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The following are transcripts and videos from the quest The Price of Peace.

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Windurst Woods

Rakoh Buuma : So, have these missions helped in making you stronger? Perhaps you're about rrready for a mission that involves the Yagudo beastmen.
Rakoh Buuma : You know the Yagudo, don't you? They are the beastmen who for ever so long have rrravaged the grasslands of Sarutabaruta.
Rakoh Buuma : But the current Star Sibyl took it upon herself to try and make amicable rrrelationships with the damned enemy...
Rakoh Buuma : As a rrresult, we have to pay tribute to the Yagudo with food offerings as a sign of our friendship. That's the crux of the mission.
Rakoh Buuma : First, you are to go to the Rrrhinostery's biological laboratory in Windurst Waters. The rrresearchers there will provide you with today's food offering for the Yagudo.
Rakoh Buuma : The rrresearchers will tell you what you are to do next.
Rakoh Buuma : This is an important mission issued by Heavens Tower, or more specifically, the Star Sibyl herself. Control your hatred of the beastmen and fulfill this mission as best you can!

Rhinostery Part 1

Leepe-Hoppe : What? Speak up! What's that you say?
You're the help from the gatehouse, eh?
Leepe-Hoppe : Here you go... Sorry for all the fuss.
Today's offering for the altars of Giddeus.
Leepe-Hoppe : In these bags are Yagudo's favorite cherries.
These should give those ugly old beastmen their merries.
Leepe-Hoppe : If you are wondering why they're now two bags,
it's 'cause there're two alters in Giddeus's crags.
A Yagudo by each alter stands.
To each of them a bag you hand.
Leepe-Hoppe : And though an offering you do bear,
those Yagudo may attack you there.
So take precautions, be prepared...
Lest you return in states impaired!

Talk to him again and he'll say:

Leepe-Hoppe : The places where the altars of offering stand,
are a little way into the Giddeus land.
Before the entrances of the caves they are,
so be careful not to venture in too far.
Leepe-Hoppe : And though an offering you do bear,
those Yagudo may attack you there.
So be prepared and best of luck,
unless you are a lucky...schmuck.


At the east alter...

Laa Mozi : Good! We are taking smoothskin's food offering. Quawk! But now you must be leaving! Quawk! You give the food offering.

At the west alter...

Ghoo Pakya : You be coming long way to deliver this, kyah? You be telling other smoothskins to keep offerings coming! Kyah-kyah-kyah!

You give the drink offering.

Rhinostery Part 2

Leepe-Hoppe : We of the Rhinostery would like to
explore the underground canals too.
Leepe-Hoppe : And investigate why the great beast
disappeared after the wear ceased.
Leepe-Hoppe : But the entrance to the canals in Windurst Walls,
has been off-limits for twenty years, 'spite our calls.
Known as the Priming Gate,
Cardians guard it as of late.
Ajido-Marujido : I know, I know.
That's why I'm asking you for your cooperation.
Ajido-Marujido : Our objectives coincide...
I'm in search of Karaha-Baruha's laboratory, and you're in search of the great beast's lair.
Leepe-Hoppe : But opening the Priming Gate is no easy thing,
the key is our Rhinostery minister's ring.
And Minister Rukususu wouldn't to you lend,
her ring even if you were really her friend.
Ajido-Marujido : You don't get what I'm saying. That's why I'm asking you!
Listen. On the night Rukususu comes back from the Northlands...

You approach the pair.

Ajido-Marujido : Let's continue this discussion later!
Leepe-Hoppe : Back from Giddeus now, I see!
Your mission's done. What joy, what glee!
Leepe-Hoppe : Oh, that was the Orastery minister, Ajido-Marujido,
who wants to go to Karaha-Baruha's lab in the canals so...
Leepe-Hoppe : So it really is the truth, what the rumors say...
he's been asking about forbidden magic today.
Leepe-Hoppe : I'm surprised he doesn't get caught without quibble,
by Windurst's Sibyl Guards and the great Star Sibyl.
Leepe-Hoppe : Anyway, your task's complete, your mission done,
so return to the gatehouse where you begun.
Leepe-Hoppe : Ha-ha! I'm sure something great,
awaits you at the gate!

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