeey: The court puppetmaster...?

Gessho: Lord Nadeey. If there is something we should know...?

Nadeey: Now they set mercenary hirelings on her trail...

Nadeey: It appears the Grand Vizier has tired of this game of cat and mouse.

Nadeey: It was only a matter of time...

Nadeey: I suppose I shall have to "come clean," as they say.

Nadeey: And since you have some rudimentary understanding of Walahra's teachings, I will trust to your judgment.

Nadeey: I have given the court puppetmaster--Lady Aphmau--shelter within the temple.

Gessho: You have given shelter to an Imperial fugitive!?

Nadeey: That is correct.

Gessho: You have broken Imperial law!

Nadeey: I cannot dispute this face.

Gessho: Why would you do this thing?

Nadeey: Some explanation is in order...

Nadeey: You see, Aphmau was born a child in high standing--a resident of the palace.

Gessho: A member of the royal family...?

Nadeey: However, her mother passed away when she was still but six years of age...and the responsibility for her upbringing came to rest with Walahra Temple.

Gessho: What an unfortunate story...

Gessho: Yet there must be more to the tale if none within the palace were willing to care for her.

Nadeey: Yes. The details are not mine to divulge, however.

Nadeey: Her childhood was spent within these walls, surrounded by monks and philosophers.

Gessho: How does such a child find the path of a puppetmaster?

Nadeey: I was not aware of it at the time...

Nadeey: But apparently, Lady Aphmau secretly learned the art from the street performers who practice on the Way of the Devout.

Gessho: Would not an expensive item such as an automaton have been difficult for a young girl to acquire?

Nadeey: You are familiar with automatons, Gessho?

Gessho: I must admit to some curiosity...

Nadeey: Then I shall speak more on the subject.

Nadeey: Lady Aphmau arrived at thte temple carrying two of teh mechanical puppets.

Nadeey: One she received from her mother...

Nadeey: And the other from her older brother.

Nadeey: Ahahaha...now I remember.

Nadeey: At first the puppets were completely incapable of speech, and merely trotted around behind their little mistress.

Nadeey: Before long, however, there was barely a moment when they weren't voicing their opinions on everything in sight!

Nadeey: This change was accompanied by a return of Lady Aphmau's natural playfulness.

Gessho: I am glad to hear that...

Gessho: I know only too well the loneliness and uncertainty that come with being thrust into an unfamiliar environment at a young age...

Nadeey: Indeed... However, there came a day when Aphmau's simple life was irrevocably changed.

Nadeey: Yes, it was that day...

Rishfee: Lady Aphmau. We have come on orders from the Grand Vizier.

Amnaf: We regret to inform you that on the evening of the previous day, the Emperor's immortal soul passed out of the realm of Urhguum.

Nadeey: I had not seen Lady Aphmau since that day.

Nadeey: There are so many memories that flood back when I hear her name...

Nadeey: She is currently within the Hall fo Binding.

Nadeey: You may speak with her if you wish.

Nadeey: The hall adjoins our temple and can be reached through the door behind us.

Gessho: I shall remain here. There are some matters I wish to discuss with Lord Nadeey.

Mnejing: The Astral Plinth...

Aphmau: It looks exactly as I remember.

Aphmau: I was studying day in, day out. The letters from my brother had stopped coming...

Aphmau: It was more than I could bear...

Mnejing: So you snuck into the Hall of Binding.

Aphmau: Yes, with you...

Mnejing: ...and Ovjang.

Aphmau: Just watching the candescence spinning around and around somehow made me feel better.

Aphmau: It was like being wrapped in a warm blanket of peace and calm.

Aphmau: Hehehe...

Aphmau: That was the first time.

Aphmau: The first time you talked to me.

Mnejing: It was?

Aphmau: Mnejing! You really are hopeless!

Aphmau: That was when I realized I wasn't really alone.

Aphmau: You and Ovjang were always by my side.

Aphmau: And although I couldn't see them, my father and brother were here in the city.

Aphmau: And my mother...I'm sure she's...

Mnejing: She is watching over you, I am certain.

Aphmau: Yes...

Aphmau: I decided then and there that I would become a puppetmaster like my mother.

Mnejing: You slipped out of the temple every night, and practiced with those performers...

Aphmau: And then Ovjang began to speak as well.

Mnejing: Ovjang really was the talkative one...

Aphmau: Yes she was! But she was so talkative that I couldn't hear your voice anymore...

Mnejing: ...

Aphmau: Well, that was then...

