The Age of Power  

The use of magic brought both happiness and conflict to the other races of Vana'diel. Perhaps the most satisfied were the proud Elvaan, who made their home in the Kingdom of San d'Oria in the northern reaches of the old continent. With the Tarutaru monopoly on magic broken, the Elvaan were able to create powerful orders of knights who feared no adversary.

Beastmen strongholds and Tarutaru villages alike fell before the power of the knights of San d'Oria. Within a short time, nearly the entire Quon continent had come under San d'Orian control.

But pride comes before the fall. The nation of Bastok, founded by the Hume and Galka races, lay on the southern edge of the Quon continent. Fortified by the growing economic and intelligence-gathering abilities of the Hume race, Bastokan forces crushed the elite San d'Orian knights at the Second Battle of Konschtat. Cutting-edge firearms technology turned the tide of battle and cemented victory for the people of Bastok. This humiliating defeat sent the Kingdom of San d'Oria into an age of internal turmoil and civil war. Piece by piece, territories that the Elvaan had conquered slipped from their grasps.

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