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The following are transcripts and videos for the Windurst mission The Final Seal.

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Heavens Tower Part 1

This cutscene can be watched in-game by talking to Mashua in Heavens Tower. Select the cutscene "The Final Seal(pt.1)".

Star Sibyl : Ah, PLAYERNAME. I have awaited your return.
Star Sibyl : While you were stationed in Jeuno, a great tragedy befell us here in Windurst.
Star Sibyl : Please explain the details, Semih Lafihna.
Semih Lafihna : As you wish.
Semih Lafihna : I am sure you have heard the stories of Windurst sealing Castle Zvahl with a talisman nearly twenty years ago.
Semih Lafihna : This talisman was placed in the central tower of the Horutoto Ruins and sealed with a powerrrful barrier.
Semih Lafihna : Howeverrr, on the night of the last full moon, this barrier was broken and the talisman stolen.
Semih Lafihna : To think the Yagudo now have the powerrr to null such magic!
Star Sibyl : Now, Semih Lafihna. We are not certain if the bandits were the Yagudo.
Star Sibyl : I was also visited by a bearer of darkness...
Semih Lafihna : My apologies.
Star Sibyl : PLAYERNAME.
To protect it from theft, the talisman used to seal Castle Zvahl was divided into three pieces and distributed to each of the three ruling kingdoms of Vana'diel.
Star Sibyl : Checking up on San d'Oria and Bastok's talismans will be our mission. For you, we have another task.
Rukususu : Let me take it from here.
Rukususu : Je m'appelle Rukususu. I am zee minister of zee Rhinosterie.
Rukususu : At zee north-eastern tip of zee cursed Beaucedine Glacier, there are zee ruins of a lost city named Fei'Yin.
Rukususu : Long ago een Vana'diel, there existed a civilization as advanced as ours. I believe zat these ruins are from zat civilization.
Rukususu : Zilart...
Zis is what zey called zemselves. We have also discovered similar ruins on zee western continent of Teriggan.
Rukususu : When you think of how long ago zis city was built, eet eez a miracle zat zey are even standing. Eet ees as eef they are being protected by some mysterious force...
Rukususu : Thirty years ago, a group of representatives from zee three countries of Windurst, Bastok, and San d'Oria was sent to Fei'Yin to investigate zee strange power zat lie dormant beneath zee ruins.
Rukususu : However, zee ruins were squirming with ghosts and strange machines. Zee expedition was a failure.
Rukususu : But after zee Great War, zee forces from zee three countries succeeded een ridding the place of all its unwanted inhabitants.
Rukususu : Zee arena located deep within Fei'Yin was zen chosen as zee location for a fourth seal to strengthen zee barrier placed on zee Northlands from zee eenside.
Star Sibyl : PLAYERNAME.
I wish for you to travel to the Fei'Yin ruins.
Star Sibyl : See if the fourth seal that the minister speaks of is still intact.
Star Sibyl : If you find anything...disturbing, use this new seal in place of the old.
Star Sibyl : The rumors of the revival of the Shadow Lord trouble me. However, if the barrier sealing the Northlands was to break, and the nether beasts were allowed to roam the peaceful lands of Vana'diel once more...
Star Sibyl : PLAYERNAME.
May the stars guide you in this perilous journey!
Obtained: New Fei'Yin Seal.

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