'''Aphmau: You know, Mnejing, I have no idea what the Astral Candescence is meant to be used for.

Aphmau: But if the other candescences are found and the colossus is completed just like the Grand Vizier says...

Aphmau: There will come a day when everyone can be happy again. I'm sure of it.

Aphmau: I mean, just looking at this orb was enough to turn my life around.

Aphmau: Everything will turn out for the best.

Aphmau: Don't you think, Mnejing?

Aphmau: PLAYERNAME!? What are you doing here?

PLAYERNAME's badge flashes brightly.

Mnejing: By order of the Grand Vizier?

Aphmau: You can't be serious!?

Aphmau: You're here to take me back?

Aphmau: No! I won't go!

Aphmau: There are still things I have to do!

Aphmau: Go back to the palace and tell them that.

Aphmau: Do you still take orders from us?

Still taking orders?


Mnejing: Now that's our mercenary talking.

Mnejing: You may leave us now.

Still taking orders?

PLAYERNAME: Not from you.

Aphmau: Not you, too...

Aphmau: Well, I'm still not going back to the palace until I find Ovjang!

Mnejing: And that's final.

Aphmau: Lord Nadeey?

Nadeey: The Immortal, Rishfee, is here to see you.

Mnejing: The Grand Vizier is on to us...

Rishfee: Lady Aphmau, I am glad to see you unharmed.

Rishfee: Now it is time for you and Mnejing to accompany me back to the palace.

Rishfee: The earlier you return, the less Lord Razfahd will be angry when he learns--

Mnejing: ...? You haven't made a report?

Rishfee: No, Master Mnejing. I thought to first offer the option to Lady Aphmau...

Mnejing: A commendable attitude. Then I shall be pleased to inform you...

Mnejing: The Lady Aphmau will not be returning to the palace.

Rishfee: ! But, my lady...

Aphmau: There are tasks left undone.

Rishfee: Lady Aphmau.

Rishfee: You still hope to find Ovjang...?

Aphmau: If you knew that, why do you try to stop us?

Mnejing: Rishfee? Your face is pale.

Rishfee: I...it is nothing...

Aphmau: You should return to the Imperial Ward and visit the infirmary.

Rishfee: You are very kind, my lady. However--

Aphmau: You'll just slow us down.

Rishfee: And where exactly do you intend to carry out this search of yours?

Aphmau: I...I...

Aphmau: I'm not going to tell you!

Rishfee: You won't...? ...

Rishfee: Please, my lady. It's not safe out there.

Rishfee: The Immortals willl do everything in their power to return Ovjang to your side.

Aphmau: I don't believe you!

Aphmau: You think I don't know?

Aphmau: The Immortals are so busy watching the beastmen and searching for the Ashu Talif...

Aphmau: There isn't a single soldier to spare for poor Ovjang!

Rishfee: I only thought to--

Gessho: If I may?

Mnejing: Who is this?

Gessho: I am Gessho, a colleague of PLAYERNAME's in the employ of Salaheem's Sentinels.

Aphmau: Hmm, another mercenary.

Rishfee: ...

Gessho: I may have some welcome news.

Gessho: Just recently I was in the vicinity of Mount Zhayolm on mercenary business...

Gessho: And at the foot of the volcano, I happened to see a red-colored puppet...

Aphmau: !

Mnejing: And then?

Gessho: This automaton was trotting along the path all alone, but being busy with my mission, I was unable to follow...

Aphmau: It must have been Ovjang!

Rishfee: One moment, Lady Aphmau.

Rishfee: The Trolls of that region have stolen many automatons from the Empire.

Mnejing: That is true...

Gessho: Ah yes, I had forgotten!

Rishfee: You weren't done?

Gessho: There appeared to be something like moss or lichen stuck to the puppet's clothes!

Aphmau: Moss? Could it have been moss from the Aydeewa Subterrane?

Gessho: I merely present the facts--how you interpret them is not for me to say. Only...

Mnejing: Yes?

Gessho: Automatons taken to Halvung are thoroughly modified by Moblin craftsmen to follow the orders of the Trolls.

Gessho: After this process, they are barely recognizable.

Aphmau: No!

Gessho: I would not waste any time if, as you suspect, this automaton was your companion.

Aphmau: Y-yes, thank you...

Gessho: It is time I took my leave of you.

Nadeey: Gessho, to what forsaken wilderness do your travels take you this time?

Gessho: My duties dictate a visit to the settlement of Mamook.

Nadeey: A dangerous region. Do take care of yourself.

