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Wings of fury - BCNM20

Located in: Ghelsba Outpost

Level cap: 20

Orb needed: Cloudy Orb


One of: Bat Fang
One of: Lightning Spirit Pact, Scroll: Invisible, Scroll: Sneak, Scroll: Deodorize
One of: Ganko, Platoon Edge, Platoon Axe, Platoon Pole, Platoon Dagger, Mythril Beastcoin, Translucent Rock
One of: Gunromaru, Platoon Edge, Platoon Lance, Platoon Sword, Purple Rock, Red Rock, White Rock, Black Rock, Green Rock, Yellow Rock, Blue Rock
One of: Astral Ring, Bat Wing

Description: This BCNM pits you against 2 Trio bats named "Furies", and one Giant Bat named "Colo-colo".


BST - From personal experience, this BC can only be soloed by BST, due to the ability to Charm. Although several subjobs my work to successfully solo this BC, I found /PLD as a sub job to be the most advantageous, because it gives the highest CHR bonus then other sub jobs, and also gives you some defense bonus, protect, and cures. But it really comes down to personal preference.

Before you enter the BC, ensure you have the following items:

1x 2-Hour (Familiar) ready to use
2x Juices (any will be good)
2x Au Laits (any will be good)
10x Hi-Potion
1x Tavnazian Taco (for defense and CHR)
(Optional) Ethers
(Optional) Antidote

Once you enter the BC, fully buff (protect, food) then rest. Then once you are ready to start, use one of the Au Laits, and attempt to charm one of the Furies. If you are unsuccessful, run along the outer walls (almost hugging them) until you can get a successful charm. If you run along the outer walls, you have a much lower chance of being killed, because the mobs tend to stop and cast, and also get caught on some of the trees in the way while chasing you.

One of the most important things is to keep as much distance as you can from the other bats while attempting to charm. Use Hi-potions when needed (do not cure, as it takes too much time to perform).

Once you charm one of the Furies, immediately 2-hour and send your pet to fight Colo-colo. Ensure that your pet is fighting Colo-colo near a wall, then fight the other Furies at a very far distance from where your pet is, but just enough to keep an eye on both Colo-colo's HP and your Pets HP. The reason you want to keep your distance soloing the other Furies is so you can Cure/Heal yourself without pulling hate. At this time, you would want to pop one of your refresh drinks, and focus using Cure, as it should be enough to keep you alive. Only use the Hi-potion if you really need it.

From here on, several things may happen.

Typically your pet will die to Colo-colo, which is why it is important to monitor both their HPs.

- If Colo-colo's HP is still relative high, take the mob you are fighting, charm it, then send it to Colo-colo. If Charm is not successful, run along the outer wall like you did in the beginning (assuming you needed to) until charm lands. It should be much easier to stay alive with only 2 mobs chasing you. Monitor the amount of HP the Furies you are soloing has, so you do not leave it with a little HP and not have enough HP to fight Colo-colo.

- If your new pet has a much higher HP then Colo-colo, Heel your pet until their HPs are even, or else you'll have to solo your pet down, which can take up some time.

- If your new Pet's HP is lower then Colo-colo's HP, you'll have to engage the mob and melee with your pet, to even out the HPs, or else you'll have to solo Colo-colo, which would be very difficult especially if it has a lot of HP left.

- If colo-colo's HP is relatively low when your Familiar Pet Dies, send your pet to Colo-colo and Heel it, letting Colo-colo beat on it until the HP's are even.

On rare occasions, your Familiar pet will kill Colo-colo, in which case you send your pet to fight the Furies you are soloing, and make sure your Familiar pet dies, or else you will lose the BC. Soloing the Furies should not be an issue, but if you can get your Familiar Pet to die, as well as get the Furies you are soloing as low as possible, the much easier it is.

Personal Notes: I've had some runs where I did not need a single Hi-potion, while other runs I needed all 10. It's a hit or miss with Charm, but using the outer wall for kiting purposes is the greatest advantage you have in staying alive as long as possible. Once you get the Charm in, you still need to pay attention too all the mobs on the field, and make the appropriate actions depending on their HP. Most importantly, stay calm.

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