Requiem for the Departed Spoilers  

The following are transcripts for the quest Requiem for the Departed.

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Starting the Quest

Obtaining the Incense

Pecca-Pocca: *Sniff, sniff*

You smell just like an incense I make. You've metaru my friend, haven't you?

Pecca-Pocca: Hey, could you do me an itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie favor? Could you take this and give it to my friend next time you're headed for the Eldieme Necropolis?

Pecca-Pocca: I'd much rather go and offer the incense myself, but the living need attention too, you know. We wouldn't wantaru too many soul to pray for now, would we?

Pecca-Pocca: It's the next best thingy-wingy I can do, so make sure my friend gets the incense, okay? Thanks for helping outaru!

Kainase obtains a key item: Sheaf of handmade incense!

Returning to Heptachiond

Heptachiond: Oh? Could that possibly be a sheaf of handmade incense you have in your possession?

Heptachiond: Then you have been to Fort Karugo-Narugo and met my friend. It was he who used to offer prayers here.

Heptachiond: Even though my friend does not share the same faith as the San d'Orians interred here, he would come here to pray for them all the same. He is truly an admirable person, a model to us all.

Heptachiond: But after the outbreak of the war, it became increasingly difficult for him to travel here as in the past. Under these circumstances, I felt it my duty to offer the incense on his behalf.

Heptachiond: If some misfortune were to befall me, there would be no one left to honor the memory of the departed.

Heptachiond: This graveyard must not be allowed to turn into a sorrowful place haunted by anguished souls.

Heptachiond: I will see to it that these faithful children of Altana have the peace they deserve. This is my gift to you. Please accept it.

Kainase obtains a Scroll of Recall-Meriph!

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