Gessho: Your concern is appreciated. Until next we meet.

Aphmau: That settles it! We go to Mount Zhayolm!

Rishfee: Lady Aphmau! If I may...

Mnejing: Rishfee. Do you place so little faith in the court puppetmaster?

Aphmau: Time is running out!

Rishfee: I have just received confirmation.

Rishfee: This Gessho character has no official orders that involve a visit to the capital of the Mamool Ja.

Mnejing: He was lying?

Rishfee: And that unmistakable presence...

Rishfee: I felt the exact same aura just before I lost consciousness in Aydeewa.

Aphmau: What are you trying to say?

Rishfee: That story of his was nothing more than a ruse.

Rishfee: In fact, it's more likely that we'll find Ovjang in the same place to which he now travels--Mamook.

Aphmau: Then Mamook is our destination!

Aphmau: Why don't you escort me as well, Rishfee?

Rishfee: If you are so intent on running headlong into danger, I suppose I have no choice.

Rishfee: ... But what do you mean, "as well"?

Aphmau: Isn't it obvious?

Aphmau: I wouldn't brave the depths of Mamook without my faithful bodyguard, PLAYERNAME!

Mnejing: Even if he/she is under the command of the Grand Vizier...

Nadeey: May the wisdom of Walahra safely guide your steps...

Scene 2: Jade Sepulcher

Rishfee: !

Rishfee: Wait... I can hear Mamool Ja talking up ahead...

Aphmau: Can you understand what they're saying?

Rishfee: I know a little of their language...

Mnejing: Translate for us.

Rishfee: "Doubt, there is not... For what we have long searched, it must be."

Ratol Ja: Meant to threaten us, is this toy?

Bakool Ja: Hmph... Dangerous, it does not seem...

Molaal Ja: Hsss...hsss...

Molaal Ja: The intention of the Aht Urhgan leaders, that is.

Molaal Ja: The cunning tricks and devious plans they have used against us, forgotten have you?

Gaheel Ja: Even so. To fear in this frail contraption, what is there?

Aphmau: !!!

Mnejing: (Ovjang.)

Gaheel Ja: Facts, we have not. Disassemble this gadget, we must.

???: That will not be necessary, Lancelord. Not if its secrets are already known.

Gaheel Ja: Know these secrets, do you imply?

???: I believe I do.

Ratol Ja: Hmmm...

Ratol Ja: To deceive us, you attempt.

Ratol Ja: Allow this charade, we will not. Stay silent, outsider, you shall.

Gulool Ja Ja: Grrrrrr...

Ratol Ja: !

Gulool Ja Ja: Over, this is not.

Gulool Ja Ja: In the outsider's opinion, we are interested.

Molaal Ja: Autarch...

Gulool Ja Ja: ...

Gulool Ja Ja: Bicker for a hundred years, we could. Or instead hear something useful, we may.

Molaal Ja: Yes, Autarch...

Gulool Ja Ja: Kindred to the brethren of the shining scale, what say you?

Gessho: My lord.

Gessho: If I may...

Gessho: This is nothing more than a simple puppet.

Gessho: It is a mechanical creation that belonged to Jalzahn, the former Emperor of Aht Urhgan.

Gulool Ja Ja: Grrrrrr!

Gulool Ja Ja: Jalzahn!

Gessho: Yes, my lord.

Gessho: It was the first "automaton" in existence--a personal project of Jalzahn's.

Gulool Ja Ja: An invention of our old enemy Jalzahn...

Gulool Ja Ja: Ignore this, we cannot.

Molaal Ja: Even if so, this is... Destroy us, how can it?

Molaal Ja: Broken many of these puppets, we have.

Gessho: Allow me to explain...

Gessho: I have learned some very interesting facts from my observations around the palace.

Ratol Ja: Interesting facts?

Gessho: A craftsman known as Ghatsad often passes through the Imperial Whitegate.

Gulool Ja Ja: Ghatsad? Heard that name, have we?

Gulool Ja Ja: Heard that name, we have.

Gessho: I would not be surprised. Especially if he was the craftsman who led the development of automatons...

Gaheel Ja: Then this...

Gessho: Yes. This is likely his creation.

Gessho: There is more. This man is also the head alchemist for the Aht Urhgan Archaeological Research Institute.

Gessho: An organization that is currently investigating the Ruins of Alzadaal.

Gulool Ja Ja: This Ghatsad... Both craftsman and alchemist, he is...

Gulool Ja Ja: And historian, as well...

