San d'Oria Conquest Points Items  

Final Fantasy XI
All items listed below are available from the following Conquest Overseer NPCs:

Items that are available when San d'Oria is in any Conquest Ranking are available from Iron Musketeers in Foreign nations - items available only when San d'Oria is in 1st or 2nd are not available from Temple Knights in Foreign nations:

Items that are available only during 1st or 2nd Conquest Ranking are indicated with a "1st" or "1st, 2nd" next to their name.

Rank RequirementCost in CPItems
Rank 11000 CP

Rank 22000 CP

Rank 34000 CP

Rank 48000 CP

Rank 516000 CP

Rank 624000 CP

Rank 732000 CP

Rank 840000 CP

Rank 948000 CP

Rank 1056000 CP
Rank 105000 CP

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