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The following are transcripts and video from the Wings of the Goddess quest Snake on the Plains.

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Windurst Waters (S) Part 1

This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Gevarg at (F-5) in Windurst Waters (S). Select the cutscene "Snake on the Plains(pt.1)".

Miah Riyuh : What do you think you'rrre lookin' at, scum? You'd best turn tail and march out of Cobra territory if you wanna live to see tomorrow.
Miah Riyuh : Or maybe you'd like a private escort. My steel-tipped moccasins would be honored to show you the way out.
Miah Riyuh : Wait... What's that you're holdin' there?
A green recommendation letter...!? Well, why didn't you say so?
Miah Riyuh : Gimme that...... Hmmmmmm......
Kalsu-Kalasu! That meddling weasel. How many times have I told him that we don't need any more driveling peons cluttering our ranks and filling up on our ale...no offense, of course.
Miah Riyuh : On the other hand, we could always use an extra blade. Our feathered friends from the east have backed us into a corner and it'll take more than quaint pleasantries to get us out. What'd you say your name was again?
Miah Riyuh : PLAYERNAME... Doesn't sound too imposing, but I guess we have your mamma to blame for that, eh?
Miah Riyuh : Now listen up, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once. Just because some Taru playin' soldier in Rolanberry thinks you got what it takes, doesn't mean you get a free pass into the Cobras.
Miah Riyuh : You're gonna have to prove yourself before the boss'll even consider whether you're worthy to lick the dhalmel dung off her boots.
Miah Riyuh : You've seen all those towers in West Sarutabaruta, right? Well, according to the Tarus, they play an important role in defendin' the federation.
Miah Riyuh : Problem is, they're older than the warts on my dead granddaddy's corpse, and a day don't go by when one or two of 'em up and stop runnin'.
Miah Riyuh : So to ensure the safety of Windurst, the brains down at the Manustery have whipped up a solution...
Miah Riyuh : Zonpa-Zippa's All-Purpose Putty!
Miah Riyuh : Yeah, yeah. That crackpot name makes the bile in my gut churn, but what do you expect from a Taru?
Miah Riyuh : Anyway, I want you to take this conconction to at least three towers and seal up any cracks you can find.
Miah Riyuh : Why doesn't the Manustery do this themselves, you ask? Have you ever been to the Manustery? Those runts wouldn't last a second outside the city walls. That's why they hired us.
Miah Riyuh : And now the task has been passed on to you, rookie! You should be honored!
Miah Riyuh : It's not every day a commoner like you gets the opportunity to prove herself to the Cobras. Don't let us down, (Name)...or you'll have me to answer to!
Obtained key item: Zonpa-Zippa's All-Purpose Putty.

Windurst Waters (S) Part 2

Miah Riyuh : What took you so long? Zonpa was here hours ago thankin' us for a job well done.
Miah Riyuh : Well, I hate to admit it, but you proved yourself, (Name).
Miah Riyuh : Alright, consider yourself an official member of the Cobras.
Miah Riyuh : And do you get anything!? A swift blow to the kidneys is what you'll get if you ask another half-brained question like that again. You should be on your knees thanking me for letting you call your sorry self a Cobra.
Miah Riyuh : Alright. I guess it's about time you met the boss. Hold on...
Boss!!! Boss!!!
Romaa Mihgo : This had better be good, Miah. You remember what happened to the last person who woke me up from my nap.
Miah Riyuh : Ulp... Sir, yes, sir!
I just wanted to introduce you to the newest member of the Cobras, PLAYERNAME.
Romaa Mihgo : Hmmm......
Romaa Mihgo : PLAYERNAME, eh? Looks kind of scrrrawny if you ask me. You called me all the way over here to waste my time with this?
Miah Riyuh : Uh... Sir, no sir, ma'am. I think this one may be different. I've already given her an assignment and she came through without any problems.
Romaa Mihgo : Without any problems, you say?
Romaa Mihgo : Well then. Let's see what you're worth...
Romaa Mihgo : And that goes for you too, Miah Riyuh. Your tail is riding on PLAYERNAME's performance.
Miah Riyuh : Phew...
What are you looking at!? Eager to get workin', are you?
Miah Riyuh : Well, you're lookin' at the wrong girl.
You see that Taru over there, Kolin-Olin? Ask him.
Miah Riyuh : Oh, and don't forget this Bronze Ribbon of Service.
It'll prrrove that you're fightin' on the right side. Check with Evaluation Official Llewellyn if you wanna know more.
Miah Riyuh : Now, I have more important things to be doin' than babysitting' new recruits.
Try not to get yourself smeared under an Orcish warmachine.
You are now a member of the Cobra Unit!
Obtained: Sprinter's shoes.
Obtained key item: Bronze Ribbon of Service.

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