Gessho: So it appears. What is even more intriguing are the Empire's activities of fifty years ago...

Gessho: Even before the invention of automatons, the scholars of the Empire were conducting large-scale investigations of the ruins.

Gessho: Rumors say that ancient Alzadaal technology gleaned from these archaeological sites was used in the construction of the modern mechanical puppets.

Bakool Ja: Created, are these automatons. To search the ruins, why do they continue?

Molaal Ja: !

Molaal Ja: No... Accept this as truth, I cannot!

Molaal Ja: To resurrect the iron colossus of legend, do these Aht Urhgan fools seek?

Gessho: All I have is rumor and hearsay, but the signs...

Molaal Ja: Madness!

Molaal Ja: The iron colossus... Consumed Aradjiah in flames, that machine did.

Molaal Ja: To extinguish our entire race, do they intend?

Gulool Ja Ja: Molaal Ja!

Gulool Ja Ja: Be calm, you must. In front of our guest, you embarrass us.

Gulool Ja Ja: An overlord of the Mamool Ja, are you not?

Molaal Ja: Autarch, we apologize. But a dire situation, this is.

Molaal Ja: The fate of our entire race...hangs in the balance, it does...

Gessho: I understand your fears, Sagelord. But is that not why we have forged an alliance?

Gessho: The Imperial Army does not have the resources to escalate a war it fights on two fronts.

Gessho: On the dawn of our agreement, we will unleash our fury upon the Empire--the Mamool Ja hordes from the west, and my fellow warriors from the east.

Gessho: The research of some ancient war machine will be the last thing on the minds of the Aht Urhgan commanders.

Gessho: And once we have seized control of the Empire, we have only to cripple this iron engine of destruction beyond repair to guarantee our total victory.

Gulool Ja Ja: ...

Gulool Ja Ja: If an empty promise, this is not...

Gessho: I swear to you by the heavens and the earth, I shall not play you false. And if my nation's oath should be broken...

Molaal Ja: Be broken, should it...?

Gessho: I will present myself before you...and fall upon my sword.

Gulool Ja Ja: Grrrrrr!

Gulool Ja Ja: Upon your sword, you will fall? A Far Eastern tradition, is this?

Gulool Ja Ja: Conviction, you possess!

Gulool Ja Ja: !

Gessho: Autarch? Is something amiss?

Gulool Ja Ja: Grrrrrr... Smell it, I can. The flesh of smoothskins...

Gulool Ja Ja: Out, you come. A place to hide, there is not.

Gulool Ja Ja: ... From this sepulcher, there is no escape!

Gessho: !

Gessho: PLAYERNAME!? You overheard...?

Gessho: I...I...

Gessho: I am not the Gessho you know!

Mnejing: You, lizard-man...

Mnejing: Return Ovjang to us immediately.

Aphmau: Yes...

Aphmau: You tell them, Mnejing.

Aphmau: If you damage a single bolt of Ovjang's...!

Gulool Ja Ja: A name, this toy has?

Aphmau: O-Ovjang! S-stop that! You stop that at once!

Aphmau: Ovjang! Ovjang! You have to wake up!

Mnejing: It's no good. Maybe her breaker is broken...?

Aphmau: Fine! I'll activate her myself!

Mnejing: Yes, her receptor is not receiving...

Gaheel Ja: Smoothskins...

Gaheel Ja: Before this machine, about your own life, you should worry!

Gaheel Ja: Autarch!

Gaheel Ja: To the Lancelord, leave these intruders!

Gulool Ja Ja: Grrrrr! Gaheel Ja!

Gaheel Ja: !

Gaheel Ja: Offended the Autarch, have we...?

Gulool Ja Ja: Very Well.

Gulool Ja Ja: In your lance arm, our trust we place!

Gaheel Ja: Yes! Regret this, you will not!

Gulool Ja Ja: Gahahaha! Send more soldiers, in time, I will. Deprive them of all the fun, do not.

Aphmau: !?

Aphmau: Ovjang!

???: Look out!

Aphmau: Rishfee!

Gaheel Ja: Oho. The order of my kills, you have ruined.

Rishfee: I...I'm fine...

Aphmau: B-but...your wound!

Rishfee: You forget, I am an Immortal! Now get out of here! Ovjang is more important...

Mnejing: We will return for you.

Scene 3: Jade Sepulcher

Gaheel Ja: Gwahahahaha!

Die! Die, smoothskin slug!

Gaheel Ja: What!? Be stomped as well, do you wish!?

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