The Chamber of Oracles Spoilers  

''These are the transcripts for the mission ZM7 - The Chamber of Oracles.

Scene 1: The Chamber of Oracles

Zeid: So that is how it works...

It is as if this place has been waiting for your arrival.

Zeid: Hm? What is this?

Illusory Image: We are the Dawnmaidens, servants of the Goddess Altana. Let us be your guide as you venture into the unknown.

Illusory Image: We have long awaited your arrival, son/daughter of the five crystals. Just as the Crystal Warriors, your people, too, were born from the great force that dwells deep beneath the surface of Vana'diel.

Zeid: What does this mean? Who are the Crystal Warriors?

Illusory Image: Using the power of the crystals, the Zilart created the five warriors.

Illusory Image: Children of the crystals--their senses enhanced to assist them in their duty of guarding the five arks.

Illusory Image: As for you... A great explosion--the Meltdown--ended the Zilart's evil plan ten thousand years ago. Over the millenia, the power of the crystals has transformed the people of that era to the five races that exist today.

Illusory Image: However, the effect the crystals had on you was not nearly as great as that it had on the five Warriors.

Zeid: So, the reason that they resemble us is a direct result of the five crystals?

Zeid: What did you people try doing ten thousand years ago? And what does that have to do with what the Archduke and his brother are up to now?

Illusory Image:While visiting Delkfutt's Tower, the elder of the two Zilart princes made a "connection" with the crystal. It was then that he had his "vision."

Using his spiritual power, the prince became an antenna and broadcast this vision--a vision of the gods and eternal paradise--to the masses.

According to the vision, people had been cast from this paradise long ago.

However, those who saw this vision also heard an accompanying voice--a voice telling them that the light of the crystal would lead them back to Paradise.

When the energy of the five crystals was joined as one, the Gate of the Gods would open and the path to Paradise would once again be lit.

These words, though, were not taken lightly by all. The Kuluu of the Northlands and we, the Dawnmaidens, spoke out against the vision.

"What would opening the Gate of the Gods bring upon this planet?" "With Vana'diel transformed, what would become of those who remained?"

However, the Zilart were already enchanted by this vision of Paradise, and our cries went unnoticed.

They proceeded in constructing a floating island above one of their temples in the center of their nation. This island was to become the Gate of the Gods.

However, as you have already learned from Grav'iton, the Kuluu thwarted the Zilart's plan, leading to the annihilation of a complete civilization.

Illusory Image: The Kuluu cannot be blamed for what they did. Had they not acted, the Vana'diel as we know it would surely have perished.

Illusory Image: They sacrificed the honor of their people to save the world from certain destruction.

Illusory Image: However now, the two Zilart princes have once again put their plan into motion. They are once again attempting to open the Gate of the Gods.

Illusory Image: You must do everything in your power to stop them, or Vana'diel...will be lost for eternity.

Illusory Image: Vana'diel belongs to you. No one has the right to take it from you.

Illusory Image: Make your way to Delkfutt's Tower. In that tower await the answers to all your questions.

There is still time...

The end is near...

You must stop them from opening...

The Gate of the Gods...

Zeid: Delkfutt's Tower? Gate of the Gods? The end of the world? This is more serious than I had imagined.

Zeid: Hm? What is this?

Zeid: A prismatic crystal... You should probably take this with you on your journey. I will take a shard of it as well.

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