The Battle of Jeuno  

It was a moment of great hope for the five races of Vana díiel.

Stunned by the shocking annihilation of the Orcs at Tavnazia, the Yagudo and Quadav panicked and went into hiding. The Shadow Lord tried to enlist the Sahagin and Tonberries of Elshimo, but few agreed to join the war. This left the beastmen army spread perilously thin.

Sensing the changing tides of fate, the Archduke Kamílanaut of Jeuno summoned the remaining troops from Windurst, Bastok and San díOria. He also repeated his quest for aid from Aht Urhgan, but again, the empire refused to enter the war. Nevertheless, Kamílanaut had the army he needed. From Jeuno, the Allied Forces of Altana would march to the northlands and take the fight to the Shadow Lordís doorstep.

Upon learning of the plans for this counter-invasion, the Shadow Lord ordered his Gigas warriors on Qufim Island to raid Jeuno. Unlike The Battle of Bastok or The Battle of Windurst, this time the defenders held their ground. By sheer heart and willpower, the Allied Forces of Altana decimated the Gigas troops. The few Gigas that survived retreated into Delkfuttís Tower.

Kam'lanaut's forces did not follow. Their eyes were set on Xarcabard.

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